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「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
Author :ZGearCecil
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17 「Shadows」

"Can't I take my time with just one of them?" Clementine brought the blade towards her face, licking it while keeping a wide smile across her lips. Those smiling eyes were like those of the devil's.

Khajiit brought his staff forward just as Peter charged forward with his weapon at the ready.

Clementine parried his blade to the side with her own, and with a step forward, elbowed him in the chest; causing him to stumble back. "Hah!" With the widest grin, she went to drive her weapon into his chest, but just as he was about to do so a shadow demon burst out from the ground and received the blow.

"What!?" She'd snarl as Khajiit opened his mouth slightly seeing the Shadow Demon protecting a human being. He was admittedly quite confused.

However as she tore through the shadow demon, she went to attack Lukrut as Peter backed off to assist Dyne on his assault on the man behind them.

"We have to get Nphirea out of here!"

"You're right. We can't let them turn the City into a mass of the undead!"

Lukrut tried to parry Clementine's jab, causing the blade to rip through his leather vest, and just graze his skin. Wincing as he took a few hops back, he kept his dagger at the ready.

Khajiit frowned as the swordsman and the Druid closed in on him. "「Acid Javelin」!" He'd cast a bolt of acid towards them. The Druid deflected it away from his face with his mace, not being able to get out of the way due to the lack of room. The acid splashed in all directions, burning his arms and legs.

Peter lowered himself and lunged forward with the intent of running the necromancer through.

However just as he attempted to do so, "Gah!" He felt the heavy butt of the wooden staff buried into his chest and he was thrown backward with the breath knocked out of him.

"Rah!" Dyne brought his mace up from a lower angle in an attempt to hit the bald man with the blunt force of his weapon.

Lukrut who was almost back to back with Dyne now trying to avoid being stabbed, was kicked directly into the back of the druid.

This caused his attack to fumble and Khajiit wasn't dull enough to not take this opportunity seriously.

"「Acid Javelin」" A bolt of acid left the evil sorcerer's hand, splashing onto the Druid's face. Causing him to scream in agony as he was being burnt by the acid. He fell to the ground, trying to hold his face as he started to convulse.

Peter called out for his friend, "Dyne!" As he got back to his feet, he ran for the enemy, tripping over Lukrut who was sit on the ground after being knocked into their spell caster friend.

"Mister Dyne..." Nphirea could hardly handle what was going on. They were trapped, this was a massacre.

Cashing into the nearby table, Peter turned to look at the woman running directly at him. Just what level was she? His eyes rested on those copper and low ranked badges from adventurers which acted as decorations for her armor.

Anger boiled up inside of him.

He didn't want to die here, and he knew if he died here, plenty of others would die as well.

Would Momon come here and save the day?

Would Cipher, Jack, make a sudden appearance and save the day?

Lifting his weapon up from the surface of the table, he swung it hard with one hand intending to tear her head from her shoulders. However with ease the hero-level villain smacked the weapon with her Stiletto, causing his arm to cross his chest. With wide eyes he could do nothing before she rammed her weapon in through his chest, pinning his arm to his torso.

Letting out a gasp of pain, blood began to trickle down from his mouth. She had missed his heart, but she had gotten one of his lungs.

His vision began to blur, he couldn't hold back a cough. His free hand he felt for his sheathed dagger.

He couldn't close his mouth, he couldn't concentrate. The pain shot through ever pore in his body. His eyes, his thoughts, they were slowly losing their cohesion. No, that wasn't it... He looked down at the weapon and it was still in his chest, but she was no longer holding it any longer.

"Draw your sword," an extremely large smile was across her face. "And kill your friend," she'd gesture towards Lukrut who was pressingh is back against the wall.

Dyne was on the ground, he wasn't moving.

Peter, his eyes were glowing a reddish pink. He was smiling, happy, it looked as if he was feeling really good despite blood soaking his shirt. He brandished the short sword, the very symbol of their friendship and camaraderie.

"Peter!" Lukrut shouted as he pushed himself up the wall with his own dagger at the ready. His eyes moved to the two villains in the room, and then to the slowly encroaching friend of his. He swallowed hard. "Peter, get a hold of yourself! We're supposed to meet up with Ninya later!"

Wadding side to side as he was coming closer and closer to him with complete disregard for what his words even meant. Peter held the weapon above his head, ready to dig it into his friend's body.
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"Peter..." Lukrut rushed forward, which caught his friend who was being mind controlled off guard.

However just as he was about to put his friend down out of his misery, Clementine came back into the picture. The blond would yank the blade out of his friend's chest and arm, before plunging it into his gut.

It started as searing pain, before he was in complete ecstasy within seconds. However, that wasn't the end of it as she began to take the weapon out and shove it right back into him. She did it over and over again.

Peter had collapsed on the ground, choking on his own blood. Gurgling as his eyes watched in horror as his friend was being murdered so unfairly.

Turning his head slowly, Peter watched as Dyne's corpse was beginning to rise from the ground in front of a kneeling Khajiit. Trying to roll onto his side and reach out to his friend, he stared up at the leathered face of his friend. The multiple colored skin tone from the acid burns, and the zombification spell used to create the undead.

As the light all around him was beginning to fade, all he could hear was the maniacal laughter of the madwoman and the sloshing of warm flesh being penetrated by a sharp knife.

Just as he was about to lose everything, with his eyes on his friend and the door, a singular tail-like appendage tore through the door. It skewered the evil spell caster, having caught him off guard, and decapitated Dyne in the process.

"Mister... Momon..." Was the only thing he was able to say, and everything was gone, he was dead.

Lukrut had already been dead quite a while now, his body twitching and convulsing everytime the woman stabbed it. However when the Wise King had taken down the door, Momon came storming into the building.

"Mister Momon!" Nphirea who had been cowering from watching his friends die, now took the chance to run for the door, ducking out and taking shelter behind Nabe and the Wise King of the Forest.

Clementine turned her weapon towards the Dark Hero, but as she was doing so, his long cleaver like weapon tore downward through her right shoulder and down to her left hip.

Blood splattered in all directions as the newly bisected corpse crumbled to the floor like a broken toy.

His eyes rested on the men which lay about on the ground. They were clearly dead, their bodies were getting cold. For Dyne, there was no true return for him. He stared at the zombified corpse, to his comrades he was going to use in order to make a greater name for himself.

There were only two left and they weren't even here.

Anger that had once filled Peter was now boiling over inside of Momonga. He had lost a very valuable set of tools and information. These people, he could bring them back, but was it worth it?

Lowering his weapons, he turned to leave the Pharmacist's residence, moving slowly with his eyes on the ground. As he stepped outside, his eyes glided on over to Nphirea as he shealthed his weapons on his back.

"The threat has been eliminated..."

Just as he was about to walk back over to the giant hamster, Nphirea's grandmother arrived.

"Nphirea!" She shouted the moment she saw the blood and the broken door. She rushed over to her grandson before looking into the house. It appeared the door had been destroyed and there were bodies inside. Just who died and why?

Checking over her grandson for any damages.

"I'm.. I'm not hurt, Grandma."

In a way this was a relief, at the same time it was a curse.

She looked over towards the body of Khajiit that was laid out on the ground with a gaping hole through his front and back. Her eyes moved to the bloodied tail of the giant hamster. As she went over to the door to peer inside, she covered her mouth and took a few steps back.

A woman bisected in two, still holding onto her blood covered stiletto blade.

The three adventurers were dead, one of them was even zombified and missing its head.

She closed her eyes and went back over to her grandson, holding onto him as they both stood together.

Momon let out a quiet sigh. The only reason why he had even known to come back was because of the Shadow Demon activating something after it perished to the Hero level woman he had killed right then and there.

It was like it beaconed for him to come, to save the adventurers. "But who could have..." He looked off in the direction of the North. He was sure Jack had sent the Shadow Demon to protect the party. However it seems they were still under prepared.


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