「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
31 「Late Night Visit」
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「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
Author :ZGearCecil
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31 「Late Night Visit」

Eyes wide, hyperventilating from her nose. A cold sweat trickled down the side of Arche's neck. Her expressionless doll-like face seemed to calm the moment she saw the room empty except for the two warm bodies of her sisters curled up at either side of her.

It was night time.

She let out a quiet sigh as she felt up her clothes. They were still there.

She had a nightmare, or a dream. She couldn't tell which. However it was clear she didn't have a pleasant one. Her hands reached down to the skirting of her robes before curling around the hemming.

With a click and the sound of the bedroom door sliding open, her eyes shot up to lock onto the sapphire glow which was glaring right back at her.

"Hm… Are you alright?" It was Jack's voice, no one else's.

A small smile tugged her lips, but as her mind went back to the dream, her face turned red. She immediately averted her vision, looking to her sleeping sisters to some comfort.

Raising a brow at this, Jack would walk over towards the bed, reading each tell tale signs of what could have gone on in her head.

"It's… It's nothing," she with a strange shyness about her, every step he took towards her, she shrank deeper into the territory of the bed. "Why'd you come here at this hour?"

"I came to increase the range of the restriction spell I cast on you so that you can join them outside when they play tomorrow." He said with a light nod before snapping his fingers. For a brief moment, the room filled with an explosion of green and blue sparkling lights before they faded out of existence.

It would remind one of fireworks, from a better time, just without the loud banging sensation that would quake the ground.

"Th-thank you." Arche briefly sucked in and chewed on her lower lip, "C-can I ask you something?"

"Speak freely, Arche."

"What are your plans… After you take Re-Estize?"

"Move the Capital Here and make Carne Village into a City. Probably rename it though, Carne City... Doesn't really fit the bill, does it?"

Arche smiled slightly at this as her face seemed to cool down, the redness still leaving a tinge of pink on her face from the blush. "And your plans for me? I'm indebted to you..."

Jack's eyes immediately followed her arms down to the fingers which were curled over the rim her skirting. Then traveled to her bare feet, her little toes. The girl was petite, smol, fun-sized. There were many ways to describe her height and how adorable she was.

"With your talents, I wish for you to become my disciple alongside Ninya. If more should become of it, only time will tell. For the time being, you two will be my right hands as you garner my trust."

"I...I see." Arche looked around for a moment before looking back to Jack, "Where is Ninya? Isn't this her room?" She was curious, he was living in this house up until yesterday from what she could remember.

"She's asleep, in my study within the Citadel."

As he spoke of the massive building, her eyes shifted to the window. "Your study?"

"The top floor. It has my collection of books and knowledge from the previous world I hail from."

"Previous World..." Arche turned her sights back to him as she looked him over. A being such as he with such a high prowess in Magic and even physical attribute, came from another world. Part of her wasn't even surprised with that. She could only imagine the legendary magics that an individual could use at his tier. Tales of traveling to other planes of existence to her weren't just works of fiction. It was the study of some Liches, even Sorcerers at the Academy.

"Are there others like you?"

"The Four Great Gods, they came from the same place as I. Same with the Slane Theocracy's Six, and the Eight Kings of Greed that conquered the known World. They all came from the same place… Even some of the Thirteen Heroes, though much weaker."

Slowly Arche nodded before looking to the window again. Staring out at the Citadel as it was silhouetted by the moon. "And the one known as Ainz Ooal Gown, proclaimed first time savior of the Carne Village and Benefactor."

"Which one of you came here first?"

"He did, some hours or so before I." Jack huffed through his nose as he sat on the side of the bed, looking out towards the Citadel as well. "I taught him how to read and write."

Arche looked over at him with both of her brows raised hearing him brag about that one certain fact. "Seriously?"

"Seriously." Jack gave a light laugh before glancing towards the two children sleeping on the bed. Their soft breathing, the limp smiles on their faces. "They adore you so..."

Arche sighed as she joined him, gazing over her little sisters sleeping forms. "They do, don't they..."

"Anyways, since it appears you were having a bad dream, I have a little something for you." Taking out a few strange white capsules from his item box, he held them out to her. "Melatonin, derived from local Fungus and Seeds. It'll help you sleep. Just take one though, taking more can give you nausea if you take too many with your weight."

Blinking a few times, she nodded as she gave the capsules a good one over before taking one of them from his hand. The surface of the pill was glossy, it was plastic, a manufactured substance.

When she looked back up at him for assurance, she found him now holding an ice cold glass of water for her to drink with it.

Reaching out her hand, her fingers almost stuck to the glass and she gasped. "So cold..." She exclaimed before taking it and sipping the water. It was refreshing. She then popped the time release capsule into her mouth and gulped down the water with it.

Letting out a relieved puff of air from her mouth, she handed him the empty glass. "Thank you."

He nodded slightly before putting the glass back into his inventory. "If you see someone else with a tier as high as mine. Try not to react."

Blinking up at him as he told her not to react to someone as strong as him, she could only open her mouth slightly.

"Your talent could be perceived as a threat."

"A… Threat?"

"How often is this Ainz Ooal Gown sighted?"

He had a point. Ainz Ooal Gown was hardly ever sighted in public, as opposed to the arrival of a new Adventurer that everyone is talking about named Momon who came about around the last same couple of weeks. So if Ainz was hiding or masquerading as someone else, she could easily blow his cover, so it would be promptly probable that he'd have her eliminated.

That and the reason why he was saying this was because, Aura's watch was acting like a double agent. While it relayed information to Ainz, it was also relaying the information from his side directly to Jack.

He knew Momon was coming tomorrow, the day he was to leave for the Capital.

Yawning and stretching her arms, Arche took another look over the uniform he was wearing and the armor he wore on top of it. Her eyes then rested on his lips. Unlike most men, they weren't dried or chapped. They looked well maintained, same with pretty much every aspect of his physical well being.

"How often do you bath?" She abruptly asked as she looked him over, not being able to see a spec of dirt on him whatsoever.

"I use Sanitation Magic."


"I developed it myself. Here, allow me" Holding a hand out towards her with his palm a few centimeters from her face he recited the spell.

"Triple Magic「Improve Hygiene」"

The grime and dirt in her hair vanished, it was no longer greasy. Her hair seemed to shine more valiantly that way in the moonlight. Her clothes were clean, her toes, there was no dirt under nails. As she felt her lips, they were soft and moist. She was entirely speechless.

As she turned to look at her sisters, they were the same. Clean, their dresses without a single grass stain and their hair was more fluffy than she could remember them ever being.

Quickly facing him again, she blinked several times. "How often do you do that?"
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Shrugging, he chuckled a little to himself. "I prefer a hot shower, but whenever I'm outside I tend to do it in order to avoid looking dirty."

"Ooooh? Wait… Hot water?" She seemed to have starry eyes now hearing about hot water and a shower, she could only assume what it was.

"Heh. There's a public bath, take your sisters tomorrow if you will."

Gladly nodding at this, she would slowly lay back down on the bed, running her hair through the closest twin. "Thank you… Again."

Jack just nodded slowly before shifting off the side of the bed and vanishing from sight without another word. And suddenly she felt empty, lonely. Her eyes rested on the stop where the man whom she was once conversing with had sat.



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