「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
34 「Sorcerer Kings」
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「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
Author :ZGearCecil
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34 「Sorcerer Kings」

The moment that blade touched his skin at the velocity it was going, the blade shattered. Gazef's eyes were wide, dumbfounded. His heart was beating so fast the world seemed to slow down as Jack turned to look at him.

Jack looked completely indifferent, if not a little disappointed, that Gazef had tried to decapitate him.

The Nobles however weren't looking very hot either, seeing how the blade just broke on the man's skin. What in the world just happened!? The Kingdom's Strongest Warrior hadn't even been able to make a scratch on him?

Renner and Zanac were also just standing there, wide eyes and mouths agape.

They had never seen such a thing. Especially since the weapon didn't hit the armored pieces of his armor, but the bare skin of his neck. Though it wasn't like his skin was a rock hard substance. The moment the blade had hit the bone, that was when it broke.
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"If you were to have done the same to Ainz Ooal Gown, your sword wouldn't have done very much either." It was undoubtedly clear that this man was stronger than everyone in the room combined.

Gazef stood there, his legs parted in the same stance he used when he brought the weapon down on the man who had originally respected. He was panting, staring at the broken weapon in his hand.

"Sir Gazef..." Jack uttered as he stared through the man who he in a way admired for his personality, loyalty to the King and compassion for the people. "Was that necessary?"

As Jack was somewhat distracted by Gazef, though not entirely. Zanac was walking backwards until he made his way up to the throne and knelt down. Opening a hidden compartment in the throne, he revealed a magic item, a weapon.

It looked like a white milk colored wand with the golden crest of the Royal Family imprinted upon it. Clearly it was a weapon made to be used by the Re-Estize Bloodline.

However from Jack's knowledge, none of them were magic users. He grinned as his attention moved back to Zanac as he had the weapon pointed at him.

It was a single use weapon, meant to defend against an assassin should they ruler be attacked or held hostage in the throne room. It was definitely a good idea to have, but Jack could see after appraising it with his eyes. It only had third tier magic imbued upon it.

It was hardly a weapon worth his time.

"You'll have to use higher tier magic to hurt me." He laughed at this man, loudly. He saw Zanac as inferior and he wasn't wrong in the name of prowess. "You're going to die use it on me."

Zanac just stared at him, tempted to swish the wand about either way. The thing he wanted, the thing that he was so close to getting, was taken away from him. He was offered the rank of Duke for his troubles, yet this man was taking the Kingdom and rebranding it… It wasn't Re-Estize.

Zanac turned his head to look at his younger sister, the girl who always showed her true nature to him. Then over towards his father who looked completely burnt out from the death of his brother, the Crowned Prince. Could his father take much more of this?

"Stand down Zanac… My boy." The deposed King sighed, reaching out and gripping the wand, lightly tugging it from his hand.

Jack calmed down pretty quickly the moment the worthless weapon wasn't pointed at him.

"We were right to think you were an inep--" Blumrush went to insult Zanac, only to suddenly be shut up quickly by a broken sword's hilt being lodged in his throat. It was Gazef's weapon, but when they all looked to where it came from… Their eyes were on Jack as the body fell.

Gazef was just standing there with his hands open, staring at Jack.

"Down goes the traitor selling information to the Baharuth Empire," Jack uttered quietly before looking over towards the others who were all just staring at him. "What? He was summarily executed for treason."

"You can't just do that. He was one of the most influen--"

"You are all the most influential Nobles in the Kingdom, but one out of all of you, had committed treason against King and Country. Consider his family assets seized by the state." Jack cut off Elias before folding his arms behind his head.

Rampossa slowly raised from his throne and stepped down, walking towards the man who had killed his eldest son. He stood there right in front of him with this look in his eye, that one couldn't quite tell what he was thinking. Or worse, they could.

"I will summon the Nobles of my Realm. What shall I refer to you as prior to crowning?"

"Jack Cipher, Lord and Arch Mage of the Blue Citadel," Jack instructed before looking to Gazef. "Still friends?" He asked as he looked through him, almost like he were a piece of perfect glass.

"I respected you. I brought you here… And the Kingdom lost its Crowned Prince, the King lost his resolve. How can I trust you?"

"The Crowned Prince was a fool… Short-tempered, narcissistic and egotistical. He was planning on removing anyone who supported his father over him and then assume the Throne. My presence just gave him a slight… Nudge."

Gazef stared at him for a few seconds before glancing off in the direction the body had been taken after he had removed it from the room.

As this was happening, Elias was talking with the other Noblemen, keeping them inline. There was no way they'd be able to overpower him. If they revolted, it's likely he'd eliminate and replace them.

Once they were reminded of their place and kept tame, Elias came walking over towards Jack and Gazef. "My… Lord," he didn't sound enthusiastic, but he remained in control of his faculties. "What is your first ruling in governance?"

"I'd like to make you my Prime Minister. You are the leader of the Royal Faction, are you not?" All of them turned their heads to him the moment Jack said this.

"Prime Minister, My Lord?"

"Leader of the to-be-Imperial-Senate, and the individual who runs the day to day operations of the Empire. You are my public representative." He was handing this man an opportunity, even though the opportunist personality was part of the man's facade, it was still apart of him. "The office puts you above Duke in the hierarchy."


"If you don't take it, I'll give it to the Golden Princess," his eyes darted on over to the Princess. She would like the idea of having a lot of influence over the people, and control over the Empire. That means she would be with and for Climb at all times.

"You can't be serious!" Zanac shouted looking at the man then back to Renner, and then back to the man again. "You're in cahoots! The lot of you!"

"He really wanted that crown," Jack sighed quietly and shook his head, "too bad he was too inept to earn it, to take it from his brother."

Zanac frowned, he was normally pragmatic, but this guy no matter how powerful he was, ended up pissing him off. He felt as if he was losing all reason and just wanted to take his frustrations out. He ran towards Jack and went to shove him, only for Gazef to intercept and push him to the ground.

Falling to the ground on his side and sliding a few feet, he groaned and looked up at the man who pushed him. "Traitor!" He screamed, "You betrayed your King! My family! You were but a commoner and yet here you are because of my father! You flea! I had ambitions!"

Jack just watched him blankly, along with the other Nobles. He was throwing a tantrum.

Gazef frowned hearing the boy scream profanity at him.

Within the next couple of hours the government was starting to reorganize. Soldiers from the local garrison were sent out to patrol the street alongside the normal patrol officers. Local nobles around the city were called in for a conference, the announcement of the reformation of the Kingdom into an Empire known as the Imperium of Unity.

Elias turned down the offer to become the Prime Minister, he already had enough on his hands. Instead he was promoted to Duke in Zanac's place after Zanac was secretly placed to death whilst the public would be lead to believe he ran away following his family's removal from power.

So as Jack came up to Renner after the Six Great Nobles went into the Conference room, he tilted his head slightly looking over her. She hadn't moved since the beginning of this meeting.

"Would you be interested in joining the Empire as the Prime Minister, or would you like to remain your current position?"

Renner was smiling at him, keeping her facade as a Princess. She felt free now that her brother was dead, and the other had now run away.

"I just want to stay with Climb," she looked over to the man who was standing beside her. "My current position as Princess is preferable." She poked her tongue out slightly, curling her lower lip inward slightly. While she had some interest in him, she still had much more interest in Climb.

Climb had his hand idling on the hilt of his weapon. Having seen what had happened, he didn't know what to think. From what he had seen at the Village this man was a good person, even though he almost took off Keno's head with his hand.

Yet he had coldly murdered the Marquis and the Crown Prince, even though both of them were technically guilty of treason. He just didn't bat an eye, that is what bothered him most.

"You will continue to be known as the Princess then," his eyes then turned to her bodyguard, then back to her, "We can talk about this more privately. Later," he suggested with his hands folded in front of him once more.

Much to Renner's surprise, he allowed this. Even said they'd talk more about her position rather than simply handing her the role and expecting her to fulfill it. Was he looking to negotiate something? He had looked at Climb, perhaps… She looked over to her bodyguard.

Climb was a commoner, he was looked down upon by nobles. Yet she was scarily in love with the idea of having Climb to herself. This was exactly what he wanted to talk about.

As his attention left the two, the Princess and her bodyguard went off to her personal study.

Walking over to the body of former Marquis Blumrush, he used magic to instantly vaporize the body. Then he went to where the body of the Crown Prince was kept, and did the same. He left no marks behind, not scorching on the floors.

Rather than have someone else clean it up, he removed all evidence of the scuffle. No blood on the floor, throne or anywhere. No pieces of the sword, the hilt, none of it.

The only thing that remained was the King who was writing to the other Nobles and sending out notifications for them to come to the Royal Capital within the next fifteen days.

So as he stood in the Throne room alone as Gazef went to join up with the rest of the Warrior Troop, he placed two fingers to the right of right temple and closed his eyes partially.


"Momonga, I have a proposition for you."

Jack believed that he was still over at the Village. He wasn't sure what he was up to, but he was sure he'd want in on this. Considering both Elias and Renner turned down the promotional office of Prime Minister. He needed someone to take the office, he didn't really care what it was called. So he had an idea which fit perfectly. He was going to have the Imperium be a Duumvirate.

"A proposition? I assume your scheme is going you way. Huh. Most intriguing. What's on your mind?"

"Do you prefer the title of Sorcerer King or Prime Minister?"

"Sorcerer Ki-- Eh!? What is this?" Momonga was rather surprised by this all of a sudden, and was caught off guard as he was answering the question as he realized what he was being asked.

"Welcome to the Imperium of Unity, My King."

"If I'm the Sorcerer King, that when does that make you exactly…?"

"Emperor of Course. I look forward to working with you."

"… What is the meaning of this?"

"The Imperium will be a Duumvirate, for us. It's primary goal is Uniting the Continent."

"The name does boast, but wouldn't just the 'Imperium' do or the Sorcerer's Imperium?"

"Your not wrong… I actually thought about that. Lets have Ainz Ooal Gown show up, kay?"

"The Sorcerer Kings has a nice ring to it." Momonga didn't really have to roleplay when interacting with him which had him relax a bit. He didn't have to pretend to be tough or act outstandingly either.

"The Sorcerer Kings… Two Kings… I like it. We'll have to find a Prime Minister though, one who looks human until we expand into nonhuman territory than we can reselect one ourselves."

"You're planning on forming a senate?"

"Nobles are inept, plenty are still due for purging..."

"Still due? Sounds like you started already."

"Killed one today," he looked over towards the spot the body once laid near the throne.

"Any luck finding the girl, Ninya's sister?"

"The Golden Princess actually advised me to check the brothel. Apparently there is only one left in the entire Royal Capital. So I was wondering, can I use Sebas for an operation?"

"Tell me more..."


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