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「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
Author :ZGearCecil
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25 「Peeper」

Looming over her, she was trapped in his shadow. There was hardly any escape, as she could hardly see straight. All she could do was stare up at him, her eyes moving side to side like that of a calm ocean carefully tossing and turning a barge on the open sea.

She swallowed hard as she felt his hand traveling along her jawline, down her neck and to the collar of the sweater he had given her to wear. "Hhhhey.."

"Hm?" His eyes rested on her face as her watched her lips move.

For the moment all her senses were increased seven fold, just a poke was stimulating. So as he was just brushing his skin against hers, it was an unknown sensation.

Other than hanging out with the guys, she had never been this intimate with the man. She wasn't even wearing pants, let alone a dress. She was just wearing this shirt she had been given.

They were small, delicate, they looked warm. He wondered how they tasted. The sapphires of his eyes began to glow even more in the dark as the night dominated the area with an iron fist.

"...Where will we be staying?" Her eyes watched his hand as she used her elbows to sit up a bit. Though as her head was no longer supported by the bed, she found it was hard to keep her head from lulling to the side or back.

"Man you are high," Jack exclaimed as his hands grasped at her lower ribs, right beneath her breasts. He felt down her abdomen until his thumbs and index fingers were spread apart at her waist. He licked his lower lip, before looking her in the eyes.

"Jack?" She closed her eyes for a few seconds before opening them again, trying to keep focused on him alone rather than the whole room. Even though it looked like the whole room was going in at her.

"Eh.. I heard of a place we could stay," he lied as he had no idea where they would be staying. It wasn't like he had ever been to the Royal Capital of the Kingdom before.

Let alone, it didn't really matter how much a room cost there. He could afford it, or at least believed he could. His eyes moved towards the window in the bedroom towards the Citadel which was in plain view. Its base towered over the entire village and cast a shadow even in the dark of the night.

It was cloudy, hardly any stars were visible. Was it going to rain?

Pursing his lips, he looked back down at her as she reached up and gripped the side of his tunic and pulled. Quickly the left breast popped off and the tunic would open partially.

That's when he leaned down and pressed his lips against her neck, causing her to gasp at the feeling. A tingling sensation spread throughout her face, especially as she felt his breath.

His face brushed upward, his nose poking at her jaw and flipping her ear lobe. She smelled like the homemade soap she used for a sponge bath an hour ago.

Her fingers gripped tighter at the now open flap of his double breasted tunic.

In a way the idea of feeling this way disturbed her. It wasn't something she had felt let alone done before. Yet the high from the potion she had drunk was definitely keeping her from actively declining his touches. Though she couldn't argue, they felt good. The closeness, the lukewarm feeling that came from him.

Kicking his boots off, letting them fall to the base of the bed. He gazed over her closely, his face mere inches from hers.

Those eyes of hers, even though the whites of her eyes were blood shot, and her blue eyes looked entirely unnaturally contrast. He could only smile.

Skimming her upper lip with her lower teeth, she almost jumped hearing them hit the floor.

Her eyes then moved to his chest as he was removing the tunic. It appeared he was wearing a black T-shirt underneath. She then watched as he tossed it behind himself, onto the boots which lay on the floor.

Carefully he moved off of her, and started tugging her the rest of the way onto the bed.

"Mmmm..." She let out a slight moan, her throat buzzing as she did.

Hearing the moan made him snicker as he rested her head on the pillow at the headboard of the bed.

He sat there on his knees for a few seconds though before prying the empty vial from her hands and placing it on the windowsill nearby.

However just as he was about to lay down beside her and pull the comforter over their heads, he froze in place. He felt someone watching them? Tracking them? He turned his head towards the window he had just placed the vial on and raised a brow.

"Now who is it this time?" He muttered quietly before shuffling off the bed and standing in front of the window. He waved his hand slightly, using 「Anti-Monitor Zone」with silent magic to cancel out the observation magic being used to spy on him for whatever reason in particular.


"Were you watching me?"

"No, My Lord. None of the Surveillance teams are focused on you." Gallifrey responded immediately as he was standing in the foyer where all the information was being overseen. "Perhaps it's one of the other Nations... We'll look into it!"

"Thank you, Sir Gallifrey, for your unending support."

"We all have something that only we can do. As Guardians of the Citadel, we are always your support."

Hearing these words made ideas flash through his mind. Lately he had only been using a few of the Guardians. He hadn't been utilizing them as much as Ainz, let alone interacting with them. If anything he would give them orders and leave, come back and repeat.

Maybe he should talk to them?

They can wait until he got back, maybe he could take a few with him. Judging the that idea, he could bring the human looking ones. Bringing elves or other species would likely cause problems, right? Especially having demi-humans like a cat girl or an orc with him.

Sir Gallifrey was definitely a must, which meant he would be bringing Sia, which he didn't mind. He wanted to get to know her as well since she was now apart of his collective.

Turning his head to look towards Ninya who was now sound asleep, he almost giggled.

"Well, I might as well do what I was going to do tonight anyways."

Using silent magic to 「Teleport」outside of the house, he would turn and gaze over the European styled village and tilt his head to the side.

Holding his right hand to the sky, an enigmatic purple engulfed his palm. "「Widen Magic 」「Restructure」" As the words left his mouth, a shockwave burst of energy escaped from his hand above his head.

As the energy passed through the buildings, the architecture changed without seemingly bothering the slumbering inhabitants within. Soon enough it looked like an Edo-Era village in order to match the massive Citadel which acted as their overseer and ultimate shield.

His eyes gazed over the wooden and stone walls of the homes, even the thatch or coral tile roofing above them. It was an amazing change to him at least. He had never done this to an entire village before all at once.

However his self created victory was short lived as he turned his head to the side to glance over his shoulder. There was movement. Someone was creeping around the village, and he wasn't quite sure who it was just yet. He didn't recognize it as any of the walking patterns of anyone he knew or met.

The thing was though, he saw not a single person there. For a split moment though, that was true. As his eyes adjusted along with his passive magic sense, his eyes rested on a small form.

She looked like a doll.

However he didn't focus on her and kept on look around. Each time his gaze passed over her, he got more information. However he was quick to notice she wasn't alone. There were other people here, watching from the surrounding area.


"My Lord," Sir Gallifrey spoke through the message skill which was still active. "It appears a small group of Workers have entered the Village. There have been no fatalities. What are your orders."


Hearing what his Head Guardian had to say, he focused his sights on the character who by all intents and purposes, literally had features which made her look like a doll.

She had blond hair which hardly reached her shoulders and blue eyes with an incredibly delicate looking face. He was tempted to just reach out and pinch her cheeks in a surprise attack, but decided against it.

Clearly she was a spell caster, she wore robes and sturdy clothes to boot. Speaking of, she had thigh high boots with some skirting of sorts.

Right then, he silently cancelled the False Data and within seconds she heaved forward and puked all over the ground in front his feet.

"Blaaaaah..." She also became entirely visible the moment she had puked and he just frowned at her.

Letting out a sigh as two humans and an elvish female came out of hiding, he rolled his eyes.

"Arche fall back!" It was a blonde man with a red streak in his hair and blue eyes named Hekkeran.

The fact that there was significant amounts of blonde people present was actually annoying Jack quite a bit, though that was probably his personal issues. He never held blonde hair against people though, nor did he let it stop him form liking others. Just the large amount was annoying and relative to where he used to live several years ago.

When she went to turn away from him, covering her mouth, he reached out a hand and grabbed hold of her brown cloak and yanked. She found herself gasping out for air and being strong armed into his hold.

"Let her go!" This call came from another man, who was coming out from behind what looked like a mill. He was dressed in a Templar's armor with armored fists. It was Roberdyck Goltron.

His eyes then drifted over towards Imina, a half-elf with vibrant purple hair and an androgynous build. Even the shape of her head was androgynous to the point that if one didn't look for the dead give aways, they wouldn't know they were a woman from a distance. She had a weapon trained on him, a bow and arrow.

"Please don't hurt the g--"

"I bet the cat is watching the screens..." He muttered quietly to himself as he scanned over them.

"...What?" Arche looked up at him as she had her hands on his forearm from struggling, previously trying to pull his arm off of her. His entire arm was clasped down on her upper chest, his hand tucked into her pit. However looking up was a great mistake, just looking at his tier was overwhelming, since he could use eleventh tier magic.

Arche had the ability known as the All-Seeing-Eyes, this allowed her to see the tier of a magic caster.

Imina blinked a few times and lowered the weapon, "Eh?" Why was he talking about a cat?


That's when out of no where, a shadow began to form on the ground. Within a few seconds though, a tall and well built stalk of a man, crashed down on the ground beside him with a hero's landing!

"You called My Lord!?" Gallifrey would stand up, stroking his stash slightly, giving a light stumble before his eyes darted from person to person then back to the Master of the Citadel.

"Please tell me that you don't have the Cat watching screens."

Gallifrey stood there for a few moments, before looking away, itching his cheek with his thumb. "I shalt not lie to you, My Lord. She has been watching..."

Taking in a deep breath through his nose, he sharply exhaled. "Arche was it?" Looking down at the little Blonde, "Tell me why there are a set of armed individuals in the village. One spell caster to another?"

Slowly she settled herself down and faced forward, the way he held her to himself she could hear an extremely faint heartbeat. On top of that, his body was a constant lukewarm temperature.

At first the group was silent, they were all looking at one another. They didn't know what to make of them. Intruders were typically not spared and yet he wasn't going out of his way to engage the others.

Then when he jolted Arche, she squeaked and soon enough he had her a few inches off the ground.

"We--" Hekkeran's voice disappeared before he could say another word and he went wide eyed in surprise.

"Did.. Did you just mute him?" Arche's legs dangled loosely as she stared at her concerned friends.

"That's not answering my question..." Jack's hand moved down from her arm pit and pushed into her lower rib, slowly bending it inward as it was the most flexible rib out of all of them available.

Wincing, "Okay okay okay!" Arche's legs flailed as she pushed down on his arm, squirming trying to get loose, but it wasn't even close to possible for her. "We're here to figure out where the wall came from and how the citadel moved!"

"Just your group?"

"It's not a large scale operation..." She looked from him and to her friends and back to him. She knew there was no way her friends could take on a monster like him. Even with their weapons, the question was though, was he really going to threaten them with death.

"And who sent you on this errand?" He pushed on her rib again, though he was hardly exerting any force behind it. At most he was just giving her discomfort, but the fear of his strength was clear.

"Count Femel of the Baharuth Empire!" Arche had given up the name of the person who had sent them on a quest to figure out more about the Citadel. It was supposed to be a simple mission, but it didn't go so well it seems.

"Were you using surveillance magic?"

Arche made a slightly confused expression before she stopped struggling, though shifted uncomfortably at his touch. They had been caught, but it hadn't been their fault. On top of that, it appeared he wasn't hurting her unless she wasn't answering.

"No... I don't know how to use that kind of magic, yet."

"Oh..." His eyes moved over to her friends, feeling her lower ribs.

That's when the Templar would inch forward slightly, he could tell by the looks in his eyes, that he was definitely going to charge forward should he try anything more.

"So can you tell me why you puked when you saw my face?" Jack's eyes turned down to her as she hung on his arm like she was stuck between a branch and a hard place.

"You miss understand! That, that wasn't my intention!"

"Please, educate me." His tone was dead serious, though he could use Greater Identification, he chose not to. He much more wanted to hear the person say it rather than having to read it off them.

However as he gave a little slack between them, her feet met the ground abruptly, and her right breast landed right in his hand. He blinked several times.


Arche was completely speechless, staring forward, her face turning as red as a cherry tomato.

"That's it, it's time to meet the Fists of God!" Roberdyck came rushing forward with one arm drawn back at the ready to sock the man in the face.

Gallifrey just watched as the man came running up to him, Jack notioned for him not to defend.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, unless you want to lose you arm."

"He's telling the truth! Don't do it!" Arche tried to dissuade her friend from coming any closer with hostile intentions. It was a bad idea for him to come anywhere near him like that.

Roberdyck came to a stop about half way to his target and slowly lowered his arms.

The group was quick to notice that they were now surrounded by the Goblin Troop. Bows and Arrows were all aimed at them. Weapons at the ready.


Behind the Goblins appeared torches being held by villagers who came outside after hearing the shouting. In some way, they had been right to be concerned.

"My education please," Jack tore his arm from her and placed his hand on top of her head, having her fall to her knees on her own.

"I-I have the ability of the All-Seeing-Eyes."

"Oh... Interesting," by the sound of that name for the talent given to her, it appears that she could see the power of other people. Or something along those lines. Though another could assume that she could spy on people as she saw all.

She swallowed the saliva in her mouth hard, nodding, "I can see the tier of other magic casters..."

"Huh, that'd be useful in some capacity, as an Adventurer." His eyes moved to the other three who were currently here. He wondered what brought these people of various professions together.

With his fingers curling in, she could feel his fingernails poking at her scalp. Was he going to kill her now? She closed her eyes, thinking of her little sisters.

Enri came out from behind the Goblins, "Jack!"

He didn't look up from the back of the blonde girl's head when his name was called by someone he was considering a friend. "Yes, Ms Enri?"

"Don't hurt her."

Jack shrugged at this and glanced over his shoulder finally, "This is a personal matter."
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Enri blinked a few times and brought a hand up to her lower lip in concerned thought.

His attention then moved forward to the other three present.

"I'll tell you what. You want her back, go on a quest for me."

Hekkeran stepped forward with his hands up, his arms stretched out slightly. "Easy now. We want her back. What's the quest?" He was clearly nervous, he didn't want anything to happen to her.

"Hunt down and eliminate every member of the Death Cult known as Zurrernorn. If you hunt them all down, I will return her to you. Until then, she is at my mercy."

The three of the members of Foresight just stood there, staring at the man as if dumbfounded by the quest he had given them. This man wanted him to hunt down a dangerous cult which had been turning entire Cities into armies of the undead.

"Is... Is that all?" Hekkeran's eye twitched slightly with mixed feelings of fear and anxiety.

"Oh and tell the Count, the owner of the Citadel will be visiting the Empire sometime in the coming months and to keep watching. The show has only just begun."


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