「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
32 「Mornin“ Neighbor」
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「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
Author :ZGearCecil
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32 「Mornin“ Neighbor」

The morning sun looked down upon the world. The day was warm, sunny, the sky was clear. The grass waved gently with the breeze that carried the smell flowers and the smell of an early breakfast. A light fragrance also greeted the air, lavender, it was lavender. Someone had lit incense.

Wandering up to the front gate of the massive wall that surrounded Carne Village, Momonga stared up at the canopy above the gate. Then his eyes trailed along the exterior of the wall, noting the long cannons and multiple defenses against those who could climb the wall. The intruders who had visited the Village must've been skilled to get passed them, that or they had been allowed to enter on purpose.

"Momon-sama," Nabe took hold of his attention as she called for his name.

Turning to give her a glance, he watched as she gestured ahead to the gate as it was beginning to open, causing the large metal hinges to squeal excitedly.

Standing before them on the opposite side of the gate, was none other than Jack.

"Welcome to Carne Village, Momon and Nabe. It's a pleasure to see you again, in person." His eyes rested on Momon for a few moments before turning away from them, gesturing for them to come in.

Nabe closed her eyes and bowed her head slightly, but kept her sharpness about her.

Momon and Nabe moved as a unit into the Gates, watching above as there were NPCs operating chains, closing the gate behind them once they were clear.

Ninya and Arche were standing to the side, where Jack soon joined them. The two blonde girls were dancing around the trio. Though the moment they saw the duo approach, they attempted to wrap themselves in their sister's cape.

"Oh?" Momon seemed happy to see the children, even chuckled a bit at their shyness to the stranger in full armor.

Ninya gave a slight wave, "Hey Momon-san." She smiled seeing a comrade she had connected with not too long ago. It was in a way, a pleasure to see him.

"Ninya," Momon nodded to her, then moved his eyes over towards Arche. She was a new face. She must be the intruder, but she didn't look like she was being held hostage. She looked free.
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"This is Arche," he gestured towards the girl who stood to his left. "She's a member of a former Noble Family in the Baharuth Empire, and a former student of the Imperial Magic Academy."

"And the children?"

"These are my sisters!" She immediately spoke up, "Ureirika and Kuuderika. It's a pleasure to meet you, Momon-san." She appeared to gesture towards each of her sisters as she introduced them one after the other.

Momon was quick to notice the absence of expression on the girl's face. She reminded him of a fragile and delicate doll. His eyes drifted over to Jack who was standing between the women.

Was it just him or was he recreating his guild with humans from the New World? Surrounding himself with two other women, could he be fond of them?

Momon was growing curious of what was going on here. First he had advanced towards Ninya, and he had even egged him on. Now he had two people at his side. Of course though, he wasn't going to ask about their relationships. Just thinking about asking, reminded him of Lukrut and ironically it was an effective deterrent.

He let out a sigh.


Nabe looked over towards Momonga, curious of the sigh.

"You're going to the royal Capital today, correct?"

"So you know," Jack chuckled as he tilted his head to the side.

Momon scoffed slightly, "I have ears Jack, plenty of them."

"We all do," Jack retorted with a slick tone as he looked to the peerless sky.

"Are you planning something by any chance?" He'd ask, not seeing any of the villagers until he glanced up towards the fortress and noted the chatter and the smell of food from the courtyard. It seemed everyone up there was having a good time, eating and talking to one another.

They were celebrating more than just the deaths of the Adventurers, but also their friends and family.

"You know. A little of this, and a little of that." Jack teased his ally, folding his hands over his pelvis region as he casually gazed over them.

Momon would be grinning, if he wasn't naturally doing so. "A friend of mine is staying in the Capital," he was referring to Sebas, "I'm sure he can accommodate you during your stay."

After being hearing that he might be planning something from Demiurge, he had no choice but to make some assumptions. So he wanted him somewhere he could watch him, and have someone report on him.

"That's nice of you, and your friend. I might take him up on that," Jack had seen Sebas at least once before during the Game World. He thought he looked like a Badass. Now he could only assume what he's like in person now that he was sentient and alive.

"How thoughtful," Ninya smiled more as she didn't see through the true intent of the man who she could only assume was a friend that meant no harm. Though there really was no harm, Momon just wanted to keep tabs on him and his.

Glancing over towards the fortress once more as he heard a familiar groan of plreasure, Momon narrowed his sights on a pair of Dark Elves exiting the courtyard and walking down the long flight of stairs. A sweat-drop forming in the back of his bald skull.

His own Guardians were here eating the food!?


Raising a brow, Ninya's smile frowned slightly and turned into a little bit of concern, "Something wrong?" Her eyes followed the direction of his helmet and rested her sights on Aura and Mare. "Surprised to see the Dark Elves? They're cute."

Momon turned his head to look at Jack once more, he couldn't argue with the words Ninya had used, but he didn't verbally agree. He brushed it off. "No," he said before hearing someone hooting, he recognized the voice almost immediately.

It couldn't have been anyone else but Lupusregina Beta herself. She loved food, that was for sure and while she was sure to have that cheery personality. She was indeed a sadist.

Nabe watched the brown-skinned beauty athletically and impatiently making her way down the steps of the fortress. Her long braided red hair bouncing as she did so. She was still in her maid outfit and following behind her were some of the homunculi maids and even CZ2I28 Delta from Nazarick were coming down after her. Each of them had plates or bowls in their hands with good piled on it. Amongst them was Pestonya.

"When did they..."

"Aura told them about the food I prepared, Pestonya wanted to try it in order to be able to replicate it in Nazarick." Jack chuckled smugly as it appeared he had gathered the attention of Momon's more humanoid looking subordinates. Though Pestonya didn't seem at all to appear human as she was a dog with a humanoid body. It freaked quite a few people out, but at the same time, it was quick to get used to. At least for Jack when he first saw her and the villagers who are getting used to the nonhumans of the Citadel.

"I see.." Momon before his eyes flashed over towards the two girls, noticing he spoke of the Great Tomb right in front of them without reservation. Yet, they didn't seem at all confused. They knew, or at least had an idea.

In reality, Arche had tried no to hurl the moment she laid eyes on Momon. She also tried extremely hard not to react to the massive amount of magic energy he gave off. It wasn't something she was used to whatsoever even though she was hanging around Jack since this morning.

"Would you like to visit their graves?"

Momon was quiet for a second before subtly nodding.

The seven of them proceeded to make their way over to the graves and came to a stop in front of them.

Momon watched as Jack walked closer to each of the grave markers and placed a pebble on each one of them. He if he had eyelids, he'd blink several times seeing this. His eyes turned to look at him, recognizing the religion which was being emulated here.

The majority of Japan's population were practitioners of Shinto or Buddhism, while less than ten percent followed other religions such as the western Abrahamic religions.

As he thought back to Japan, he knew at least one person with jewish heritage who genuinely ignored it. They were also one of the few non-Japanese who lived in Japan. "You told me your name before..."

"And it didn't ring a bell?"

Momon tilted his head to the side the best he could with the helmet on. "Did I meet you outside of YGGDRASIL?"

"I was working in Information Technologies when I first came to Japan."

"Japan?" Ninya and Arche both looked at them, confused by all the terms and names of places that have been used. Neither of them knew what they were talking about.

Nabe appeared to smile for at least two seconds before it faded back to her normal sharp expression. She had the pride to know some of what they were talking about, and saw the lesser ones as losers whom were left out of the loop.

Momon caressed the 'chin' of his helmet, "Oh."

Several hours had gone by as they talked back and forth.

Momon was able to tell that for the time being, Jack could be trusted. He didn't seem to have any intent to go against him or the Great Tomb of Narazick. Which was much to his own pleasure, than it was anyone else's. The last thing he needed right now in a world he barely understood, was super-powered enemy that could take him on with a frontal assault and likely win.

That and he learned he actually met him a few times at work himself, the only European salary man once working in the same place he did.

However out of everything, he was quick to catch onto the idea that Jack was planning on taking over the Kingdom they were currently working out of. Judging by how he was acting, he planned on manipulating the minds of those within the Royal Palace, or at least their ambitions.

Of course it appeared only one of the companions were aware of this, or at least that is how it seemed. Arche had an idea of what he was going to do, Ninya probably only had a hint.

It was approaching the late afternoon, the Blue Roses were making their way over towards Momon and Nabe, along with Jack and Ninya.

Arche, seeing the team of women along with Climb making their way over, had taken her sisters and moved back to the house in the village to get them ready for supper.

Within a couple minutes the group were standing in a semi-circle in front of the four others.

"It's time to go, Jack." Lakyus said as she had her arms crossed before glancing over towards Momon and Nabe. They were the third Adamantite Adventurer group to rise up in the Kingdom. "You must be the Adventurers of Darkness, pleasure to meet you. We're the Blue Roses. What's your business here?"

Momon looked over at the woman with the Warrior Priestess Getup and 'cleared' his throat. "Uh.. Huh. Jack has hired us to protect the Village in his absence."

The Blue Roses stared at the group for a few moments before looking towards the armaments of the wall and even the citadel itself, before looking at the party known as Darkness. Who or what needed protection here? This whole place was fortified to the gills! They had cannons! Whatever those were...

"And offered to demonstrate Tenth Tier Magic."

"That's speak of Myth," Lakyus scoffed, not believing even an abnormality such as Jack could do such a thing. Well that was before looking over to Jack who was wearing a serious expression and her disbelief slowly drained into an endless abyss.



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