「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
40 「Six Dead Arms」
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「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
Author :ZGearCecil
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40 「Six Dead Arms」

Her hand crept over from her side and onto his leg. Renner was expecting something stiff, something hard as diamond. The Kingdom's strongest warrior's blade had broken on his neck. Yet when she squeezed his leg, it felt like the flesh of man.
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Renner's eyes were wide as she stared forward. How was this even possible, she thought. The world around her wasn't like it was only moments before he had entered her life.

She moved her head to look at him, both of their eyes met. Though he had a brow raised and a very confused expression coupled with an inquisitive gaze as to why she was touching his leg with her petite 'golden' hand. Was this some sort of advancement towards him?

"I uh..." Renner shrunk away from him slightly with a slight blush on her face.

Ninya glanced over towards the two, a brow of her own raised seeing the Princess blushing under her boyfriend's gaze. She only blinked a few times before lightly nudging him in the side, tapping against the armor which encased his chest area.

"Hm?" Jack looked over towards Ninya as she reached over and snatched a handful of popcorn, stuffing her face. A slight grin formed over his lips as she smiled all big at him. A childish act? It seemed a bit more spontaneous and less humble than usual.

"So what is the plan? Wait until they do something?"

Jack took in the expression written in her eyes. She wanted his attention, and this was one way to get it. Acting like a good was one way to not only be entertaining, but definitely get him to smile.

"If they do try anything Sebas can handle it," Momonga said as he dismissed this question as nothing of note. Which was pretty much true, but it was a question that had meaning behind it.

"The idea is to see who shows up," He'd gesture towards the Constable and Succulent, the illusionist. "And then when they leave, we follow them back to their base. Thanks to that Sensory Organ, we'll be able to see them even if they decide to go into a building."

"So… It's like a predator watching from the tall grass, watching as its prey leads it to their herd." Renner butted in with her metaphor, leaning forward to look over at them.

"In a manner of speaking."

Jack glanced over towards her. She had gotten closer again and he was shifting uncomfortably on the couch. Normally he would have no problem with someone of her caliber coming closer to him, but knowing her personality and how she views Climb. He was disturbed by her behavior and read into the little things only to proceed into turning them into things that weren't there.

Munching on the popcorn, Ninya locked eyes with the Princess for a few seconds before looking up to Jack who was trying to keep his cool while looking forward.

Opening her mouth to say something, she was interrupted when she heard the door in the surveillance open and close. Her eyes quickly shifted to the moving image. Her eyes tracing over Succulent and the Constable which was in league with the Eight Fingers.

It was pretty horrible to see how corrupt this Kingdom was from this point. She was beginning to wonder how he was going to clean it up. Her eyes slowly moved over towards him, she wanted to ask, but now didn't seem like the best of times.

Jack was too into the projection, watching as the two of them stuck together for a little while before separating. Succulent went into a building and in through a basement until they proceeded into an underground tunnel system.

Seeing how large this system was pretty much amazed just about everyone. It must have taken hundreds of people to make it. Let alone a year or a few to get it made without anyone knowing.

Renner was also rather surprised, but not as surprised as the others. She suspected that they had a way to move around unseen from the naked eye without being seen.

Succulent lead them right to the Six Arms Warehouse and then to the Eight Fingers headquarters. All of which was inside the City. It was amazing how these people could get away with such things so close to the Palace. The corruption has definitely taken over this Kingdom, and it was about time to purge it.

If they hadn't been in the middle of the city, Jack may have well just dropped a meteor on them. He was actually thinking of doing that with the Slane Theocracy, but chose not to considering the fact that they likely had wellspring of artifacts and items from players that once roamed the lands before their sudden arrival to this New World.

Yawning slightly though, this was getting to be a bit too easy.

Once there was a meeting at the headquarters for about an hour, then all movement practically ceased. That was until the entire city was draped under the cover of night. No stars were in the sky tonight, no natural light.

Then just as Jack was about to stand up, there was movement.

In front of the mansion which Sebas, Tuare and Epsilon were staying at the Six Arms made their appearance. Six figures all together, with a few stragglers which appeared to be their minor members, were all forming around the courtyard.

Their target was obviously Sebas and the women who were likely being kept out of sight. At least that is what they thought. As the women weren't there, well that was all except for Tuare and the Butler.

Jack just huffed slightly seeing the undead being known as Davernoch talking about being the King of the Undead. "But he can't even control the other undead like a King. He's the weak-link." The way he whined this out sounded as if he was watching some sort of soap opera or drama, where a character expects and assumes way too much of themselves.

Momonga just chuckled at this, watching as Jack walked closer to the screen.

"I want to wipe them out myself..." He muttered quietly before looking over towards Ninya and the others. "I'll be right back." With a snap of his fingers, he vanished without a trace.

Within less than a second though, he resurface standing behind the Six members of the Six Arms.

He was standing directly behind the strongest looking on, Zero. He may have had no weapon, no armor, but he definitely had the power to take out all of his own men. This was why he wanted to target their leader first.

"Our primary goal is to acquire Cocco's merchandise in tact and bring it back to him. Our sec--" A moment before Zero could finish what he was saying, a fist traveled directly through his back and broke its way out of his chest.

Gasping and sputtering as blood began to fill his lunges. He turned his head to look at the being who had sent their hand through his muscles and rock hard tissue with such ease.

"Good evening gentlemen, lady." Jack announced his presence rather abruptly, but he definitely had their attention.

Hearing the commotion, Tuare peeked outside from behind one of the curtains and rested her one eye that she was looking to look out right on Jack. The same man who's name came off of her sister's lips.

Her eyes widened, she covered her mouth as she saw the bloody hand sticking out of Zero's torso. She wanted to heave at the sight, but instead found herself curling up in fetal position by the window. Whimpering, starting to break down.

Jack on the other hand paid what was going on in the house little to no mind as he turned his head to look towards the others who were dumbfound looking over towards the corpse of their dead boss hanging on some stranger's arm.

Blinking a few times at their expressions, seeing the arm with no weapon.

"What? It comes out." Jack slipped his hand out from inside the man's corpse and let it drop to the ground like the sack of meat that it was.

"Human! Prepare to fall before me, Davernoch, the King of the Undead!" Shouted the Lich, which clearly aggravated current company of both sides of the screen.

"You got Eighth Grade Syndrome or something?" Jack spouted before his eyes moved towards the woman with the floating scimitars. While she was mildly attractive in the sense of beauty, he could already tell none of these beings were his type. They were all cold hard criminals, and he had already predetermined that he was going to wipe them all out.

"What did you say!?"

The Lich threw a bolt of red fire at Jack, causing it to disperse on his armored chest plate like it was nothing. There weren't even any scorch marks since it was just a third tier attack and he was pretty much good until high tier magic was used. This made him pretty much invincible unless someone as powerful as Ainz were to appear.

The only reason why Ainz couldn't defeat Jack, was the same reason he couldn't defeat Touch Me. His build, his techniques. They were all far too different from him and he would always fail.

So when that bolt had dispersed, Jack's skin had become transparent. Immediately those watching would see the crystalline skeleton and the sapphires for his eyes. The Lich practically froze at the sight.

That was the moment they knew they made a mistake. This entity was not human and he just attacked it. "Wait!" Davernoch called out, "We ca-can talk about this!"

Jack just stared through the undead lich for a few seconds before shaking his head. "Not worth the time, nor the waste of air." He began walking towards the Lich and when he went to cast lightning in a last ditch to defend himself. Jack threw his hand forward and punched his head clear off his shoulders. Sending it flying into Edström's chest, causing all of her ribs to cave in due to the amount of force behind it. She fell to the ground along with all of her weapons as she hadn't sent an attack as of yet.

His eyes then moved towards Succulent, Peshurian and Malmvist whom were the last ones remaining. They started to inch around him, attempting to encircle the being who had kicked three of there members within less then five minutes of making an appearance.

They were sure he could have just killed them all off within a few seconds, but he was just toying around with them. This had already quickly come to mind.

"This was a trap..." Malmvist growled, and knew even if he tried to run, it was unlikely he would survive. Especially when he watched Jack begin to crouch down in front of them.

Resting his elbows on his knees, he glanced at them each.

Peshurian had a whip-like sword, while it didn't seem practical, if one knew how to use it… It could wind up being deadly against those incapable of defending against it. His eyes then moved towards Succulent and Malmvist.


"You going to surrender tough guy!?" Succulent was sounding rather sarcastic, though it definitely drew his attention to him. Whether he wanted it or not, Jack was staring right through him.

"「Shockwave」" The moment this spell was activated by Jack, an invisible shockwave of destructive energy moved in all directions in a radius around himself. This sent the three of them flying with extreme prejudice. Crushing where they stood and popping Peshurian like a soda can. His head going sky high before bouncing off the ground a few times before landing in the automated fountain.

Jack let out a sigh as it was quickly finished before standing back up and looking up towards where he knew the surveillance feed was coming from and giving a thumbs up.

Momonga simply shook his head slightly. He had pointlessly went out on his own, though it wasn't like he'd die against such weak opponents. Even Momonga could have gone out there and slaughtered these crappy villains. He could definitely do better than these shit steaks.


Jack reappeared in the Throne room and flopped onto the couch with the others. He had no blood on him despite the kind of scene he had left behind.

Thankfully though his use of the spell didn't reach the house, it only bothered to damage the fence in the process of killing the remaining Six Arms.


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