「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
21 「Divine Chant」
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「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
Author :ZGearCecil
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21 「Divine Chant」

"No one can save you no-a...." An explosion of holy energy hit Jack in the back, causing him to take an unsteady step forward. He raised a brow, not having expected to having been attacked.

One Damage was received.

Looking side to side, he saw no one. So as he turned around on his heel, his Cloak of Greater Attributes appeared on his back as well as the armor overlay he had once worn before.

Black, Silver and Blue were his colors.

His eyes locked onto the misfit who had hit him. If anything though, they hardly looked like a misfit.

The perpetrator who had hit him with a holy attack of the fifth tier was none other than a female wearing a pink and green set of spell caster robes and accessories while sporting long blond hair. The main thing though that he noticed was the fluttering wings sprouting out of what appeared to be her ears.

It was a magical item.

Her commonly known alias was simply, Divine Chant. She was the Fourth Seat of the Black Scripture. And as her name allowed one to assumed, she used Holy and Divine Magics apparently.

She had an almost Angelic appearance. Her eyes were closed and her hands were held out to her sides. Magic items appeared to be implanted on the palms of her gloves Ambiently she was floating in the air similar to how the Eleventh Seat was doing.

"I do believe Rumpelstiltskin would be very jealous of your hair, young lady." He wore this wide smile still across his lips, but it wasn't as deep as the grin he once held before he was hit.

"Is that supposed to be a compliment?" She had a sweet voice, almost innocent. It matched her composure and her delicate looking features. She reminded him of a china doll.

「Summon Angel 3rd」

She summoned an angel of the third tier.

With a frown of disappointed across his lips, he just glared at her. "Really, how did I miss you?"

He wasn't given a response to his question. She didn't see a point in appeasing him!

It seems she had been ahead of her colleagues during their retreat and when her friends were no longer behind her, she came back around. It was clear though that she had made a dire mistake. If she had gotten back to the Theocracy, she could have at least called for reinforcements!

Should they lose the Scripture, it was sure to greatly weaken the entire Theocracy. Even though they had the one member left behind as the Extra Seat. The half-elf which was supposedly more powerful than the Captain.

However she didn't see any of the male members of her scripture around except for the dead corpse of her colleague, Time Turbulence.

His eyes narrowed on the ArchAngel Flame which was hovering in front of him now. He pointed a finger at the creature before tilting his head to the side.

"Where are the rest of our Scripture? Where is the Captain!?" She shouted to the remaining members, who could turn their heads and gesture towards the man who she had just hit with a holy blast.

"Impossible..." Her eyes rested on the being before her. How could her captain fall to this man? However she quickly found her mistake as she picked up on his estimated level, but quickly found that it was「False Data」, the truth was hidden from her. She could only assume that this being was much stronger than he was letting on. Yet she could already now tell even with the fake data, she was stronger than the Scripture alone as he was capable of using high tier magics.

"My name is Cipher, I was present during the Sunlit Scripture's attack on Carne Village. I am here to carry out your sentence. Submit and you will be spared," Jack stated confidently even in front of the leveled Angel and the fourth seat right in front of him. "Resist and you will die."

Divine Chant remained floating there in an advantageous position above her target, the man who had already massacred more than half of their own. Then that's when her eyes rested upon the head of Lady Clementine. She raised a brow slightly at this before bringing her attention back to Jack.

"And your former member killed three of my friends, party members... Fellow Adventurers. It is because of you that our Leader Peter Mauk, our Ranger Lukrut Volve and our Druid Dyne Woodwonder died in vein."

Unlike Momon, he believed his friends died for no reason at all other than the lethal whim of another to escape amidst the Chaos which was ultimately averted.

"That is enough reason for me to kill all of you..." He muttered as his killing intent remained stable and his mind wise. "Your next action may as well be your final choice."

The Eleventh Seat was horrified by the position they were now placed in.

"I don't want to die..." The blue haired girl would mutter to herself, over and over again. She was holding onto herself. Watching in her mind as her friends were crushed and condensed into what appeared to be a powerful potion.

The seventh however was just standing there, a frown dominating her lips as her bag dangled from her hand. The reflection of the back of Jack's head was on her glasses.

His back was turned to her, she could attack.

However she decided against it. That cloak and armor wasn't vanity pieces. The uniform itself had protected the man from physical harm, which is what she only assumed, not knowing he was immune to a large quantity of physical damage under a certain level.

On top of that the magic the Third Seat used on him didn't even leave a scratch on him. It was likely they'd need to use magic above the fifth or sixth tier magic spells to do minimal damage. No one normal could do such a thing.

On top of that his skeletal structure was still visible. His bones were like crystalline material, just like the jeweled eyes. She couldn't quite tell what he was, but he was definitely a heteromorphic being, an undead. Seeing as he was a skeleton, or humanoid and used powerful magic, could it be that he was a Lich? Elder Liches though didn't have skin or a living appearance and didn't reek of so much mana.

He was something different.

"What are you?" The Divine Chant withdrew her angel, calculating that she would likely survive long enough to escape at some point should she surrender.

"I'm an Arch Mage, who obtained eternal life," he stopped pointing at her as he rested his one hand at his side while lazily twirling the staff he had used just once now. "I'm a being mistakenly called an Arch Lich due to my undead nature."

His sapphire eyes remained on the woman as she slowly lowered herself to the ground. Her sandal wearing feet resting on the grass. It appeared she was surrendering.

"Not that you're going to be able to tell anyone."

Tapping the bottom of his staff against the ground, 「Mass Dominate Person」.

Very briefly as he cast this spell, their eyes lit up blue, only to return to their normal hues.

The Fourth, Seventh and Eleventh seats all approached him before falling to one knee in a triangular formation around him.

"What is your bidding, Lord Cipher?" They spoke in overlapping sync, making it sound almost musical. They wore small smiles on her lips, it was as if they had completely forgotten he had massacred their scripture. Ignorance to the dead standing soldiers as well was very clear, they no longer cared for them.

This 「Mass Dominate Person」essentially brainwashed them, turning them into loyal followers with disdain for the Slane Theocracy. Hatred whether true or engineered was a powerful weapon. Otherwise, he didn't make that many changes to their dominated minds.
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"We will be returning to the Carne village, I shall grant you new names."

"Thank you..." Uttered the Seventh Seat, looking up to him as the others kept their eyes to the ground.

He stared back down at her as she thanked him, before nodding to her. "Sia," he bestowed this name to the school uniform wearing female, before turning his eyes to the other two.

"Sia..." The female was tasting the name which she had been given on her lips, on her tongue. The tip of her tongue caressed the interior of her upper lip. She seemed oddly proud of it.

"Elle," this time he named the Fourth Seat previously known as Divine Chant.

A bright, but small, smile parted her lips as she looked up to him. "..."

As his skin became visible once more, visibly solid, his eyes were on the last female. His eyes rested on the large hat which covered her head and hid her form. He reached forward and pulled it from her head.

The Eleventh Seat looked up at him with wide eyes, but they quickly relaxed.

"And you will be getting actual clothes," he uttered as he looked over her attire. Two different toned thigh high socks, some sort of pink top, a pair of shorts and visible panties. While he wasn't honorable, he didn't like the skimpy attire unless it were in a private setting.

However he also quickly noticed something else behind her, a ball of some sort. Red and black.

"Hm... Your new name will be Astra," he based her name on her alias, the Thousand Leagues Astrologer. She reminded him of a cat almost as she was staring up at him after giving her this name.

There was this look in her eyes that he couldn't quite understand.

It reminded him of a kitten, or that of a lost puppy. Even though he had brainwashed her, deep in her eyes was the fear of being consumed by him. Being killed, losing her life. She was a fearful individual who could easily be oppressed by those more powerful than her.

Especially if they could destroy an entire army of weak enemies with a flick of their wrist.

Much like how Ainz has yet to discover he is capable of doing just that to an army of humans in this realm. Though he may already be knowledgable, Jack sure wasn't.

「Undeath Army」

He cast the seventh tier spell, summoning an army of undead monsters, primarily consisting of zombies. However unlike normal ones, their Karma was 0. They held no ill will towards the living, but they'd practically follow any command he made towards them.

He watched as they'd come out of what looked like black goop from the ground. Even the bodies of the soldiers became zombies.

Within several minutes there was a massive horde of zombies in the forest. All of which surrounding him and the three former members of the Black Scripture.

He couldn't help but chuckle to himself.

The one donned as Astra was practically hiding behind his cloak, all of these suddenly appearing undead gave her a fright. Though the other two hardly responded other than eying them as they brushed shoulders.

"Invade the Slane Theocracy... Kill as many as you can."

This was his simple command and with that they all began to gather tighter together as they made their way towards the border. It was clear that this was going to be a surprise for the Theocracy. He was wondering how they'd react. Losing contact with their most powerful team and being invaded by the undead shortly after. He could only chuckle at the idea. Though he was sure they had some powerful people left over.

Once the horde was off in the distance, Jack turned and summoned a portal with the 「Gate」 spell and walked inside without much of a care on his face.

The three others followed close behind, the Fourth seat glancing behind themselves in the direction of the Theocracy before walking into the portal just before it closed.


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