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「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
Author :ZGearCecil
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9 「Braggart」

Brita and Cipher entered the Pharmacy, a potion in her hand which she held by its neck.

"So this is where you say the infamous--"


"Famous pharmacist lives with her grandson?" Cipher glanced over the walls, there were plenty of things in this building. His eyes immediately locked onto an inferior boy sporting a bowl-cut blonde hairdo that covers half his face just above the nose with hidden blue eyes who made his appearance.

"Welcome..." His eyes looked over the man dressed in a fancy getup and then towards Brita.

"Mister Nphirea Balear?" Brita asked as she looked him over for a moment. This was the boy who could use any magical item. This was one piece of information that she had shared with Cipher.

"Yes, do you have business with me?" He asked curiously, looking over at them, a plain smile over his lips. Just one of his eyes is poking out from behind his hair.

It kind of reminded him of one of those gothic-emo culture people from Earth, a trend from the early twenty-first century which never seemed to die out.

"I'd like to have something appraised," Brita claimed with the man who had given her the potion right next to her. It was clear she wanted a second opinion of what this thing truly was. "It's a health potion, according to this man here." She'd point her thumb at Cipher.

Cipher in turn nodded his head in confirmation.

She'd then hold the glass vial out to the boy for him to examine only for his eyes to get wide and look at her before rushing to the back of the store.

The two of them casually followed after him until he opened those double doors. Cipher folded his hands behind his back, beneath his cloak while Brita let her arms flow at her sides.

As the two entered the back where an old lady would be now standing in front of a table with a big blue potion bottled on it.



"Take a look at this!" Nphirea planted the item on the table, the red color immediately catching her eye.

"Red?" She looked at it closely before looking to the two who entered the room.

The boy was excited, "What do you think?"

Cipher not exactly understanding the excitement behind the whole red potion thing, just watched them intently. Wondering just what was going on here. Wasn't she only supposed to get this thing appraised?

"Well, lets take a look." Her blue eyes searched the item. It appeared authentic. The design of the vial itself was impeccable, showing great craftsmanship and reflecting the worth of its ingredients.

She stepped forward and hovered her hands over the item.

"So this is the best pharmacist in E-Rantel..." Brita said quietly, pointing out an observation.

"Lizzie Balear, my grandmother." The grandson seemed to be prideful to even be related to her. Even though he was submissive overall.

"「Appraisal Magic Item, Detect Enchant」"

The old woman cast a spell which caught Cipher's attention. She could use magic. It was another person with potential? Looking over her, he shook his head at the thought. She was far too old and venerable. Using the Memory Meld spell may end up killing her after a few uses.

Plus, she seemed more of a domineering individual rather than a submissive follower.

"Ooh," a sound of surprise and amazement arose from the woman.

"Well, Grandma?" Deadpanned by suspense, Nphirea asked with a low voice.

This was only greated by her soft creepy laughter. "Nphirea! All potions turn blue in the manufacturing process, right?"

"Yes, that's right..."

"This item is a true potion that no one has been able to make until now!"

The moment she said this, Cipher coughed and turned his head away.

"Hm?" the Old woman paused for a moment, giving him a gander before looking to her grandson.

"It's a true potion of healing that exhibits the color of God's blood... I thought it was just a legend." She was gravely serious about this. Though she took pride in 'discovering' it to be a true potion.

"This potion is equal to a second tier healing spell." She informed them, and she wasn't necessarily wrong. It was definitely worth as much as a scroll that casts the same spell. "And is worth eight gold pieces."

Brita was just standing there with her mouth open, her eyes seemed almost lost by the news. A creepily wide smile was across her lips before she turned to look at Cipher.

"But thinking of its rarity, people who would kill you for this item will probably appear." The old woman seemed to have shadows cast over her face as she said this, making it all the more serious.

That creepy smile twisted into that of horror at the idea of being murdered over this item.

"So what about selling this item to me? I'll buy it off your hands for 32 Gold coins."

Sweat began to develop on Brita's face and Cipher was trying not to chuckle, covering his mouth with the back of his right hand.



Brita almost flinched, a hand forward as if she wanted to defend herself.

With a smug look on her face, the old woman seemed to calm, "Well... I have another, alternative, offer for you." She was using the suspense as a weapon against the poor adventurer who had been starved up until she was fed some delicious preserves by a stranger no less. "Find and tell me the one who made it." Her eyes moved to her Grandson, "And Nphir--"

"What exactly are you planning?" Cipher asked with a laugh of his own, though his tone was relatively serious despite the little giggles between words.

"And who are you?" The Old woman smiled look at the man, how he was dressed. She could only assume he was rich or of some noble status. That was until she saw the copper piece hanging from his neck. An adventurer?

"My name is Cipher. I made the potion you just appraised."

Her plans to covertly learn the refining process of creating red potions went out the window. The man who had made it was standing right in front of her.

Grinning ear to ear, he still laughed at her speechless face.

"How'd you do it?"

"Why do you want to know? What if I want to hold a monopoly over 'Gods Blood' or something like that?" Cipher was teasing the old woman, he had no reason to give the process to her.

"Then how can you prove you made it?" She squinted at him suspiciously.

Rolling his eyes, he opened his inventory, revealing the spatial storage skill as he pulled out three different grades of healing potion. He then proceeded to put them back into his inventory and smile smugly at her.

"...So there's more...?" Her eyes were wide open, her eyes shaking in their sockets.

Cipher stared through her, his grin slowly fading. "You really like potions."

"I'm a potion maker, and your craft... It's beyond what I've ever seen!"

"You must've seen a lot." Cipher chuckled with a smug look on his face again, as she was much older looking than everyone else in the room. "Though am I to talk... I'm an Arch Mage over two hundred some years old." He laughed, reciting part of his character's background.

"...Two hundred years old...?"

Lizzie and the rest just looked at him as if he was bullshitting them. In a way he was, but it was in his file. If they were to use magic to identify his origin, it would say he was a human Arch Mage over two hundred years old. Though in reality he was just a really powerful Arch Lich who managed to keep his skin and humanly appearance.

"I was Acquainted with the Black Knight before their joining of the Thirteen Heroes." In a way he was lying and again, in a way he wasn't. He had met the Black Knight, but not in this world, but in the game world.

Lizzie couldn't believe what she was hearing. This man knew the Black Knight? He was surely lying. He didn't look a day over twenty! Even someone who had obtained functioning immortality through their connection to magic was sure to appear older.

"Do you have an apprentice?"

"One of the members of the Swords of Darkness," he was referring to Ninya as his apprentice even though it was a short tutelage.

"Ah... The one with the Magical Aptitude."

Smiling faintly as the woman could recall the person who was his student.

"For the time being though, my lessons are on hold. My magic training regiment is rigorous," he said pridefully boasting the fact that he would give just about anyone an aneurysm by teaching them magic the way he did.


"In a span of three days, they learned nine spells. They were so exhausted... Their Party Leader banned me from continuing to help them in that manner so to speak." This roughly meant that she learned years of spells in a matter of days.

Brita nudged him with her elbow.


"What are you doing?"
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"Giving her my life story."

"What's the point of that?"

"To get my name around? Start Rumors? Make things a bit more... Exciting?"

"What, next are you going to tell us that you wiped the floor with the Black Knight."

The man laughed a bit when she asked this question. He actually had considering that the Black Knight had only been level seventy come the end of the game. They were acquainted because they had sparred one another in a friendly duel. However the correspondence between the two was much like him and Momonga. It was brief and didn't last.


"You're starting to sound delusional..." Brita confessed as she sighed hearing his silent words.

Holding out his hand in front of himself with his palm facing the ceiling, he spoke "「Create Greater Item」," In his palm would form a Holy Grenade, a weapon which was filled with holy energy and would detonate in five seconds after pulling out the cross shaped pin at the top.

This alone made all their jaws drop. He had created a weapon out of thin air with a simple spell. Considering what it had done and the stats of the weapon itself, it had to be well above fifth tier magic.

It was seventh tier and he was just showing it off like it was nothing special.

"I... Take that back." Brita could only stare at him for a few moments before glancing over towards the potion. If he could do something like this, was that potion even worth anything to him?

Walking over to the table, she picked up the red potion the man had given her and tucked it into her pouch. "Thank you for the potion, Cipher. I'll see you around." Brita said abruptly, as she planned to leave him be for the time being. "Maybe I'll buy more of them off you."

"Hm..." The monopoly idea was definitely going to his head pretty quickly. There were multiple ways to make health potions. He himself used magic spells and alchemy skills to do so, with the combination of ingredients that promote healing.

"In that case, I'll come with you." He said as he followed her out of the back room.

The grandmother reached out as if wanting to stop him, before sighing in discontent. While she had finally seen the legendary red potion, she couldn't obtain the way to make it. However, that didn't stop her from thinking of ways to reverse engineer the red potion.


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