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「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
Author :ZGearCecil
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37 「Savior」

Bashing the nearest knob with the Philips head end of her staff, twice, before kicking the door open. Ninya came marching into the room filled with the muffled screams and moans.

A man on the bed was grunting, sweating as he shifted his meat back and forth inside of a captive woman with a pillow over her face. The rhythmic slapping of his thighs meeting some unknown lass's took Ninya's ears by storm.

Her eyes danced over the bed, disgust evident in her eyes. She wanted to vomit, but she held it back as she prepared herself to use the magic staff.

"Eh!? Who do you think you are!?" The guy snarled as he looked over his shoulder, having seen her shadow on the wall. However seeing the weapon pointed at him, he went and threw the pillow aside.

Ninya hesitated.

The stranger grabbed the woman he had beneath him by the neck and moved her in front of him as a human shield. It wasn't her sister. With this calming aura keeping her from freaking out, part of her considered just killing both. Everyone has a sociopathic thought every now and then. It didn't make them a bad person.

"Let the girl go and I'll let you live." Were the words that leaked out of her mouth.

The girl arched her back slightly. She had bruises all over her body, she was missing a few teeth. She even had a bite mark on her collar. She had been severely abused. She was even bleeding from her rear.

"I don't think so… You're going to walk right back out of thi--" The guy's voice cut out as his eyes rested on a dead body outside the door. One of the guards. There was no help coming for him. He gulped heavily, his head turning to look for the dagger on his belt hanging by the bed on the wall.

Pulling the woman back with him as he moved to acquire the weapon, he reached out with his free hand as he fell onto the bed. However he had fallen back onto the bed too soon, he couldn't reach his weapon. Even if he could, she had the advantage of range.

The woman who he was using as a shield bit into his arm as it was around her throat, causing him to yelp and let her go. She jumped off the bed, taking a dive to the floor.

「Piercing Icicle」

Seven long Icicles were generated in front of the jewel of her staff from thin air and launched at the man, causing him to scream just short of being rapidly impaled and pinned to the headboard of the bed.

Giving a brief glance to the woman who was pulling herself up onto the nearby dresser, Ninya rushed out of the room just as Climb rammed his shoulder into a door and went on inside to 'meet' the occupants.
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Ninya on the other hand darted across the hall from the one she had once been in and impaled the door knob with her staff, causing the door to pop open. She skidded to a stop inside, and turned to face the bed. There was a man, partially dressed in wealthy attire standing at the side of the bed which had the slow breathing body of a blonde female. She had bruises up and down her torso, legs and arms. She looked like she had been punched in the face plenty of times. She even had blood going down the side of her head from an open wound.

However with a single glance. It wasn't her sister. All the same, she pointed the weapon at the man in disgust. "How can you be so despicable to another human being...?"

The wealthy man slowly raised his hands, as if surrendering.

"You… You don't get to do that," Ninya snapped as she took a single step forward, causing him to instinctively stumble backward.

"Please! Please don't kill me! I'll give you anything! Money! Please!"

Ninya just stared at the man who was now groveling on the ground. Surely he was a cowardly noble who preyed on the weak. Yet despite her youthful complexion, he was cowarding in fear.

Was it because of the Staff?

She looked down at the staff for a split second until she saw him stand with her peripheral vision. It was too late, she couldn't do anything. That though, wasn't a problem. She needn't do anything as the weapon's jeweled end cast a spell for her.

「Piercing Icicle」

It was the same spell she had used to kill the previous man. Seven long icicles launched out towards the man and impaled him using enough force to pin him to the wall.

Ninya just stood there, quite shell shocked due to the fact that the staff was capable of casting magic without her consent. It was as if it was designed to solely protect and aide her. It felt like Jack was right there, ruthlessly slaughtering anyone who would dare lay a hand on her. A small smile began to rise from her lips as she walked over to the woman on the bed.

The two of them locked eyes. She had these beautiful emerald eyes and blonde hair. She reached up for Ninya's hand and Ninya grasped it with one of her gloved ones.


Within seconds the woman was in full health, but like the last one, they fainted from the amount of healing overwhelming them on the mental level. It was quite clear they had gone through a lot.

Letting out a sigh as she let the hand drop down to the bed, she made her way out of the room before pausing and looking at the last door which was closed.

Sebas and Climb both came out of adjacent rooms and looked at one another then towards Ninya who was now standing in front of the door. She looked to them and they shook their heads. Tuare hadn't been in any of the rooms so it appeared. Except for maybe this one?

The three of them readied up in front of the door as Sebas stepped in front of them. With his left leg forward and his right leg back. He drew his right arm back and his left forward, before palming the door with incredible might from his right hand.

The door flew off the hinges and slide across the room after colliding and splintering against the floor.

Sebas, Climb and Ninya darted into the room.

Sebas and Climb stood in the background, giving Ninya the spotlight as she bounced the butt of her staff off the floor.

On the bed was a man on his knees with his back to the visitors. His hands had a woman's legs forced open. It was clear that she had gone through much abuse. Just like all the other women here, she wasn't protected nor was their treatment held to any standards.

It appeared the clients could do whatever they wanted with the girls. It was sickening…

The man slowly turned his head to the side. He had dark brown hair that matched the length of his jawline. He even had a goatee and a mustache. It was an Adventurer, his tags clearly seen on his chest.

"Who the hell are you guys!? Guards!"

There was nothing. No sounds from the other room except for the pattering of feet. Soon enough there were the other women from the other rooms. Some of them had been healed, while most of them were in various states of damage and truama.

"Tuare. Tuare is that you?" Ninya called out to the woman who was weeping beneath the man.

The weeping was reduced to sniffling as she could hear her name being called over and over again. The man, as she went to sit up, pushed her back down.

"Stay down," he'd spit and threaten as he turned his attention back towards her, a fist raised in the air.

"Filth," Sebas stated as he took several steps forward. "Remove your hands from the fair Miss, or I will remove them." He ordered the man which caused him to lower his fist and turn his head to look to Sebas, encountering his intimidating and lethal gaze.

"Hm..." Stepping off the bed and withdrawing himself from the small blond on the bed, he looked over Sebas before taking what looked to be some sort of martial stance.

Tuare slowly sat up again, this time hugging a pillow to her chest for dear life. Her face was bloodied up, and like the others she was decorated in bruises which were in various states of healing or swelling.

Her little sister was here? Her eyes rested upon Ninya. She had cut her hair, it was no longer long. Her clothes, they hid her identity as a woman and that staff. She stared at it. It seemed to be alive as it was breathing in her sister's hands. What on Earth was that?

Wait, her sister could use magic?

"Sebas-san… Make it hurt."

Cracking his knuckles, Sebas nodded to himself. It was time to hold back then in order to expect the maximum amount of pain prior to death.

That's when Tuare launched herself off the bed running, attempting to get passed the Adventurer who had been using her, abusing her. Her eyes rested on her little sister, the silver tag around her neck.

Her sister had gained power to save her! And perhaps powerful allies? Taken in by the moment, she hardly noticed the man trying to stop her. Trying to trip her so that she would fall with her own momentum to carry her hard to the ground.

Sebas however had other plans. He moved forward, took the initiative to kick the man's shin out of the way. Sending the Adventurer crashing to the ground after taking his leg out from under him. Then brought his heel down onto the man's chest. Promptly and slowly digging it into him.

The Adventurer yelped and growled, grabbing at Sebas's leg and trying to pull it off. Yet he couldn't make the Head Butler budge whatsoever. "You bastard!" He spat out blood as his ribs began to collapse on his lungs and heart. "I'll haunt you for eternity!"

"You are most welcome to try," Sebas huffed as he found this man cursing him low-key amusing.

Increasing the pressure, the man screamed until it was drowned out by his own coughing. He started to gurgle his own blood, his lungs were filling up with liquid and bodily fluids. "Helph meh… Elp...m...e.."

Ninya had her arms around Tuare, holding onto her older sister, burying her face into her shoulder. "Neechan… I thought I lost you..."

Tuare despite being badly abused, had dropped the pillow and traded it for her little sister's head. "Ni-Nin...Ninya.." It appeared she had a hard time speaking with a sore jaw, but she managed to say at least her sister's name. She sniffled and held back her sobs. A warmth began to overtake her, healing her. Based on Ninya's intention the staff had cast「Heal」 upon her.

Some of the women watching from the door, smiled at the reunion of the two sisters.

Tuare glanced over towards the back of Sebas. He didn't have a scratch on him. Her eyes then traveled down to the adventurer as he removed his heel. The man who had been using her for over an hour now, was dead on the ground, a mere corpse.

"Ladies," he turned to face the others after taking in his handiwork. "It's time to move on, please. Gather your essentials and Follow us."

The women went around and collected their clothing if they had any. If they didn't, they didn't hesitate to take clothes off the dead or unconscious.

Sebas and the others were making their way down the steps with the women following close behind when they suddenly heard a door open. The basement door it appeared to be. Everyone stopped in their tracks, crouched low and listened.

A flamboyant voice arose, "Hey Romero! We got some fresh..." Whomever was talking stopped. It appeared they found Romero's body in view of the door. "Shit! Call the Six Arms!"

"We have to go now..." Tuare whimpered with every word as the door slammed shut.

The entire group massed together and ran through the door and into the alley. Dressed in mismatched clothes, the women all followed after Sebas and Ninya toward the mansion. Climb on the other hand separated himself from the group and ran in the opposite direction towards the Palace in hopes of reaching a patrol.


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