「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
-2 Archlich Physiology
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「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
Author :ZGearCecil
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-2 Archlich Physiology

The Archlich, also known as a Manan, is one of the high-tier heteromorphic sub-race that players were able to turn into in YGGDRASIL that appear as they did in life. It is the final form of any player with the Arcane Sorcerer profession, with maximized mana, attempting to gain "Immortality" through an alternative to Undeath without using Necromancy. They are neither dead, nor alive.

The Manan is called an Archlich because it was often confused with the Elder Lich, or at least put in the same boat, even though their alignment was either Good or Neutral Karma and never evil.

Players referred to them as Moe-Glowies or Crystal Skelies, due to the fact that their eyes glow and if they're hit by any tier of magic, their crystalline skeleton becomes visible, their skin becoming a semi-transparent blue membrane. Their entire body is composed of their own magic.

Many players also refrained from entering PVP instances with an Archlich due to their lack of balance following their introduction in the last game patch. In additions to the equips that they drop upon death, what they leave behind is valuable Mana Dust that is used for Alchematic high Tier Mana Potions and reappear back at their Phylactery if it is deployed in their residence or alternate location. The Phylactery acts as a resurrection item powered by their Good-Neutral karma, created with 250 Gold.

In the New World if they were to die without a Phylactery, they turn to dust along with their items Alternatively with their Phylactery in the New World, their items come with them should they die.


| Types of ArchLich |

ArchLich Lore Keeper: Those whom have been resurrected after "death" to record Magic and Historic Lore. The amount of spells they can learn is capped at 850. Their special passive ability is to memorize spells the moment they witness them cast, similar to the Rainbow Eyes in the New World.

ArchLich Guardian: Specialize in Offensive and Defensive Magic, their spell effectiveness is 150% times more effective with positive Karma. Their special ability is the capacity to summon mighty golems to their aid as an alternative to the abuse in using the undead.

ArchLich Champion: Obtained by those who have the Armored Mage and Battle Mage professions. Essentially this one is the hardest Type of Archlich to Achieve down the line, as it is a combination of both the Lore Keeper and Guardian. This Archlich is essentially the Jack-of-all-Trades and is Jack Cipher's current form.


| ArchLich Abilities |

The ArchLich is a powerful undead sub-race with the capability of learning potent magic spells and using them. As a magic caster, their knowledge and magical power stretch far beyond mortal limits. They are considered to be the highest-ranking undead sub-races and could use spells from the highest tiers of magic. All ArchLich types naturally have high-level stats and buffs.

ArchLich Phylactery

Ability Damage V

Acid Immunity

Arcane Vision/See Invisibility

Predator of Evil

Create High Tier Golem (4/day)

Create Middle Tier Golem (12/day)

Create Low Tier Golem (20/day)

Astral Soul

Grand/Noble Wisdom ( Referred to as ArchLich Knowledge )

Despair Aura I

Despair Aura II

Despair Aura III

Despair Aura IV

Despair Aura V

Calming Aura I

Calming Aura II

Calming Aura III

Calming Aura IV

Calming Aura V

Electric Immunity

High Tier Magic Immunity IV

High Tier Physical Immunity V

Ice Immunity

Memory Meld

Polar Protection

Touch of Undeath

Speak Tongues

Status Damage V

Slashing Damage Resistance V

Piercing Damage Resistance V
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Turn Resistance IV

Undead Blessing

Conceptual Protection


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