「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
36 「Climb Above It」
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「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
Author :ZGearCecil
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36 「Climb Above It」

After learning that Climb had turned down the potion that would make him stronger after learning more of what happened at the Village. Renner, the Golden Princess, sent her bodyguard out to checkout why he was so set on finding the girl from the sketch and to see if he could find her himself.

This was a task handed down to him by the Princess herself. The woman who saved him and nursed him to health when he was destined to die. Now all he could do was work hard and prove himself.

He was in debt to the Princess and even though the Nobles looked down upon him, it was clear that she still needed him. And with this man, Jack Cipher, she needed him now more than ever.

As he left the Valencia Palace in looks for the woman who Jack wanted to look for. He could see the sky was becoming dim. It was getting darker out and the evening was soon to set in.

He had to get there before dark. It would be dangerous to wonder alone.

Perhaps he could join or even commandeer one of the patrols? Asking for help was not a weakness, but it was indeed a strength. He may be naive, but he knew that more people meant that he was stronger.

If he had gone alone to the Carve Village, he was sure he wouldn't have been able to convince Jack to come by. He along with the rest of the group had noticed one thing.

He had an interest in the one known as Landfall, or known to them as EvilEye. A former Vampire Lord whom was powerful enough to destroy an entire city should they have no choice but to do so. However he also knew that even though the Vampire Lord was so powerful, she had been defeated by the Blue Roses. They became friends.

Could this man who was now claiming the throne after killing the Crowned Prince and disappearing the young Prince, become friends with the Princess?

From what he had witnessed in the Throne Room, he was sure that the man wanted to maintain appearances and keep the Princess alive. He had even made a promise so that she would retain her position as Princess.

Did that really mean something if her father wasn't on the throne?

The City would be under her jurisdiction.

Why did he want to keep her alive? Keep her in the Valencia Palace where she had the entire City to herself. Would that mean that he didn't believe that she would host a revolt against him? Or that she wouldn't dare? Was Zanac right when he assumed that she was in cahoots with the man? Surely it wasn't possible, was it?

Climb's mind was racing like there was no tomorrow.

The clacking of his full plate armor brought his mind back to the present as he stared forward. His sword at his side, he watched as soldiers patrolled the streets alongside officers of the law.

He had greatly improved the safety of the people by deploying troops.

Yet why did he send them out to patrol? His eyes followed a duo of soldiers in front of him along the path he was destined to take.

They were dressed in the tunics that bared the arms of Marquis Elias Raeven. They were loyal troops from the Royal Faction so it seemed. He was becoming curious. However, his duty was to the Princess and he quickly got back on track.

However the moment he turned to go down an alleyway, he paused seeing two people.

An elderly man dressed like a butler with a perfect beard pointed under the chin and fashionable hair. Next to him was a young woman, she had to be under twenty years old, but she couldn't be younger than sixteen.

The more he looked at her from a distance, the more she resembled this female Tuare.

That's when he remembered. Jack Cipher had said that the family of the girl had requested his help. Yet from what he could recall, Jack hadn't even left or talked to anyone else outside the Palace.

He was still at the palace.

So why were these two so close to the Brothel? Was it magic? Resting his hand idly on the hilt and scabbard of his sword, Climb began to make his way down the alley.

He remained entirely calm, the Butler seemed to feel a lot stronger than he truly looked. Not that he didn't already look imposing enough even with the girl by his side.

Ninya glanced away from the Butler as she heard the shifting of armor. Plate armor. Her eyes rested upon a man in light colored armor and his hand resting idly on his weapon.

Why was there a man in armor here? Was he a soldier?

Sebas was also eying him since he was making his way down towards them. They seemed to be his target perhaps? Or if he was a soldier, was he just curious of what they were doing around these parts?

There were plenty of thoughts going through all three of their minds.

Climb walked right up to them and planted his feet down flatly in front of them. "My name is Climb. Should you two be the family related to Tuareninya Veyron? Princess Renner has sent me to check the most probable whereabouts."

Sebas and Ninya both looked at one another, before looking to him.

Ninya raised a brow as she tapped the butt of the new staff she was given by her boyfriend, against the stone ground beneath their feet. "My n-name is Ninya, Tuare is my older sister." She held out a hand to shake his.

Climb gave her hand a glance before shaking it before looking over towards Sebas.

"I am Sebas Tian, 'family friend.' It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance… Mister Climb." He had to admit, the name had a strange feeling on his tongue. Yet Sebas just moved forward, not focusing on the young man's name. There were plenty of people with strange names

Sebas Tian's eyes glanced down towards Climb's hand which was outstretched to him and nodded, reaching out and giving him a solid shake with a proper squeeze, all while keeping eye contact.

For a split moment, Climb believed he was going to die where he stood. Instead, he found himself very much alive and his hand was intact. He blinked a few times as the sensation cleared and he nodded to himself. "Then you must be looking for the Brothel," he spoke in a low voice as not to be overheard by anyone nearby.

"You know which building it is?" Ninya asked, taking on a whisper.

Climb nodded and he motioned for them to follow him. Keeping his casual display, he walked towards the one building in the alleyway which had a candle in the window. However, there were purple curtains which kept the interior hidden from the gaze of others.

On top of that, it sounded awkwardly silent. The presence of others could most definitely be heard inside. It wasn't like the place was greatly insulated either. So one could only imagine that someone either soundproofed it or made sure no one could hear what goes on inside using magic.

Ninya reached forward to jiggle the knob, it wouldn't budge. The door was locked.

Maybe due to the presence of the soldiers they closed up shop for the night? Or could it be that they saw Climb coming? Or maybe they were at full capacity? Or was it just because no one was at the door?

Ninya took a step back and tapped the door with her staff.

The gold inlay rearranged itself, "Unlock?" was what it asked.

"Yes," Ninya replied and suddenly the spell was cast from the staff. The door unlocked and there was a voice inside that sounded slightly alarmed form the clicking of the lock. "Thank you, Seraph."

"Hm? What was that?"

Sebas stepped forward, brushing passed Ninya and opening the door, causing both of the others to step back. "I'm sorry. The door seemed to be locked, so we helped ourselves."

"What the hell…? We're currently at full capacity, get out!"

That was the last thing they would hear from the unknown man on the other side of the door, as soon after there was the sound of flesh against the wooden floor. The man had collapsed?

Ninya and Climb followed Sebas inside before closing the door behind them. Looking around, the place seemed to be doing well for itself.

Hearing the wooden floor squeak above them, they glanced over to the stairs and locked eyes with a man having a bag over his shoulder. The way it rested on his large broad shoulders, gave away that it was a human body. Especially the way the sack sat on the legs which loosely and weakly moved.

Whatever was in the sack, was alive. At least for now.

The man who was carrying her on the shoulder cursed and turned on his heel to run upstairs. He was planning on calling for help.

"Get back here!" Ninya called out and darted for the stairs, holding out her staff.

The moment the man was about to put his foot on the top of the steps, he felt a sharp feeling piercing him in the lower back. He lost feeling in his legs. "Wha… Fuck!" Trying to reach for the rail as he was falling backward, his fingers just missed it and he couldn't stop himself from falling.

Pupupupupupupupu… The man fell down the steps, releasing the bag, and when they finally met the bottom of the steps. It appeared that the man had broken his neck, he was dead from the trauma.

The sack though started to squirm slightly.

Sebas, Ninya and Climb both knelt down in front of the sack and pulled cut it open.

The moment the sack opened, a bruised arm came reaching out, its hand grasping for anyone who could possibly be there. Latching onto the adventurer's tag around Ninya's neck. The thumb seemed to caress it in familiarity.

"Help..." A meek and hardly audible voice called out.
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Ninya placed a hand on the wrist and looked over at the other two present. "Find my sister… I'll see what I can do here."

Sebas and Climb both nodded and hurried up the stairs as Ninya pulled back the sack to reveal a lithe female with toned skin and black hair. She was covered in bruises and one of her arms was definitely broken while her face looked to be almost completely rearranged from what she could only assume was once a beautiful face.

"Help... me..."

Ninya swallowed the weird metallic taste in her mouth, her body wanted to puke, her mind wanted her to look away. Yet she couldn't. "I'm here..." She said as she pulled the person's head and torso into her embrace. "Lets see what I can do, okay?"

With the unnamed woman's head resting on her forearm, she kept hold of her staff as she chose to recite a that she had learned recently from drinking that potion.

「Greater Healing」

Like a miracle under a glowing green light, the bruises on the woman's skin faded. Along with the bloody spots from internal bleeding. Soon one could even hear the sound of bones rearranging themselves.

Big deep hazel colored almond eyes, perfect thick brows, thin lips and shoulder length black hair. The woman was quickly restored back to health, but had lost consciousness as a side effect of being in such a weak state.

Ninya slowly rested the woman down on the ground, before standing up as she could hear people fighting in the halls. This place, it was definitely more than just a brothel. Brothels shouldn't have women this beaten and broken, or to be disposed of in a sack!

Swiftly she made her way up the stairs, casting 「Fly」for greater speed and landing at the top of the flight of steps. She turned her head in time to catch a man who was running towards her. Or more so running away from Sebas, trying to get away.

Without thinking, she brought the staff into both of her hands and raised the butt into the air like a pole arm spear and shifted her weight forward at the man.

The sickening tearing of flesh and breaking of ribs could be heard. The man gurgled and screamed. Blood pouring from his mouth as he writhed on the end of the staff.

Suddenly though the butt of the staff would turn into its liquid state and the body would quickly dissolve into the weapon. Quickly, the corpse was gone.

Ninya stared at the weapon, there wasn't even a drop of blood on it, yet there was a pool of it on the ground. She'd shrink around it before walking up to Sebas. "Should we start checking the rooms?" She'd ask as she looked around at the people whom were either unconscious or dead in the corridor.

Sebas and Climb nodded to her.

Climb though was in awe at Sebas who had eliminated every single one of the enemies before he could have even drawn his weapon. So as he turned towards the closest door, he placed his hand on the knob as he carefully drew his weapon.


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