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「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
Author :ZGearCecil
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39 「Popcorn」

Approaching the front gates of the Palace's outer walls, Ninya glanced over at the Warrior Troop which were now guarding the gate. She blinked a few times as they just let her in without saying a word.

Padding her way through the front gates with a soldier to escort her. Her eyes traced over the grass and vegetation growing within these fine walls. Despite how bleak the world looked when she had entered the Brothel, this place looked completely irrelevant, unaffected. In a way, it disgusted her that it was so far away from the people in the terms of care.

Her eyes faced forward as they were coming towards the large double doors of the Palace only to pause as she heard someone shouting. The swinging of a sword whistling through the air. As she came to a stop she looked to the direction of the shouting and narrowed her eyes on a blonde woman.

It was the Warrior Priestess, the Leader, of the Blue Rose.

Listening intently to hear what she was saying, her eyes began to raise as she pretty much heard something familiar being repetitively and uselessly shouted.

"Gate!" Woosh, woosh, woosh. She flailed the weapon about, pointed it forward. Every movement was to be dramatic and entertaining to the mind. "Gate!" Yet every time she shouted the spell in which she wished to recite, nothing happened. No portal appeared.

"Is she..."
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"Just ignore her," the Soldier briefly gave her a pat on the shoulder before walking towards the door.

Ninya slowly peeled her eyes away from the woman before walking for the front doors of the Palace. From the corner of her eye she could see the other members of the Blue Rose Adventurers. Tina and her twin sister were watching their boss from a secluded nest above. Whilst Keno was seated under a tree, reading a book and Gagaran napped in a hammick.

The group was very laid back, and Ninya was pretty sure that normally no one would be doing this at the Palace. Especially napping where all could see.

As she entered the front, she walked through the Grand Hall and continued into the Throne Room where her eyes would rest on Jack and the one identified as Ainz Ooal Gown.

Blinking a few times seeing them there, in the center of the room. Ninya opened her mouth slightly as she looked around. No one else was in the room and the soldier was leaving as quickly as he had come in. "Jack!" She found herself calling his name, her own words causing her heart to beat faster.

Jack turned his head to her and smiled warmly towards her. "Ninya," he took a step from Momonga and held his arms out for her.

"I found my sister thanks to you!" Ninya shouted as she ran over and jumped into his embrace. Her head resting on his chest before she peered over at Momonga.

"And you as well…" She smiled as to not share his Adventurer name should there be anyone listening, "Ainz Ooal Gown. I thank you, so very much.."

"Huh? Eh. You're very welcome Ms Veyron," Momonga replied somewhat formally due to the place in which he was. His eyes took in the surroundings before his hearing centered on a figure entering the room. He however didn't turn around right away.

"Speaking of..." Ninya started talking quietly, "When we were leaving the Brothel, they said something about calling 'Six Arms,' do you know who or what that is?"

"I may be able to help with that," Princess Renner entered the Throne Room with Climb at her side. Her hands gripped the sides of her dress tightly.

"Oh?" Momonga turned to face the woman, his red eyes piercing right through her.

Renner almost stopped in her tracks the moment he turned around. Her blue eyes were looking right through his fiery red ones. Then slowly tuned back on over to Jack and Ninya who were embracing one another. She soon came to comprehend why he was helping a commoner find their family member. Though she didn't see anything wrong with it. She had believed him to be a Lord of some Citadel, she didn't necessarily believe he was truly Nobility of any kind. In a way, he lacked the etiquette for it.

"You know about them?" Jack would ask as he turned his head to look at Renner. Apparently she had been fighting the Eight Fingers for a while. Trying to shut them down economically and through the covert use of the Blue Rose.

Renner nodded, "Yes my King."

"King?" Ninya looked up at him with wide eyes. What did he do here that made him King all of a sudden. Wait, he was king? Her eyes slowly turned towards Momonga who's eyes swept over to her.

While she could sense the evil in him, she was able to see the sliver of humanity within him due to her prior interactions with him from days ago.

"I'll explain later," Jack whispered quietly as he pressed his lips on her forehead before looking to the Princess once more for the explanation she had promised.

She curtsied and Climb bowed slightly. Should it be for respect or self-protection, onlookers wouldn't be able to tell the difference. "The Six Arms are a partner organization within the Eight Fingers Syndicate which have been undermining the Re-Estize Kingdom."

"Eight Fingers…?" A frown was rested upon Jack's face as he heard the names. They weren't bad, but they were pretty straight forward. "Each digit represents a head?"

Renner nodded lightly, "The Six Arms is their security organization. They are formidable. The only reason I haven't been able to deal with them is because I had no political or military backing."

Slowly nodding at the words she shared with the group, he tilted his head to the side slightly. "In that case, once we've located their members, eliminate their Security Organization. We will use the military to wipe out their syndicate. No prisoners, no survivors."

The woman blinked several times when he had said that there would be no prisoners, and no survivors. That he would have the military hunt them down and destroy them. Which meant destroying the entire organization and their assets.

"And what of the Black Dust?"

"...Black Dust?" Momonga was curious as he placed a boney hand to under his chin.

"It's an addictive substance that is considered illegal in this country. It is derived from a toxic plant and has hidden symptoms. It was ruled as an anesthetic due to its effects, but its killing people. Even so, the Nobles are ignoring it and pursuing other drugs..."

Jack was aware of drug addictions in the old world, and having them here just made him want to sigh. He had known plenty of people in high school and even in college that had died from overdosing.

"I would like to have the Blue Rose help with locating and burning their plantations."

"You have my permission, Princess." Jack smiled at the girl who had said that she would be of help with giving them information. "Eliminate the bane which has plagued your country."

The Princess smiled at this, seeing how he had allowed this under very little information being given to them. However she could quickly see in his eyes that he wouldn't always be this easy to win over. He had taken over this country, he couldn't let the previous bloodline to take too much credit, could he? He couldn't risk a revolt should the Nobles want her on the throne. To restore the old bloodline. Though considering the current view the Nobles had of her, that would be unlikely.

She was despised, mistreated and seen as a political tool. Despite this she was powerful and right-minded in the sense that she wanted influence and power and would do good to get it. On top of that, all of it was to impress and keep Climb at her side.

"Why would you give me this?" Seemingly without thinking, she asked this with her eyes looking at his sapphire hues from several feet away.

Ninya looked at the Princess as she was asking this question. At first she thought it was a stupid question, but she also began to think. Why would he allow her to mobilize against the criminal organization, when there was a chance she could mobilize the army against him? Was he really confident that he was powerful enough to take them on?

It didn't take her more than a second to tell that, he literally could. Alongside Ainz Ooal Gown and the Guardians of both Guilds respectfully, they could destroy everything in a matter of time.

The World hardly stood a chance unless the Platinum Dragon Lord arose once more, but even then that was a horrible thought. Most of the Dragons perished when they went to war with the Eight Kings of Greed. And with the Dragons greatly deplenished in numbers, how would they expect to stop them?

"In the meantime, lets start this operation." Momonga stated before turning and using silent magic to make a screen appear in front of them. The Mansion that Ninya had just left was now displayed.

"That's the mansion..." She muttered quietly under her breath, looking to Jack and then back to the displayed footage which appeared to be live.

"This is going to be a while, so we might as well get comfortable, yes?" Jack chuckled a little, believing that the people inside would be safe. Tuare was alive and well and under the care of Sebas while Ninya was with him.

「Create Greater Item」

A long couch appeared in the center of the room large enough for all of them to sit together in front of the floating display.

Renner and Climb's eyes both widened at the display of the seventh tier spell which created the furniture in the blink of an eye. This was what magic of their level could do?

Climb stared at Jack who had just used incredibly powerful magic in order to create something so complex. It wasn't water and it wasn't the first tier spells that magicians often had. He was jealous, this man was strong. He could protect his lady better than anyone. Could he perhaps gain the power by learning under him? He had often been told that he has no talent other than working hard. Yet it appears he has gotten as strong as he possible could, but experience changes everything.

Jack noticed the man sighing subtly and lightly jerked his head to notion for them to sit on the couch as the two kings and Ninya sat down together.

Crossing one leg over the other, he rested an arm around Ninya's shoulders as if they were about to watch a home movie. Ironically that is exactly what it felt like. Watching them like this didn't feel real.

Renner looked to Climb, and Climb back at her. Then they both padded on over to the couch and slowly sat down. The Princess chose to sit directly beside Jack, while having Climb sit at her other side. Though she kept her face forward, her eyes watched Jack from the far corner of her peripheral vision.

She didn't quite understand the posture he held. Even though he was indeed powerful, he seemed too relaxed and familiar. Like he had no worries, yet it all at the same time appeared to be a facade. It allowed the people around him to become lax themselves.

"Almost forgot the popcorn..."

Momonga just looked over at Jack when he spoke of food. "Uh huh… Seriously!?"

"Popcorn…?" Renner, Ninya and Climb all seemed interested in this new word which was brought to their attention. Though they were in a serious situation, the staff known as Seraph, was doing its job keeping everyone calm.

"What, it's popcorn." Jack said as he looked to the skeleton then to the other mortals who wanted to know what he was talking about.

"Now's not the--" Momonga watched as Jack reached into the item box of his and pulled out a bag of piping hot popcorn. The smell of butter, garlic and powdered Parmesan cheese filled the air.

"Envying the living?" Jack asked as he held out and shook the bag for the other three to grab some.

The subtle sound of crunching and moans from the flavorful junk food melting in their mouths could be heard by the two men. Jack chuckled as Momonga on the other hand just rolled his eyes at this and glanced off into the distance.

"When do you even make all this food?" Momonga asked as he leaned into the couch, resting his elbows along the back.

"I mean, it stays warm in storage and fresh. So, I just binge cook whenever I am free to do so."

"Is this really a time to be talking about food?" Climb asked as he was chewing popcorn on one side of his face. He was blinking naively before looking back to the screen.

About twenty or so minutes later Succulent and the Constable appeared walking up through to the front of the building. Going passed the fountain, they would stop a few feet from the front door and peer through the closest windows without being too obvious to those inside.

Watching as the duo used the knocker. There was a few moments before Sebas opened the door and allowed them inside. As minutes sped past, nothing seemed to be happening.

Momonga, tired of staring at nothing, took a scroll out of his own item box and summoned an organ sensory in order to see inside.

They were in the living room. Talking. It was clear that the constable was being rude and so was the rogue who was seated beside him. They appeared to be using the incident to attempt and claim money from the man, through commissions, fees and the lot.

They didn't seem to do anything invasive, but it was clear they were looking for evidence of the girls being there. They wouldn't find any. They had been instantly brought to a village on the far side of the Kingdom's territory without anyone outside knowing. There was no way to track them down.

"My Kings, Where did the women go?" Renner asked curiously as she looked to Jack and Momonga.

"To a recently depopulated village."

After a brief pause, Renner nodded at this. She knew exactly where he was talking about since the villages around E-Rantel had been attacked and destroyed. Yet Carne Village, the location nearest of the Citadel was still being

"Where's Tuare?" Ninya asked as she looked over the room.

"She's still in the house, it's likely she was hidden away in one of the bedrooms."

"Solution Epsilon is protecting her. There is… No need to worry."

"What was with that pause?" Jack looked over towards his fellow King he was sharing this country with. The reason he was sharing was to avoid conflict and to be around what could be considered the only other player in the world left alive. If being an Overlord is considered living that is.

Momonga shrugged, "She's not a people person."

"No kidding," Jack commented before looking forward as he lightly danced his fingers through Ninya's short hair. Playing with the little wavy curls and layers.

Ninya swayed slightly, smiling at the feeling his fingers.

Renner's gaze traced over the two, before locking on the side of Jack's face. "Do you… Like playing with hair, King Jack?"

"I d..." Jack froze for a moment, not really expecting this question, "Eh?" Looking over at her, he watched as she flipped some of her golden locks over her shoulder as she leaned a bit towards him. Jack's eyes darted from her and towards Climb, then back to her.

"I look forward to our partnership," Renner said with this creepily happy and wide smile across her face. As Climb saw this, it reminded him of the smile she showed when she first found him starving to death as a child. Like she had just found something new.

Jack dipped his head, nodding in agreement before shifting slightly on the couch, looking forward.


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