「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
19 「Just Another Memory」
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「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
Author :ZGearCecil
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19 「Just Another Memory」

Three times he recited,「Create Greater Item」. Three times, three caskets, three to-be-graves.

They were made of the most expensive wood a commoner, no, a noble could ever have for a burial. Made of dark wood and polished to shine. The insides were padded with silver stained sheets and pillows, representing their rank, were sown inside. On the lid was a symbol identical to the Sword of Darkness replicas they all carried on their person.

Each one fit their friends to the letter.

Ninya stood behind Jack and to his right side. She was busy trying to keep her knees from giving out.

Her mouth hung open as she had this erratic breathing. The sensation in her eyes went from dry to wet and back. She didn't know what she wanted to do anymore.

She wanted to find her sister so badly. Other than Jack, Momon and Nabe... She had no one else left. If she only had her sister than she would be able to find peace again.

Yet what if she wasn't strong enough? What if she found herself in a casket? A casket like one of these? The craftsmanship was immeasurable. It would be hard for any coroner to compete.

She watched as the corpse of Peter Mauk began to levitate. His hands remained resting upon his chest and his legs aligned with one another, held straight out and together. The body followed the movement of Jack's eyes, as if he had picked them up with just his sight alone.

As if being tucked into bed, Peter was slipped into the casket with his head resting solemn upon the head pillow. He hardly looked like he was dead, just sleeping. The blood was absorbed by the coffin and his name inscribed itself upon the hilt of the Swords of Darkness symbol.

Twice more, she watched as the man who had unknowingly kept her out of harms way, put her friends into caskets designed for the wealthy and the renown.

Their names shined brightly, almost unnaturally, so that anyone who'd lay their eyes on these caskets would know who they were.

Sir Gallifrey and Momon returned to see the sight.

The Watchman was amazed by the use of magic to create not just salt and pepper, but an entire complex piece of art. Yet he said nothing, as he saw the mourning in their eyes.

They had lost friends today, ones even though short lived for Jack, had given him another hope that he would get another chance to have friends. In a way though, his mind still partially saw this as a game.

Even though he prayed to a god, or gods, that he didn't know. He was in a game world only ten days ago. Now, now he wasn't anymore. He wanted them to respawn, he wanted to revive them, but the cost was probably not worth it.

The idea of bringing them back would give him the false idea that they'd never leave. That they'd never die. While the truth was, he would out live them. He'd outlive everyone. The only people who would remain alive alongside him were the ones who were functionally immortal or heteromorphic.

He took in a deep breath and looked to Momon who shuffled on up beside him.

Nabe and the Wise King stood behind the trio, while Gallifrey and Min eliminated any undead which had escaped the cemetery as well as those which wondered to the front gates. Though admittedly after Momon's visit, there were very few to terrorize the City.

"This is... Much unpleasant." Momon clenched his hand slightly, the visible one, while the other remained beneath his red cloak.

Nabe remained indifferent though, staring at the coffin which had the name of Lukrut glowing upon it. The last time he had said anything to her, he had wanted to party. She wasn't the type and she had a distaste for humans, even though she didn't like outright killing them. At the same time, she didn't mind killing them if she didn't have a reason to keep them living either.

That was just the kind of person she was as her Karma was so low.

The Wise King, even though he had only known the crew for a short period of time, wore his brows down. Even though it might not be clear with those big brown eyes, those big buck teeth, he was frowning. "Very sorry, I am."

In a way it was the Wise King's fault by being present, but it was at the same time Momon's ambition, that they hadn't been protected.

Right now, it was pretty easy to point fingers, establish blame after blame.

They didn't do that. The Swords of Darkness trusted one another and this just meant their trust would be the last thing they had together. Their last connection in the end.

Stepping forward, Jack proceeded to stand over Peter's closed casket and pressed his hands together, his fingers perfectly aligned with one another.

「True Death」These words echoed in his mind and the minds of those present.

True death put them down permanently. No one could resurrect them, revive them. They were dead and couldn't be brought back in anyway shape or form. In a way, he saw this as a true end.

No one would be able to use their bodies, their faces nor their trust, against them.

He then went to stand over Lukrut's casket and closed his eyes partially. All the senseless things the guy had said over the past two weeks came flooding into mind.

Taking in a shaky breath, he once again recited 「True Death」.

As he approached the last casket, he placed his hands down on the door. His advise, his interjections. He remembered the times where he would place a hand on anyone of their shoulders. A little nudge of encouragement went a long way, as was comfort.
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In that moment he looked weak, everyone present and watching could see it.

It was like an instance where you got to know a group of people and then the next day after you've already gotten attached. They were gone.

Even in real life he hardly had a concept of time in his mind. Time to him was either eternity or not long enough. He closed his eyes tightly for a moment before standing straight up again. His fingers trailing off the edge of the casket and falling to his sides.

Ninya came up behind him to be by his side again, wrapping her arms loosely around his left arm. She held it against her body in hopes that the closeness would calm him.

For as she was holding him like this, he didn't know what he was feeling anymore. Was it pain? Was it loss? He wasn't angry anymore, and the sadness was just slinking away. The urge to wail was gone, the urge to crush something was gone. Was it because she was holding onto him?

If anything he felt like he was floating between emotions and wasn't exactly feeling anything. He recognized this as a part of anxiety and even depression, but it wasn't a breakdown.

The weakness they had once seen vanished as he stood firm and clasped her hand in his own.

"We'll have their burial in Carne Village..." That way they could be protected. Not that there was much to steal, but there was plenty to desecrate for any to no reason at all.

The portal he had used to get here was now gone, it had been gone since the last of them stepped out of it. So as Jack turned to look up at the sky, he whispered the spell in order for them to vacate the premises.


The Watchman just stared at the tenth tier magic caster. Many believed that level of power to be a myth, but it had actually been proven to be true and very real.

It was right there in front of him. He watched as the bottoms of the caskets began to give a faint glow and hover into the portal unattended. "By the four almighty..."

He'd then watch as Jack, Ninya, Min and Sir Gallifrey vanished into the spiraling portal of magical energy before it just vanished seconds later. His eyes then flickered on over to Momon and Nabe who were walking away in two different directions. Momon was going off to get the Wise King of the Forest registered finally, while Nabe on the other hand was going to the cemetery to collect the equipment from the members of the terrorist organization per Momon's orders.

And despite the undead running rampant throughout the streets earlier, people still peeked out their windows to get a glimpse of the giant hamster riding Dark Hero.

Left alone with the Pharmacist and her grandson, the Watchman looked upon them.

After reporting the deed of defeating the members of Zurrernorn, Nabe and Momon returned to their temporary home at the Inn. With the windows closed, he sat there on the side of the bed with his helmet off. His pearly white skull and glowing red beady eyes looking forward.

"Right now, the surviving soldiers are talking about my valor in battle throughout the town, raising my name." He proclaimed as it was all true. He had defeated Khajiit, Clementine and many other unnamed necromancers who were attempting to senselessly go ahead with the ritual after the death of their overseer at his hands. "It's all according to plan," though not exactly according to plan.

"So, what shall we do with the two humans?" Nabe asked as she looked over the man, the only supreme one from the Guild that created her.

He turned his head to peer over at her, "Since Lizzy said she would give me everything... I'm thinking of having them be brought to Carne Village. I plan on having them make potions for me, No, for Nazarick."

For a moment there he froze as in the back of his mind he thought about Jack. "For the Duumvirate," in this way, he was naming Jack as the second leader of the group due to the supposed merger.

"That's right... I needed to contact Albedo..." Placing two fingers by his temple, he recited the spell of


"Lord Ainz. Shalltear Bloodfallen has revolted against us." The absolute voice of Albedo spoke against the loyalty of the True Vampire. One of the few of his own guardians that could overpower Ainz due to her character build itself. Much like how the Guardians belonging to Jack gave him over a year ago.


However this absolute declaration caused the lights, in which were his beady red eyes, to go out. His sockets dark, Momon was in utter confusion.

Never did he expect for Shalltear of all of them to go against him. If anything, it was likely Abledo was taking something out of context. They were rivals based on their behavior towards one another.

It wasn't like he could go off and just tell Jack that this happened either.

If he were to suddenly have a rogue Guardian, that would make it rather hard for Jack to trust his people, wouldn't it? Considering most of them and their evil alignment could cause problems with humans and other morally sound beings.

He took a deep breath, and on top of that their friends had just died. Even though the event surrounding the deaths of the Swords of Darkness raised him.

Then suddenly that's when someone else used 「Message」, it was Jack.

"Members of the Theocracy have been located by E-Rantel, they're making a run for the border. Once I'm finished here..." There was a pause before he spoke up again, "I will intercept. We've also located Shalltear, she isn't moving."



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