「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
29 「Benefactiary」
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「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
Author :ZGearCecil
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29 「Benefactiary」

「Greater Teleportation」

In his normal attire, a double breasted tunic, leather boots and black armored pants. He stood there in the middle of the streets busy streets of Arwintar. His eyes tracing over the peasants, commoners and wealthy moving about their daily routines.

Carts, carriages and people walking everywhere. His eyes rested upon the path to a mansion which was to his right. His eyes moving over towards the fencing which had the Furts name engraved up on it.

It was an adorable looking mansion that looked as if it had been long since abandoned and fallen into disrepair. A frown formed over his lips as he could definitely assume there were no living standards in this time period. Otherwise they would have been removed from the house due to it being unsafe to live in. Especially with their children, who would be taken away by the state due to their money problems and so on.

Letting out a sigh, he glanced over towards a shady figure who was watching the house. He could only assume it was someone to keep watch on the family, as to make sure they didn't run for it.

It was unlikely they would run though. They may be in debt, but what from he could tell, they were more interested in their pride than they were their own lives.

He hated people who were like that. People who would let their pride end their lives, or the lives of others simply because they could.

Letting out a chuckle though, his eyes rested upon two children in second story window playing. They were identical twins. Blond, and they looked like they were having an innocently good time.

His eyes then searched the first floor from where he stood and noted the presence of both Sir Furts and Madame Furts. Nodding to himself, he took note of their apparel. They different were hanging onto a lifestyle they were no longer privileged to have.

Summoning a helmet from his item box, silver with a short blue plume on the top to match his quilted cloak. He made his way down the path, almost marching as if he was in a parade.

However as he was making his way down the path, he was feeling eyes on him. He couldn't make an excuses, he was being flashy at the moment so plenty of people would notice him. Yet these eyes, the way he felt them on himself, he very much knew it was someone familiar. Someone who had been watching him once before and recently. The same eyes from Carne Village.

"Hm..." As he increased the pace of his movements, he came to a stop as he made it half way up the path and narrowed his vision on a single figure coming out the front door.

It was an older man with grey hair. He was dressed as a magic caster or some sort of old time wizard. He had this long beard and hair that almost seemed to be alive because it was so long. Even as he stood still it moved on its own.

"Some sort of sage...?" Jack spoke quietly to himself before silently casting 「Greater Identification」.

Immediately he learned who the man was. It was Fluder, someone who he now recognized as a father figure and Guardian to the Emperor of this country. However with their eyes now meeting, it was clear who was more interested in who. Fluder was much more interested in him, but was extremely surprised to see the man standing there in the pathway before him.

"Should've looked before jumping," Jack went to turn away, only for the man to shout...

"Wait! Young Sir!"

Judging by Fluder background, and his written character biography, they were about the same age. Though at the same time, his mind wasn't as old as his supposed body.

Turning his head to look at the old man's serious and wrinkled face, he hardly gave any expressive thought away. He just stared at him coldly with his sapphire blue eyes which emanated its usual strange glow. "How can I help you, old man?"

The old man padded his way over with all the grace and wisdom his age had brought him. When he finally stood in front of the diagonally angled Jack, he raised a brow.

"Why are you here at the Furts household? Does it have anything to do with young Arche?"

"Hm... So you've been informed," Jack uttered as he looked over the old man, before attempting to walk passed him.

"Is this the promised visit?" Fluder asked as he glanced over his shoulder towards the much younger looking man. He was curious, just why was he here all of a sudden?

"I'm not here, Fluder. I'd like you to keep it that and... If you don't mind... Stop looking at Carne Village. If you don't, I don't know what I'll do." He sounded ominous, but also very playful before facing the mansion once more and walking towards it. Brushing his shoulder against Fluder as he passed by.

The man stood there absently as he listened to his footsteps. He didn't feel like a human being using magic sense, he also wasn't a traditional undead. All he could sense from him was a massive amount of energy and a heteromorphic form.

As he heard, or in this case, didn't hear his footsteps anymore as they faded away the moment he got to the door. Fluder turned his head to look at the mansion and he was gone. The door hadn't even opened.

"What on ea--" Fluder froze as he watched Sir Flurts in a panic, running passed the window. Suddenly blood sprayed across the room, decorating the room, as the Madame's head was airborne.

He was slaughtering her family?! The children!

Charging forward, he believed the man wouldn't harm him. So he believed he was safe from the slaughter. So as he entered the mansion, his eyes rested on the dead Butler by the stairs. Decapitated in the same fashion as the Madame.

As he crept into the common room, his eyes laid upon the Sir Furts. His hands, and his head were cut from his body. Rested on the windowsill facing away from the city at large. Yet the young man he had believed entered, was no where to be seen.

"Ci-Cipher?" Fluder knew the man's name from his intelligence gathering through the use of divination magic and other surveillance techniques. On top of that there was a mole in the Kingdom that fed their Empire information and his name came from Gazef.

Hearing a squeak from upstairs followed by bouts of giggling, he looked to the ceiling and rushed to the stairs. Moving around the butler, he moved to a room which was cracked just partially open.

He came up to the door and peered in, the light from the window shining in on his eye. Yet he was able to see clearly in the room. Two identical little girls were singing and dancing around the tall six foot figure. They didn't appear to have any idea what had happened downstairs.

That and it didn't seem like Jack was at all covered in blood from his recently killed.
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"Are you really a friend of Dear Sister?" The girls were obviously excited as he squatted down to their level. They both moved to be in front of him, to get a good look at his face.

"Oooo, pretty eyes..." They were quick to observe and admire his unusual, but tasteful, features.

Placing his hands on the top of their heads, he ruffled their short blond hair, causing them to giggle wildly. His hands were soft, as if he had never laid a hand on a weapon before.

"Hehe~ Dear Sister Dear Sister~"

Fluder pursed his lips observing his behavior. He killed the parents and it looked like he was taking the children? Wait... He identified himself as a friend of Arche's? Didn't he take her hostage?

The old mage thought to himself in silence as he watched the interactions.

"Yes, yes I am." He continued to pet the tops of their heads. Luring them closer within the spans of his arms. "She wants you to come live with her in a village, where she can take care of you."

Fluder's eyes widened hearing a bit of this until he noticed Jack was looking over his shoulder with a grin of his own. Instinctively he took a step back from the door, temporarily losing sight of the room before peering back in and he was gone. There was no life in that room. The girls, they were gone. So were all their things, leaving no proof of them ever being there.

The only thing in the room however seemed to be a small box.

Wandering in, he glanced around the room. He had even taken the beds, toys, personal belongings and several of the luxuries that had been on display in the room.

Kneeling down to the box though, he reached out and picked it up. Observing it before popping the top off and peering inside. "Exquisite..." He stared at the contents which were in the box. It was a single Resurrection Wand and a jar of Cherry Preserves labelled in English rather than the native tongue of this world.

A single note accompanied these two items, which stated, "Burn the house would you? Make it look like the entire family perished. I have a shitty corrupt Kingdom to conquer. Have fun! Bye now!"

"Doesn't seem to be friends with the government of the Re-Estize Kingdom, now does he..." The old man found himself laughing to himself. He was going to conquer their rival? Did that mean he was an ally or was that claim of coming to visit a threat? Or was he asking for the approval of the Baharuth Empire should he take over the Kingdom? There were many ways this could go, but either way, if he could get his hands on the knowledge this man possessed... It would make him even more powerful, as he had opened his eyes to an entirely new level of magic.

It had only been a half hour or so, maybe forty five minutes since he had left. That's when Jack would reappear in the house he had once left Arche after declaring he was going to take the Kingdom.

Suddenly the house was filled with the mad giggles of two little girls climbing up onto the bed and pouncing their dumbfounded older sibling.

"Dear Sister! Dear Sister!" They seemed to chant, climbing on her, burying themselves into her robes and sturdy clothes she had been wearing for several days straight now.

Arche just stared at him bewildered with what he had done. "You... Actually... Went off to save my sisters?" She had her arms absently wrapping around the two little blond girls known as Kuuderika and Ureirika. "What about my parents?"

Kuuderika wore a blue dress, while her sister Ureirika wore a reddish pink dress. They were too busy holding onto their sister who had been gone for a while now, to really pay attention to what the two were talking about. Though it also appeared that they didn't really care as long as they were here with their older sibling.

"They won't be looking for them and they won't be needing your money, for as much as anyone knows, the entire immediate family died in a fire. Should Fluder do his job..."

Arche blinked a few times when he mentioned the name of her Magic Teacher from the Imperial Academy of Magic. "You know Fluder?"

"He was in the house when I stopped by, he even asked about you, though I surmise he was trying to learn more about me than he actually wanted to about you..." His head lulled to the side slightly as he was feeling a bit lax for the time being, as he knew that Fluder was as thirsty for knowledge as the most conniving Lich. He could be easily used for his own purposes.


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