「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
33 「PriceOfAPrince」
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「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
Author :ZGearCecil
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33 「PriceOfAPrince」

"Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?"

"What was that?" Gazef who was standing in front of the Royal Palace Gates with a few members of the Warrior Troop glanced around. The sound of music was filling their ears.

"Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality."

Without warning a purplish blue gate of energy appeared, a portal, where it came from he didn't know! However he was quick to assume it was an enemy attack, likely from the Slane Theocracy. His eyes stared through the gate which swirled around in a circular motion. His hand was rested on the hilt and the other warriors present all did the same.

"Prepare!" Gazef called out and the men obliged, getting ready to draw their weapons should an enemy emerge from the portal.

However before anyone could even lift a finger, there he was. Jack walking out of the Portal with his hands up slightly, music emanating from his very being. Or more so the device sitting in his hand.

Following behind him was Ninya and soon enough the Blue Roses emerged with Climb in the rear.

"Sir Jack!" Gazef laughed aloud, "It's a pleasure to see you again!" He immediately ceased hostilities after recognizing him and reached out a muscular hand to shake Jack's.

Jack shook his as well, the portal closing behind them.

"If you could take a portal back here, what took you so long?" Gazef was friendly as ever, though there was great meaning behind the question. Why would he put off the summons from the King and the Six Noble Families.

"Funeral Customs for my.. Friends..." Jack said with a dull look in his eyes, as if he was trying not to push his emotions out onto the men before him.

Ninya glanced away slightly when Gazef looked over to her. Noticing there was no other silver ranked adventurers with them. A slight frown appeared across his lips as he remembered the faces, no matter how brief, of those he had seen at Carne Village during the Sunlit Operation to assassinate him.

"You have my condolences," Gazef sighed and gestured towards the Castle, before glancing over Jack for a moment. He looked like a warrior with the way he wore that helmet with the armor on his chest and pants. However he was quick to notice a serpentine staff on his back, and a sword at his hip.

He had come armed? Was that really necessary?

Seeing the expression on his face, Jack seemed to smile faintly and shrugged as he turned the music off. "You can't blame me can you?" He made it appear as if he needed these weapons to defend himself against mere mortals, "Considering the state of affairs."

Gazef slowly nodded in agreement. Considering the Nobles already outed Ainz Ooal Gown as a spell caster they wanted to capture and bring under their control. It was clear that Jack would be quite a bit harder to take on, and he was making that clear, even in the face of Royalty.

"Anyways, I'm going to drop off my friend at a place in the residential district, if you don't mind. I'll be right back." He smiled at him for a few moments before turning and putting an arm around Ninya.

「Greater Teleport」
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Appearing in front of the mansion currently being rented out by Sebas and Solution Epsilon.

"I'm.. I'm going to be staying here?" Ninya stared at the house for a few moments before looking back over towards Jack. "It's safe?"

"It is. Sebas is a good person," Jack couldn't comment on Solution. She was a man eating slime and if the woman would dare lay a hand on Ninya or any of his friends and followers, he'd kill her without so much as a bat of the eye.

Ninya smiled hearing him assuring her that the person who lived here was a good person. She turned to look at the house again and laid eyes upon Sebas as he was coming out of the house.

He looked like an old man, but the aura that radiated off of him, made him appear super strong. Which he was actually really strong.

With great stride, the two parties met in the middle of the front lawn belonging to the property. "Lord Jack, Lady Ninya." Sebas bowed his head slightly to them, granting Ninya the title due to her closeness to the Supreme Being of another Guild.

"I.. Am to be staying with you?" She asked as she looked up at the man, before noting another woman waiting at the door. She didn't seem to have the same outward respect as Sebas. It was almost as if she was looking at her in disgust, or as a piece of raw meat. She couldn't tell which one.

"Before I go and report to the castle. Can you… Describe the noble which had taken your older sister? Perhaps I can learn of her whereabouts." His eyes rested upon the girl for a few moments before looking to Sebas who raised a brow.

Minutes later, Jack rematerialized in front of the Gate to the Castle, directly where he had been standing before when he had taken Ninya away with him.

Gazef was there, waiting for him. The Blue Rose group had already gone on ahead, though Climb was also there alongside the man with the Warrior Troop.

"Shall we?" Jack asked as he stood there with his hands at his sides, his thumbs tucked into his belt above the short skirting of the tunic.

Gazef nodded and the three of them made their way in towards the castle. Making their way through the front doors and into the Grand Hall.

"The Nobles are likely going to try and use you to their own advantage."

"I am nobody's tool."

"I figured as much. You don't seem like the type to take being dominated lightly," he appeared to laugh slightly at this.

Jack even managed to chuckle and nod. Freedom was everything to him. Being able to dictate everything about his actions was one of the things that made him strong. And it gave him pride in being free. Without freedom, power meant nothing. One could be the most powerful being in the universe, but once they were under someone else's authority, they were no longer relevant, as their power was in someone else's hands.

"Mind if I turn the music back on?"


"The sound you heard when I first appeared."

"Oh," Garef shrugged as he caressed his chin in thought. "Not that anyone can really stop you." He appeared rather sheepish at that. There would definitely be someone to say something about the music.

Shrugging back at him as he said that no one would really be able to stop him, he was right. No one could stop him from playing music. Even if they asked him to do so or tried to force him, it wouldn't be in their right interests to try.

Soon enough they entered the Throne Room with music blaring, the Royal family to the Right and the Heads of the Six Great Noble Families to the left.

Renner raised a brow at the sound which was coming from the unknown face which entered the room with Gazef. She liked it, the sound, the music. She found her head moving ever so subtly to the beat of "Blood // Water" by Grandson. She found it oddly relevant in some way.

The Crown Prince however was wearing a frown on his lips, the angle of them twitching in annoyance by the sound. It definitely wasn't his taste.

The King seemed entirely indifferent though, as was the youngest Son, the second in line for the throne and also the more competent.

「Greater Identification」

With the silent casting of this spell, he was able to see all the information he needed. Down to the King's bum knee and the horrible personality of those present. Jack wanted to scoff at the company he was now being kept by. This was going to be really horrible, at least that is what he wanted to assume.

While Gazef knelt before his Majesty, Jack just stood there, not showing fealty nor respect as he had none for the man who had failed to reform the nation.

"Kneel before the Kin--" The Crown Prince went to order the man into submission, but was cut off by his own father who raised a hand to promote silence.

"It's alright," the old grey haired man on the throne announced as he looked over Jack. He was young, or at least looked that way. "Are you able to heal my knee?"

The Nobles and the Royal Family were bewildered by the King's question. It wasn't a demand, but a question. He wasn't ordering him to do it, but asking him, to see if he could.

Jack's eyes rested on the old man's knee. He needed a cane to walk around, which had to be annoying, even at his age. He nodded without speaking before raising out a hand. He didn't bother even to step forward or get closer to the man.

「Greater Healing」

A passive green light engulfed the floor of the room, little wisp-like lights danced around the room. And then, it all faded away and everything was back to normal.

The King's mouth was partially open, staring at his knee as he moved it without pain. He stood up and even did a few routine movements with it. No pain, no problems walking. "Cipher was it?"

"Call me Jack, it's what 'friends' do."

Ramposa the Third stared at the man before sitting down calmly in his throne. He had been healed by a man who uttered a simple two words. He had done something no magician under his employ could do. Heal the grave injury he gained in battle during the annual battle with the Baharuth Empire.

Jack's attention however was no longer on the King. Instead he was eying each of the Nobles, viewing their backgrounds, personalities and their affiliations.

Marquis Elias Raeven was an opportunist, patriot, and his primary weakness was his son. He was a major member of the Royal Political Faction as well as its hidden leader. Jack liked his given name and his overall personality. He would likely seem useful in the coming days.

Then there was Marquis Blumrush, which Jack accidentally read off as Bumrush. He was trying not to snicker aloud at this. Though he was quick to find that this man was a greedy and disloyal subject of the King. He was feeding information to the Empire, he was a mole, and apparently a well known one.

Then there was Marquis Pespea, he had a direct connection to the king, Jack didn't like his name, but found that he was a member of the Royal Faction and very influential.

Then there was Margrave, a very mundane common name. His colors reminded him of the Leader of the Blue Roses Warrior Priestess getup. With the bright blues, yellows and orange-reds. He appeared to be the most persuasive and a member of the Royal faction.

Then there was Boullope, Jack didn't even want to call him a Noble or a Marquis for that matter. He was a member of the Noble's faction and a notable individual alongside Blumrush that Jack was planning on purging.

Lastly was Count Lytton, a shameless man who only looks out for himself, while allowing those around him to suffer and not caring at all about it. It seems three of the six were due to be purged. The others could get by depending how he went about assuming control of the country.

Jack brought his eyes right back towards the King before his eyes flickered to Renner, the youngest Princess of the King's children. Climb was now standing beside her, whispering in her ear.

"King of Re-Estize and its people, Six Great Nobles, I may have come here in response to a summons. However I have a personal mission of my own to undertake within the capital," reaching behind his back, he pulled out a piece of parchment. Opening it and displaying it to the people within the room, held right out in front of him, was a sketch of Tuareninya from the shoulders up. "I've been charged with finding this female by her family."

The King rolled his jaw slightly seeing the image. The female was young, beautiful even. Kind of reminded him of his own daughter, Renner, who was standing beside the throne.

Was he helping a commoner? A peasant? Who was this girl?

"She belonged to a small village, where she was… Abducted by a Noble."

The King raised a brow at this. It could be any number of nobles in the country, though that definitely made it easier to find out who could have possibly done this.

"How do we know this isn't some sort of ploy to weaken us against the Baharuth empire?" Marquis Boullope asked, assuming that this mission was to sow chaos between the Nobles and their King. Though it sounded like he was accusing him of being a spy as he slandered the name of Nobility by accusing a noble of abducting a village girl.

Renner was clearly frowning hearing the Marquis speak out in the way he did.

"I heard from the Blue Rose you can use Tenth Tier Magic!" Renner suddenly called out as if to point out how powerful this person was. "Is that true?"

"I used it to summon a portal here to the Capital all the way from Carne Village, Princess." He said with a slight grin across his lips hearing her speak now. While she sounded adorable, she definitely had a messed up personality. One that he could use though, nonetheless.

"Would you be able to demonstrate, for the nobility of course..."

Suddenly the Crowned Prince growled, "Enough of this! Father, you are a fool ruining MY Kingdom, this charade has gone on long enough!" Drawing his blade and without hesitation, moved to stab his father without provocation.

The King Gasped, leaning away from his eldest son.

Gazef went to reach for his sword, but it was going to be too late, the blade was only seconds away. "My King!" he shouted, knowing he wasn't going to make it as he pulled his weapon from the scabbard in order to at least attempt and intercept.

"Triple Magic「Reality Slash」"

Watching as time space was torn asunder, Crown Prince Barbro's hands clattered to the floor along with the sword. Blood sprayed from the wound, staining the side of the King's face. Yet the young man didn't scream, when the King looked up to his son to see why, his head had been split in three. Only his lower jaw still attached to his neck by skin.

Yet delayed, his body finally collapsed to the ground, blood spirting out of his neck.

Renner and her brother Zanac just stood there, staring. That was Tenth Tier magic, a mythical spell. He had torn through him like it was nothing and the way it tore through him, was unimaginable. It looked as if reality itself had split in two.

They all looked to Jack, speechless. The guards didn't know what to do.

The man had saved the king, but had killed the Crowned Prince in the process.

The King stared down at his eldest son, the one whom he had in line for succession. He had no idea how much contempt his son held for him, as he didn't just retire and give him the Crown along with the Kingdom. Sad eyes were on his face, as he had lost a member of his family.

He could only sigh at this. Jack had indeed saved his life, but he was curious of why his son suddenly acted out like this. There would have been plenty of different times and places he could have tried to kill him. Yet right when Renner asks for a demonstration… His mind hardly went there though, he was still shocked by the very idea of his son trying to kill him. Calling this meeting a Charade when it was for the betterment of the Kingdom itself. Yet he had known his son's outlook on this matter, how he had the same idea to take this man and put him under their control, rather than just talk it out with him.

Zanac was grinning widely, not caring. He had just practically inherited the line of succession right there and then. His eyes moved to Jack though, wondering if he was the cause.

Renner's lips though were parted. The man who had been attempting to marry her off, was now dead. That deal was off because this man, Jack, had just upright killed him. He could've just sliced off his hands, let him live, yet he had cut off his head. An immediate execution. Her eyes moved to the man, the tip of her tongue poking out briefly. Things were getting interesting.

Gazef knelt down and maneuvered the body away from the King. A couple members of the Warrior troop present also collected the pieces along with the sword.

If they were really wondering if Jack was the cause, they weren't wrong. He had used Dominate Person with silent magic to control the Prince combined with a form of telepathic suggestion. All he did was make his inner feelings known and allow him to act out without holding back.

The Nobles were horrified at the sight. Seeing the dead Prince. They didn't know whether or not to call for Jack's head, or to commend him for saving the King.

Gazef had been clearly shaken. He had witnessed Ainz Ooal Gown's magic, and now he had seen someone use the magic to slaughter a single person. Jack was a powerful Sorcerer, just like him.

Coming back to the King's side, Gazef's gaze was another placed upon Jack.

This man could help them single handedly destroy the Empire. Or he could single handedly destroy the Kingdom should he ever be given a reason. If anything, they were sure he had even more damaging spells at his finger tips. He used ones that wouldn't destroy the castle outright considering the scales.

"I suggest purging those whom prove disloyal to King and Country and liquidating their assets for the Kingdom and its people," Jack's gaze rested upon Blumrush who immediately took a step back.

"Eh!? Your just a piece of shit Sorcerer who can't fight like a man! How dare you sugg--"

"SILENCE!" Zanac ordered as his father seemed unable to speak for the time being. His eyes were glaring through Blumrush before his eyes turned to Jack. He saw the powerful magic caster as a probable tool or even ally.

While Zanac would prove to be an aptitude successor to the Throne, Jack didn't see him as anything more than a member of a family line that failed the Kingdom. Even if he was capable of fixing it…

"This man has saved our King! My Father!" He stepped onto the floor in front of them all. "Who knows! Maybe my maddened brother would have slain all of us after he was done with our King!"

He sounded reasonable, there could've been a chance. There only needed to be a chance.

Putting away the parchment he had in his hand, Jack would fold his arms in front of him, watching the Royal son go on to put on a good show.

"King Rampossa the Third… Don't you agree that your sons are inept heirs to the throne?"

The King looked up from the floor, gave a look at his middle child, then to the bloody trail that followed his eldest. His youngest son always appeared to be inept, even though he really was adept. The King was ignorant of this and slowly nodded, "It is as you say."

Zanac stood there, frozen with his back to the man who had just tried to defend. His father believed him not worthy of the throne? His eyes darted to Renner who seemed to be smiling slightly, as if laughing at him without making a sound.

Gazef gazed over the King, his resolve was practically diminished. Completely gone. He looked… Empty. His eyes moved to Jack who appeared indifferent and unsympathetic to the King's plight.

"Won't you abdicate the throne to someone stronger? More capable?"

Renner's smile vanished and her eyes shifted to Jack from her older brother. "What?"

The King slowly nodded, "I have tried to improve our Kingdom and ultimately, it is disrepair. I can see it." His eyes were heavy, his voice filled with self-doubt as he felt he had failed his oldest son and the Kingdom itself from the turn of events.

"F-Father… You can't be serious," Zanac took a step towards his father, his hands falling to his sides. "You can't abdicate the throne to someone else!"

"You wouldn't mind being a Duke, would you? First Duke of the Imperium..." Jack's lips was possessed by a wide grin which almost stretched from one ear to the other.

Duke was the highest noble rank in the Noble hierarchy of just about any Kingdom.

Zanac just stood there again, staring at his father, before glancing over his shoulder towards Jack with a frown. "You're puppeting my father aren't you…? This was part of your mission, wasn't it!?"

"No, if I was, he'd be slapping himself." Jack spoke casually towards the Prince before looking towards Renner again, tracing her over. Cute, adorable, creepy. She had all those qualities. "And if I was controlling him, I would be controlling all of you. All at once." His eyes turned to Zanac, his head tilted to the side eerily.

The King turned his head towards those Nobles who stood near.

They weren't talking, they weren't fighting out against Jack, as they feared he'd vivisect them just like the Prince just moments ago. They could definitely sense his killing intent towards Blumrush, and he had already signed his death certificate.

The Royal Faction Leader Elias looked back to the King, cold and calculating was his strong suit in the public eye. He was a patriot and an opportunist.

"Will you support him in my stead?"

"If it is your will, Your Majesty." His eyes wandered over towards Gazef and then over towards the other Nobles, giving a single dip of his head as a nod to them. The others quickly followed suit, nodding in support.

Elias held a lot of influence in both the Noble and Royal Factions, keeping the Kingdom Unified in that way. However he could only wonder, just how the other Nobles outside of this room will react… Would they reach out to bite the hand of their new master, or embrace it?

That was when Jack spoke up again, taking their attention again, this time quicker than before. "So… I'll ask again, have any of you seen the girl?"

Renner sighed quietly as she peered over the girl's face again as he pulled out the Parchment. He was going back to this? "Did you check the brothel?" There was only one brothel in the entire Capital, at least it was the only one left after the reforms. If a woman like that had gone missing, taken, it was likely that is the type of place she'd end up. At least, that was in her mind anyways.

Zanac couldn't stand what he was hearing. Even if he was granted the title of Duke, it meant he was no longer going to be King. It meant he was no longer a Royal, but a Noble instead.

It was a disgrace!

"The City of Re-Estize will remain under your Jurisdiction. Governmental, Senatorial and National Affairs will be handled elsewhere. This Capital is no longer suitable to represent the Country."

"You spoke of an Imperium?" Gazef spoke as he stepped away from the King's side, walking towards Jack. He admired him greatly, simply from the potion and the ability to use high tier magic no normal human could dream of achieving.

"Yes… The Absolute Power. This Kingdom will become known as the Imperium of Unity," Jack chuckled to aloud for all in the room to hear. The Absolute Power of Unity, his ultimate goal and agenda to Unite the World under his own banner.

Just like the Eight Kings of Greed and many rulers from the history of Earth itself.

"Hm..." With the sword drawn at his side, he swung, believing that Jack had indeed brainwashed the King. His intent was to decapitate the man. There was no way a mortal would be able to survive this.


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