「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
30 「Word to the Wise」
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「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
Author :ZGearCecil
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30 「Word to the Wise」

One more day to go and he'd be on his way to the Royal Capital of the Re-Estize Kingdom to meet with the Six Noble Families and their Royal Masters. So he believed he would have to spend his days here in the village in a way that he could only approve of.

Standing beside Ninya in front of the graves of their friends, and the empty grave of his sister, he kept his hands folded behind his back. HIs blue plume moving about with the wind.

"What's with the helmet?" She asked in a quiet humble tone, looking at him from the corner of her eye. She needn't turn her head to look at him as he had the sun at his side.

Sniffling slightly, she could feel his warm gaze upon her.

"I visited our hostage's family estate and saved her sister's from a life of slavery and an early grave."

"Our hostage?" Ninya's voice cracked as he had tried to involve her in the whole blackmailing of Arche's team and taking her into custody. "Don't involve me in that you goof. Just rude."

"Eh," Jack tamely shrugged at the fact that it was rude to involve her in such a thing. "Anyways, have you tried out casting magic, I'm sure you know quite a few more spells. Yeah?"

Ninya blinked several times before nodding, "I cleansed the cemetery with a holy ward, I didn't know I could use that spell until it suddenly came to mind..."

Jack slowly nodded at this thinking, she probably got that from the Third Seat of the Black Scripture.

Now he was beginning to wonder, what would happen if he had someone drink all of these potions he had gotten. He continued to think to himself as the two of them just stood there for a little bit.

"Do you like music?"

"Like.. Singing? A Bard's Tale?"

"Yes and no, kind of." Jack chuckled a little as he looked over at her thinking about what he could share with her. Before the Servers shutdown, he had an entire collection of Twenty First Century musics in his jukebox, an item which allowed players to insert their own music into the game and listen to it as they played. It was essentially a virtual MP3 player with speakers.

"Hmm..." She finally turned her head towards him, squinting her lashes to shield her eyes from the sun.

Reaching into his item box, he pulled out an item that looked similar to that of an iPod, an item which was considered well off obsolete and a collectors item by the year 2138. He clicked the center button and the screen lit up with the YGGDRASIL Music splash screen.

Leaning closer to him, her shoulder pressing into his side as she rested her cheek on his arm. Her gaze traced the glowing corners of the screen in amazement. "What do those letters mean? Is that a magic item?"

"It says YGGDRASIL Music, it's the name of the Operating System for the device."

"Operating System...?"

"It's magic," Jack didn't feel like explaining how a computer worked, let alone what an operating system was to someone who didn't know what a computer was in the first place. It was just easier to say it was a magical item then to say a scientific marvel.


As he pressed the center button again, the Splash screen disappeared and an image of armored women on the backs of flying horses appeared.

The moment the sound of Richard Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" sounded, the sides of Ninya's head began to tingle pleasurably from the sudden stimulation. She had never heard an orchestra before, so this alone was amazing to hear.

"Is it some sort of recording, and playback, magic item?" Ninya asked as she looked up at him then back to the device, resting on him even more listening to it.

Aura who was sitting, hidden, in a tree could hear the music from where she sat. Only to glance down and see the two of them together looking at a device.

"Hohoho~" Moving into a squatting position, she hopped down from the tree as the music played and landed several feet away from them at the bottom of the trunk. "What kinda music are you two listening to?" She seemed excited, squealing a bit, as she quickly took onto their position.

Glancing over towards Aura who was coming to them, Jack raised a brow, "Classical from the… Nineteenth Century." He said with a light nod.

"Nineteenth Century?" Ninya looked up at him not aware of the calendar system that was used on Earth, let alone the Commons Era or Christian Era.

"I'll explain later," Jack said as he moved his arm around her head, in a hug, so she could rest her head against his chest.

Her eyes softened from the excitement as she could hear the oh so faint beating of his heart, even though the beating of his heart was entire simulated by his magic. She couldn't tell the difference between this and the real thing despite it not being as loud as a normal heart. It was soothing either way.

Aura watched them closely, before creeping on up to them and peering at the device in his hand.

The words present were in one of the many languages belonging to the Supreme Beings. Though it wasn't Japanese, at least not this song. "What's the name, what's the name~!?"

"Hm? It's called the Ride of the Valkyries," he smiled quietly at her curiosity, "Valkyries are Female Warrior Spirits who choose whom is slain and lives during battle." He added some context considering there weren't any such beings in the game, or in this world, for as far as he knew. "Essentially they're Angels of Death who take women as their hosts."

Aura laughed a bit at this, her eyes were excited just by the explanation of what Valkyries were.

Ninya didn't really mind the presence of the little Dark Elf which was there. Though she was curious of where it came from. "So... Who are you?" Who blue eyes centered on the two different colored eyes that looked right back up at her.

"Aura Bella Fiora!" Aura shot up two thumbs up in an awkward, but typical, stance of hers. "Friend of Jack, I serve Ainz-sama."

"That's a pretty name," Ninya complimented her before looking up towards Jack. She was worried on the inside, not quite the out. It could be seen in her eyes from the mention of the Overlord. However he shook his head slightly, dismissing the need to worry, which caused her to smile a bit more as she'd return her attention to Aura.

"I thank you in place of my creator!" She bowed with one hand under her abdomen before standing straight back up again, childishly and full of zeal.

Despite the girl's alignment, Ninya was assuming this child-like Elf was someone to cherish. She even saw a little of herself in the girl, due to the fact she dresses and acts like a boy.

"It's Time!" Bukubukuchagama's voice erupted from the watch on the wrist of Aura.

"Bukubukuchagama's voice?" Jack immediately narrowed his eyes on the girl's watch, which belonged to Ainz. He was curious of why she had it.

"Yes~! Anyways, Imma go get me some lun--"

"How about you join us? I have some mixed meat patties and curly fries, or preserves for a sandwich." He'd snicker quietly seeing her eyes immediately going wide the moment he had said he had mixed meat patties for burgers.

"How'd you..."

"I read your profile, amongst other things."

"Profile?" Ninya was getting confused with this whole creator thing and now the word profile. It was as if this little Elf was created by someone with other means than natural birth.

Aura smiled from ear to ear and posed her upper body to the side slightly while looking up at the tall man. Just what did he mean by amongst other things? Her arms were positioned like that of an arrow's points by her sides.

Her eyes then wandered over to the Headstones which were here and was drawn back to the idea that Ainz, or Momonga, had a mausoleum of the other supreme beings. Her eyes rested on however the grave marked as Eve Graham, once again with the Language of the Supreme Beings written beneath the name. "What does that say?"

"Beloved little sister and lost hope."

Aura froze for a moment. Little sister? She took a step forward before noticing the pebbles on each of the headstones. Was it a custom of the Supreme Beings to do this? She had no idea. She didn't disturb the pebbles at all.

"Your little sister?" Aura asked before looking over towards him, frowning for one of the few times she had since her arrival in this world beside her Guild Master Ainz.

A sharp breath escaped his nose, "Yes," his right lower lid also twitched as he said this. "Losing her was the reason why I came to YGGDRASIL in the first place. So she's also the reason I'm here now."

"..." Aura and Ninya rested their eyes on the lonely marked tombstone which overlooked an empty casket. "Do you regret staying?" Aura asked as she knew only Ainz remained while the other Supreme Beings had left them behind.

"I don't. I only had my work and YGGDRASIL." Jack had this scary absent look in his eyes, but it quickly subsided as his fingers intertwined with and curled into the fabric of Ninya's cloak.

"You keep saying YGGDRASIL and work as separate things, it sounds kinda weird..." Ninya laughed a bit as she looked up at him again. "Isn't this YGGDRASIL the place you came from?"

Her question was just met with a shrug.

"Preserves?" Aura bounced in front of them, "I heard from Narberal Gamma they're really sweet!"

"Time for lunch then!" Jack announced as he lead the two girls off towards a clearing where no building had been built yet. It appeared the lot was being used to create a park for children and leisurely strolls for the elderly.

Once they were there, he released his arm from around Ninya and pulled out what looked like a blue checkered picnic blanket and rested it down on the ground. Then he took out a basket filled with foods and placed it on the ground.

"Oooo~" Aura flopped onto the blanket, it was thick and soft and easy to sit on. Or in this case, lay upon. Her eyes locked on the basket before her eyes wandered over towards Jack who was talking a few feet away before taking out a pole and stuffing it into the ground. "What'cha doin'?" The elf would chime before watch as he took out a small grill and attached it to the pole.

"Preparing some mixed meat Salisbury Steaks," He took out some charcoal from his item box and tossed several handfuls into the grill before lighting it with a low-tier fire spell. A few seconds later, he plopped four grade A ground pork and beef Salisbury Steaks which he had prepared for an occasion such as this.

Ninya's eyes watched the flames as they danced under the seasoned meat.

The two of them could already taste the meat on the air, their mouths watering as an effect.

"Please, enjoy the basket while I work on these."

Within fifteen minutes he had made four medium rare Salisbury Steaks and had them served on premium china as he placed them down on the blanket.

Ninya and Aura were munching on plain bagels lathered in the different preserves which had been in the basket, as well as various picked vegetables. The preserves were sweeter than any other fruit she had in this world.

"What fruits did you use?"

"The ones from the Orchard on the Tenth subterranean Floor," he responded as he looked over her for a few moments before biting into the steak he picked up with three of his fingers. The juices were dripping, along with the semi-dried on gravy.

"Delicious!" Aura giggled and held the meat up in the air. Though it wasn't technically gourmet food prepared like it was in the Tomb of Nazarick, it was clearly high grade in flavor.

"So what did you do for work?" Ninya asked as she was chewing her food, she was curious about his background a bit more than before. She knew about his sister, how emotional he got when he thought about her. But what did he do before he came here, to the Re-Estize Kingdom?

"Hacker and Program Developer."

Ninya's head tilted to the side slightly, completely confused by both terms used.

"Hacking, making things do tasks they weren't normally meant to. As a Program Developer, I developed things… Like the music device's operating system, which tells it how to work."

Ninya nodded slowly at this, understanding to some degree before biting into the steak again.

"I'll show you my Guild Weapon when we go to the Capital."

Aura smiled as she was lulling her head side to side, humming happily to herself before pursing her lips forward in curiosity. Still having traces of her smile, she asked, "You're going to the Capital?"

"I was summoned by the King, apparently."

"Ooh? So why did you lock Demiurge out of the Village?" She laughed a bit, "He's pretty bitter."

Jack grinned widely hearing that the Arch-Devil was bitter about being locked out of the Village. He was pretty much the only one who would have a hard time getting in, if he could at all.
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"He may act on Ainz's interests, but not always on his behalf. The last thing he'd want is for me to kill Demiurge for hurting or experimenting on one of the villagers."

Aura's face darkened slightly, though she understood why he said such a thing, she didn't like the fact that Jack could speak of killing her fellow Guardian so casually. Jack appeared to cherish the Villagers and humans as much as Ainz cherished his own Guardians. Even though they were lesser life forms.

"Sorry, my tongue slipped." Jack sincerely apologized with his eyes partially closed as he kept his gaze on the little elf which was staring through him from the other side of the blanket.

Momonga was seated there on his King Throne within the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Listening to the conversation through the watch on Aura's wrist. His eyes weren't lit as usual as he was intently listening in.

The Overlord saw the truth behind his words. He knew Demiurge's personality, how he acted when he had to take down his own Guardian, Shalltear Bloodfallen.

"It seems you're mistaken," His eyes lit back up as his sights rested on the Arch-Devil in the bright red suit and eye glasses. "Hm… There is no treachery here… He just doesn't like you."

"Ainz-sama... Why would such a wise being speak the truth to an underling not of his own?"

Momonga didn't want to believe nor think that his new ally who had joined their Guilds together in a pact, was plotting against him. If he thought in that fashion rather than keeping his objectivity, it might just be him who betrays Jack and destroys what they've been building so far.

"It would be foolish to provoke him if we have no need to do so. Jack is sentimental and has full access to his emotions. He may be a heteromorphic being, but he is also a living being."

"As, as expected of Ainz-sama. Showing mercy to a fellow Supre--"

"It would have taken him several seconds to kill Bloodfallen with a single spell." Momonga was referring to the super high tier spell known as Assimilate, which would not only have taken a vital Guardian's prowess, but turned her into Experience for someone else to take on.

Even then, that meant that Momonga would be able to resurrect her, and Jack could do it again and again as many times as he could afford once a month.

"..." Demiurge was surprised by this news. Even though the entire Tomb had been disappointed in Bloodfallen being mind controlled, they knew Ainz couldn't even do that.

For the time being, they didn't even know he had used assimilate. So they believed if they had him surrounded, he'd just use it to take out the Guardians. Use them as fuel, and destroy Ainz completely.

Provoking him, like the Supreme Being who stayed behind said, would be a bad idea.

"Demiurge, What do you know about the summoning he had been given by the King?"

"It's very limited information, Ainz-sama. An Adamantite Adventurer Party and an Envoy from the Princess was sent out to fetch him. So far he's trapped them in a magic box for pestering him, and when they were released, one of them assaulted him. He returned the favor, destroying their mask and the hood of their robe, while also mutilating their hair."

Nodding slowly, Momonga looked to the ceiling, he began thinking to himself until he heard Demiurge clear his throat.

"I also have something else to Report, Ainz-sama."


"He went to the Baharuth Empire for precisely forty five minutes, where we lost track of him. It appears he returned with two children. From what I was able to hear, he murdered the parents."

"..." Momonga was rather curious about this report. Why was he there? What exactly did he do? Who were these children he brought back. "Perhaps I shall visit Carne Village, as the Dark Hero, Momon to learn more."

"As you say, Wise Leader."


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