「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
16 「Oh My Darlin“」
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「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
Author :ZGearCecil
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16 「Oh My Darlin“」

Enri, some of the villagers, accompanied Ninya and Cipher to the outskirts of the village. They were well outside the diameter of the wall which encircled the village itself, at least twice so.

"This area encompasses a large amount of fields and allows for increasing expansion. I plan on building a larger wall around the village." Cipher stated as he looked over towards Enri who is now practically being looked upon as the leader despite the Elder still being alive.

"I thought you were just going to fortify the existing wall... Mister Jack," Enri addressed him as Jack as he was now telling people he befriends to call him that instead.

"Jack is fine, and that was the original plan." He stood there still dressed in the armor which he had worn each day since his arrival. His looks hadn't changed at all either, there wasn't even a spec of dirt behind his ear. "However, I wish to move my Citadel to overlook the area. Consider it extra protection and insurance against future threats."

"You're going to move a fortress!?" Enri's eyes were getting huge in disbelief.

Ninya just stood there looking at the poor villagers which were listening to him speak. She knew what they were going through and if she hadn't already seen his powers first hand, she wouldn't believe him either.

"With this item," he pulled a cube out of what appeared to be thin air, holding up in his palm. "I can have my fortress move to this location after setting it down."

"Is that some sort of powerful magic relic?"

"You could say that," his eyes locked on Enri for a few moments before looking over towards the other villagers which were Ooo'ing and Awe'ing.

Being admired was one thing, being believed in was another. It seemed that he was gaining both of these by just telling these people what his plans were. Now as he gazed around the plans which surrounded the village, he raised a brow. There was a perfect spot.

It was just inside the doubled diameter of the original wooden encirclement.

Walking over to it, he placed the cube down and pressed in an indented button in the very center.

This adorable looking cube which was about ten inches by ten inches, would become reform into that of a triangle before shooting a beam of blue energy straight into the air. It was just like some sort of mystical beacon of some kind.

Cipher and the Villagers, along with Ninya, all turned and began running from the cube as a shadow began to be cast around the area. The interesting thing though was that there was nothing above coming down to the grasslands.

Instead the firm land beneath the grass would begin to rise and be pushed apart. Something was coming out from beneath the ground like a needle to cloth.

Cipher remained running behind the villagers, making sure no one fell behind from fatigue.

Within mere minutes the they'd begin to see not only that one spot rising up from the ground, but also large thirty foot thick walls surrounding the village on all sides in a circular manner. It had twice the diameter and radius as the original wall with the addition of an outer moat. There were two entrances in the form of massive black metal doors disguised as dark wood.

These walls were made of an unknown polished white stone made of powerful materials from the old world, considered nearly indestructible and a cheat in PVP when it came to Golems. There were guard towers every twenty five meters and garrison guard houses every sixty along the inner perimeter of the wall.

On the other hand as they turned to look at where he had once placed the cube, they would see the beacon was no longer there. In its place was a massive fortress of Japanese design and enguiniety.

It stood on a grand thirty foot base, allowing the fortress to stand well above the walls and peer out into the open world. The Citadel itself was about twenty six meters in height and consisted of a large network of buildings.

The base was made of polished stone, while the walls white and the roofing was blue coral tiles.

It seemed someone even started planting Sakura trees near the entrance as magically bloomed petals were fluttering all over the place after a gust of wind traveled through the domain.

The walls which had formed around the entire village cut edges of into the Great Forest of Tob, one of the entrances was located there.

"You really... brought it here..." Ninya said as she could hardly stand at the sight. While she didn't doubt he could do it, it was still overwhelming that he even dared to.

Enri and the villagers were covering their mouths.

It was hard to believe that only a few days ago he had left it after giving the order to build a wall around the location he wanted to build a town in. Now, it was done.

He brought his Citadel to Carne Village.

Did that make this his Fief?

This only made him chuckle slightly at the idea.

Now it would be relatively hard for just about anyone to attack the village, though it was definitely going to garner the attention of anyone who noticed a sudden wall appearing.

He was sure that there would be a visit from other kingdoms soon enough.

According to reports from the Citadel's Guardians, the Baharuth Empire had taken notice of both Nazarick and the Citadel. It was also clear that the Slane Theocracy was also well aware of it.

However it seemed that the Slane Theocracy was in a state of panic.

The Golems which had once built the wall had emerged from the citadel's base. Leaving imprints of themselves as they began to march around the plains located within the walls. They were making a road map for future buildings as well as creating roads.

These golems were specialized for construction and capable of using mineral creation magic to do so. They were incredibly rare and one of the very few ever really made in game. They were expensive, but they were considered a hot cash item.
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Momon and the Adventurers, along with the giant hamster, were all standing in the middle of the Village when this had happened.

"This... Wasn't what I thought he intended."

Nabe's eyes were just wide, her lips were also slightly parted, as she was indeed surprised.

Peter and Lukrut's jaws looked as if they were about to just pop off considering how dropped they were. "Did he just move an entire Fortress from one location to another!?"

"And where did that wall come from!?" Lukrut pointed out glancing behind them towards the forest. Those walls loomed above the tree tops.

Dyne was too focused on watching the magnificent looking golems moving about not too far away. They were laying down cobble streets in a systematic fashion reaching out from the fortress and towards the already standing village buildings.

Some of them were already beginning to build other facilities around the Castle. Artificial hot springs, militia training centers, a clinic and various other civic buildings in addition to a library.

There were plenty of raw materials and creation magic to be used for this. Many of which were just general materials such as logs, stones and common metals. Only fortifications and shelters seemed to be made of high grade material. However all houses and buildings followed the architectural laws of feudal japan, following the same color scheme as the castle itself. Grey Stone, White Stone, Dark Wood, White Walls and Blue Coral Tiled Roofing.

The Fortress itself even had its own shallow moat surrounding it.

"It usually takes years to build Golems, yet he has so many of them..."

Hearing this Momon looked over at Dyne curiously. "Is that so..?"

Dyne looked over at Momon as he commented and raised a brow of his own, before taking a gander in the direction of a bunch of small dots by the fortress. It was some villagers, Ninya and Cipher.

"It seems that we found them," Dyne pointed towards them, though the goblin troop was already making their way out towards the Fortress.

"That is one big building..."

"You're telling me."

"Think boss will be staying there?"

"Where else would the boss stay!?"

The Goblins were having a field day as they viewed Enri and anyone related to Enri as pretty much their gods. They had been summoned by her and they were going to live for her. So they only expected the best for her.

About thirty minutes later the adventurers were assembled at the front gates of the new wall and were saying their goodbyes to the Villagers.

"Hey Peter," Ninya she turned to the blond leader, "I'm going to... Checkout the wall with Jack. We'll catch up with you back at E-Rantel."

Peter who was motioning for the NPCs on the wall to open the door, nodded. "Of course, we'll wait for you at the pharmacist's residence."

Ninya smiled at her friend as he smiled back even wider.

Peter finally saw the smile that hadn't been on her face before. It was a real smile, she was happy in the capacity that she had found love she never had before.

The smile held not only love, but hope. The man who had promised to help her, had fallen for her.

Part of him was sure she would end up leaving the Swords of Darkness once she got what she needed. Once she saved her sister, once she secured a the Sword of Darkness

Momon, Nabe, Nphirea, Lukrut, Peter and Dyne made their way out the doors with the wagon and the giant Hamster; making their way back to E-Rantel.

The two of them watched their friends until they vanished over the horizon.

"Should we spend the night here?" Cipher asked as he looked over at Ninya. It was already getting late and he figured by the time they did a full circuit, it might be dark out.

"We have some... Vacant housing." Enri abruptly joined their conversation, speaking of the houses belonging to the recently deceased due to the massacre by the Theocracy.

Ninya was already red in the face when he asked this question, but when Enri joined in she was about read to face palm herself. To cover up her thoughts and embarrassment, she took a standing thinkers pose.

"If it doesn't bother anyone, I don't mind.." She bowed her head slightly, likely chewing the side of her lip. She was wondering what he had planned if they were to stay the night.

Had it been an innocent question, or one of lust? If he wanted to do anything to her, she didn't know how she could take it as she only accepted him a day ago, if not less than.

"Well.. Since we're not necessarily going into battle..." He would take the armor pieces off of himself, slipping them into the inventory which he referred to as dimensional storage. Now he was just in his military uniform after removing the quilted blue cloak.

"Still look like a Noble," Ninya wheezed jokily before shaking her head and letting her hands fall to her sides. Her eyes rested on his silver rank which sat in contrast against his dark black attire.

"What can I say? I have the face for it."

Ninya wiggled her nose at that, as she wasn't really a fan of nobility.

Hours later the team arrived in E-Rantel, it was clearly dark and there was hardly anyone outside. It wasn't safe after the night cast out the sun.

That was when the criminals and the undead freely roamed the streets. Murderers and scum, druggies and drunkards. The world wasn't a safe place even in the most pampered of places.

"Then, Mister Momon." Peter spoke up as they were all near the main gate. "We will go to Nphirea's house to drop off his things." Everyone had such smiling faces on. It was a good day's work and they all got to lay their eyes on the giant Hamster.

"I understand," Momon said, "Once I register this magical creature with the guild. I'll head that way."

"I was able to gather a lot thanks to you, Mister Momon." Nphirea sounded excited to now have a larger stock than he had previously. Considering he wasn't really out of stock before. "I will be sure to add a bonus to the payment!"

"Much was gathered with my help, it was." The Wise King said with its cute, yet intimidating, face domainted by its big round eyes and profound buck teeth.

"See you soon!" Peter shouted out as the Wagon's horses rawred and made their way to their intended destination under the careful hands of the Pharmiscist.

"Nabe, we'll be separated for a little bit," Lukrut had his arms out and his chest puffed forward, before making a kisy pose. "I hope you won't be lonely. Let's party it up later~"

"Water flea! I will crush you beneath my feet!" Nabe retorted with her sharp tongue and closed eyes. She clearly held him in no regard.

"Hurry up and go!" Dyne punched the friend of his playfully as they hurried off towards the Beleare residence.

After several minutes they were arriving in front of the home and started to unload while Nphirea tied off the horse and made his way inside. Lighting a lantern he began going through the front of the house.

"Is grandmother out?" He saw no indication that she was home, let alone that she was there recently.

As he approached the door to the cellar though, the door opened and he was greeted by the sign of a young pale woman. Her face was down right ominous, with those red eyes and pale skin. She reminded him of a stereotypical vampire of sorts.

"No, I was really worried!" Clementine stood there in plain view of the male, dressed in scantily clad scale armor, decorated in the trophies from dead Adventurers and a black cloak. With the shadows of her bowlcut hair covering half of her face, her large mouth dominated her features. To say the least, the scene was rather creepy as it was accompanied by her sweet but maddened voice. "You didn't come home for days."

"I waited for you for so long~" She reached up and plucked the hood off her head to reveal her face in more detail.

"You don't know her?"

"N-no I don't."

"Hm... I'm here to kidnap you." Clementine giggled with those red eyes of hers, filled with the uncanny lust for torture and murder. It was as if when you looked into her eyes, you saw yourself in a puddle of your own blood.

The way she spoke though, how she carried herself and he gestures. She was confident she could take down her enemies and those who got in her way.

Quickly Dyne, Peter and Lukrut rushed to the frontline, blocking her access to the young man.

"Mister Nphirea, please stand back!" Peter shouted with his sword at the ready.

Dyne had his mace and Lukrut had already drawn his short sword as a bow and arrow wasn't worth all that much in the first place when it came to enclosed spaces.

"I want to use your talent of being able to use any kind of magic item," she appeared to dance in place a bit. She was surely mad in the head, unstable and dangerous. "In order to summon an army of the Undead."


"Become our tool," Clementine's eyes were smiling deviously. "Won't you use the Crown of Wisdom for us?" It was clear they were up to no good. "It's a request from sweet little ol' me."

"With the Crown of Wisdom, it'll be possible to cast the seven tier summon, Undead Army that normal people can't cast. And although it is impossible to control all the undead we summon, we'll be able to lead them in various general directions!"

Gasping, Nphirea dropped the lantern and it shattered on the floor, draping the front room in darkness.

"Mister Nphirea, please run away from here quickly!" Peter commanded as he kept one hand on his stort while pointing off towards the door. He didn't face away from Clementine, she couldn't be trusted. She was a viper readying to strike.


"It'll be a problem if you got away from me!" Clementine went to draw her weapon, a single stiletto, a piercing blade.

"You play around too much!" A new face appeared, slamming the door shut. A sickly pale man in reddish brown robes, wearing a gold chain around his neck and an old dark staff in one hand, his name was Kahjiit and a member of a terrorist Organization that reveres the undead.

"Oh, but you did make preparations so no one would hear their screams, right?"


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