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「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
Author :ZGearCecil
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14 「Times」

After Nphirea went into the Village to talk with Enri, the rest of them wandered about and explored the place. Ninya and Cipher though separated from the rest, and were soon joined by three goblins as well.

The two were walking along the walls which surrounded the Village.

"So you're interested in the walls? You got a keen eye!" One of the Goblins said, pride for the fortifications notable in his tone of voice and his big smile.

"It's... Good for the short term," Cipher commented which made the Goblin's raise their brows. Just what was he talking about?

"Jack?" Ninya raised a brow, she knew he wanted to reinforce the walls, she was just curious of how he wanted to do so.

"From the place I'm from, there was once a wall that stretched over six thousand, four hundred, kilometers and had a width of nine meters. It was a marvel for the civilization the built it and it had been built in a mere two hundred year period. It's an impressive piece of art," Cipher was speaking of the Great Wall of China. He had visited it once before on his way from Europe to Japan, a quick pitstop one could say.

Their lips parted as they heard the specifications of such a wall.

"I'm looking to build a wall of the same thickness around the village," He said as he turned towards the Goblins, "Of course. Made of stone and not flammable wood. Invaders would have to think twice before trying to break through these walls. Even monsters would have a hard time."

"Are you looking to turn this area into a fortress?" Ninya asked curiously, "Or just protect the people?"

"This village has been here for a while, so I've learned by talking to the people in E-Rantel. This is an ideal spot for the founding of another Fortress Town." He was pretty sure of this. Plus if it became a town, that meant there would be a market present and much more people would make their way out here. "Just have to connect it to the main highway rather than just stray paths."

The goblins nodded slightly, understanding what he was saying. The more people here, meant more people to defend. They'd have to expand their troop, that was for sure.

Ninya though was admiring his thoughts, even if she did just ask what his intentions were.

"And how are you going to build this wall around our fair Village, Sir?" The Goblin with the red band on his arm asked, walking up to the three which followed the two.

"I have two different ways to do so," Cipher said as he turned his eyes to look at the creature far less than half his size. He was tempted to place a hand on his bald head. "Move my Citadel here from the North and impede on Ainz Ooal Gown's sphere of influence, or summon Golems to build it."

"You can move the Citadel, Jack?" Ninya's eyes were wide open, it was hard to believe this at all. Though he had said that it was originally some sort of teleportation incident that brought him here.

"Yes. I have magic items that would allow me to move it again," he'd confirm with reservation.

However as they were walking along the interior of the wall, he spotted movement in the corner of his eye. His head turned and he caught a the sight of a Nphirea Beleare running from the house he had entered not too long ago.

"Hm...?" His eyes traveled from Nphirea towards the direction he was going.

"I'll be right back, 「Teleport」" with that he vanished from sight for a split moment before resurfacing beside Momon and Nabe.

"Cipher?" Momon took a step to the side and turned to face him.

He and Nabe had just been watching over the families of the villagers who were paying tribute to their dead. The two of them were relatively calm though with his sudden appearance.

"Momon, Nabe." Cipher stated before looking in the direction of the incoming young man who appeared out of breath as he wasn't meant for physical exercise to such an extent.
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Coming to a stop, panting, in front of them with his hands on his knees. Nphirea looked up at the three heroes who had saved the village and to some extent, Enri.

"Do you have Business with me?" Momon addressed him with a superior tone.

"Mister Momon... Mister Momon... Are you Mister Ainz Ooal Gown?" He was still trying to breath, sweat decorated what was visible of his face. Even his neck began to shine with sweat from the run.

"Wha!" Both Momon and Nabe were almost immediately on edge.

Nudging Momon with his elbow, Cipher grinned a bit. "Ooo... Seems like he figured you out." Cipher of course wasn't taking this all that seriously.

After a brief pause hearing Cipher say this, it appeared that he wasn't the only one who knew. However, Nphirea could only assume the others didn't know.

"Thank you for saving this town, Mister Gown!" He said with a big smile on his face, sharing his perfect pearly white teeth.

"No, Im..."

"Yes. I know you're hiding your true name for some reason." The young man concluded aloud, "Even then, this village..." He began to lower his head before picking it back up, one blue eye being clearly visible between his long bangs. "No, I wanted to thank you for saving Enri."

Though his risen head lowered once more, a clear as day blush on his cheeks. "Thank you so much for saving the woman I love." He'd finish with a bow, his arms stiff at his sides.

"Raise your head," Momon demanded with a calm voice.

"Yes, Mister Gown." Rising his head with a closed smile across his lips, he looked over to Cipher.

"And thank you for assisting him."

"Oh, 'course." Cipher yawned slightly as he looked over the blond. For some reason the number of blond people in this world was beginning to make him feel strange. Why were there so many?!

"And actually I've been hiding something from you... Both..."

"You weren't hiding it very well," Cipher pointed out as Nphirea went to confess that he was trying to get close to at least one of them to learn how to make the potion or how to acquire it.

Nphirea turned a bit pale hearing this, but understood anyways. They already knew..

"Nabe, could you leave us alone for a moment? Cipher, stay."

Nabe's mouth opened agape as she looked over towards her leader before nodding. "Understood," following his request. Walking a short distance away and awaiting for the conversation to come to an end.

"Actually, the red potions you two gave to the lady at the inn is very rare and cannot be made using normal methods.. That's why I wanted to know what kind of persons created them. Also, I wanted to learn how it was made." He lowered his head as he was feeling a sense of shame. This was a hero who had saved Enri, this village. Both of them were heroes. "That is why I requested your group."

"I see..." Momon said as he completely understood this course of action. Though now he understood he made a bad choice, but it turned out he wasn't the only one who made it.

"I'm very sorry." He bowed his upper body to Momon and Cipher once more.

"hm? You didn't do anything wrong, did you?" Momon asked, Cipher felt as if he was making fun of the boy. The boy felt guilty for deception, but he didn't seem to be indulging in his guilt.

"Huh?" Looking up at him, Nphirea blinked a few times in surprise.

"The Request was a way to connect with me, us, right? Is there a problem with that? And even if you learned how to make the potion, what were your plans for it?"

"Huh!? I didn't think that far!" Nphirea was quick to panic in the wave of the calm inquisition from Momon. "I just wanted the knowledge."

"I see..." Momon kept his gaze on the young man before speaking once more. "It's another story if you wanted to use it for evil. Otherwise there is nothing wrong with wanting to know." He'd assure him without chastising him for the manipulation.

"You're amazing. I can see why Enri admires you..." Nphirea couldn't help but blush and smile up at the man with this awkward smile across his lips.

"By the way, are you the only one who knows that I'm Ainz?"

"Yes, I haven't told anyone!"

"I see, that's good. Right now, I am a normal adventurer named Momon."

"Normal he says," Cipher snickered slightly.

"More normal than this man here," Momon said as he pointed to Cipher who was keeping suppressed laughter to himself.

"I'd be happy if you didn't forget that." Momon continued to talk to him though, making sure the boy knew that he wanted his identity to remain a secret.

"Yes, I thought that's how you'd want it. Still, thank you for saving Enri and this Village." He then turned his head to look over Cipher, wondering what he was going to do with the wall, but bowed to Ainz either way.

"Lord Ainz, I am sorry," Nabe made her reappearance with a bow of her head towards her Master.

"That's right. It's because you spoke Albedo's name."

"I will apologize with my life!" In that instant she drew her weapon and was about to commit by self-decapitation. However the moment the blade was about to touch her supple neck, she couldn't move it.

Her dark eyes immediately locked onto the two fingers belonging to Cipher who was holding the weapon still. She couldn't even make it budge and he wasn't moving.

"It's fine!" Momon assured her which immediately caused her sharp dark eyes to calm. "Everyone makes mistakes."

Seeing the wisdom of his words, and heeding them, she would watched as Cipher released the blade form his hold and she quickly returned it to her scabbard.

"You just need to make an effort nto to make the same mistake again. All your mistakes have been forgiven, Narberal Gamma." Momon turned his body to face his underling.

She wore a frown, but those eyes shined with the admiration of a thousand suns. It was clear she would do anything and everything he wanted, or desired.

Cipher however was now standing before both of them, their eyes locked on him.

"Momonga, I have reached a decision."


"I would like to merge the Blue Citadel with the Guild of Ainz Ooal Gown."

His eyes shining brightly, even visible through the opening in his helmet, Momon nodded.

Both of them opened their Guild Interfaces and configured their settings, forming the pact which bind them together for as long as they were able to coexist.

The moment the two became one, the could now view each others Guild rosters and the like.

"I would like to move the Citadel to Carne Village. I can restructure the houses on my own."

"Restructure the houses?" Momon looked over him, knowing he probably wanted to bring the Citadel over in order to quickly place the walls around the place.

"Yes. To fit the theme."

Momon nodded slightly, knowing very well the architectural theme of the Citadel was from feudal Japan. He was sure this guy had plenty of items he could use in order to do this and pull it off without a hitch.

"As you see fit."

"Understood," Cipher said with a grin across his lips before looking in the general direction of the Tomb of Nazarick.

"Aura is waiting in the Great Forest of Tob."

"Oh?" This immediately drew back his attention as he smiled faintly. "I'll regroup with the others, and then I'll join you."

That's when he had vanished just as he arrived, resurfacing before Ninya and the Goblins now awaiting them in the Village Square.

Nabe raised a brow, "Lady Aura is here?"

Momon nodded, "We are here to spread my Great Name, aren't we?"


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