「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
41 「Elimination Round」
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「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
Author :ZGearCecil
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41 「Elimination Round」

An hour had gone by. There was silence. No movements what so ever as all the goons were dead around the mansion. Bodies sewn over the ground, painting the pavement and slabs of stone with the warmth of dark crimson.

"They're not back yet, so it seems..." The members of the conference were staring at the empty seat which belonged to Zero. They had been sent out to take out a threat and have yet to return. None of the men who had been dispatched and even the Six Arms main members came back.

"Could they have been held up?" Hilma tickled the pipe at her lips.

"Is there a chance they all died and I wasted my precious funding on their shitty promises?" Doll huffed as he leaned back in the chair. Though he was partially joking, he was sure they should've been back by now.

"That wouldn't be good for business..." The executive stated as he stared through Cocco as if he didn't want to get jinxed by this peddler of people.

"We could always send out our own men to scout out the situa--" The count who was speaking went silent as he heard something similar to that of a pen dropping in the shadows.

All of the people around the nonagon shaped table looked around. Their eyes shifting side to side, scanning each bit of their surroundings. "Think it's Zero?"

"If it is, it's not very funny."

"I didn't think he was the joker type," muttered Hilma as she stood up, stroking her snake arm with her right hand. For some reason her body was getting covered in goose bumps. "Is it just me, or is it getting cold in here?"

Doll glanced over at the high class courtesan as she was standing up from the table. She looked like she was about to get up and bolt for the nearest exit door. "No I think it's just..." He turned his head to the side slightly and scratched the tip of his strong long pointy nose.

There was a dripping sound. A swooshing sound. It wasn't coming from just one place. It was coming from all directions as if they were somehow surrounded by water.

The Council Executive cleared his throat, "Please sit down Hilma. They should soon be retur--" The man wearing the Water Symbol on his chest froze for a moment before looking upward.

In the darkness of the high ceiling, he swore he saw a current moving. "Hm..." At first he thought it was just the dark shadows of the room playing tricks on him.

That was until a drip of water dropped on his nose, with a loud plat, and then proceeded to trickle down the side of his face. The movement was real. They were surrounded by water, and it wasn't just any water that they were surrounded by.

"There's nothing there," The Council Executive proclaimed quietly, wrapping his fingers around the Water God symbol on his necklace which stood prominently out on his magenta robes.

"Nothing… There?" Cocco raised a brow before looking upward. The darkness seemed to swirl about above them. It felt as if it was getting closer and closer. Reaching out towards them.

Hilma still stood there as she took a puff from her pipe. She was slowly walking away from the table, creeping towards the direction of the exit. Her eyes were centered on the light that was under the door.

However as she was about to enter the shadows, the light vanished followed by the sound of rushing water. The door, her eyes shifted side to side. She had lost the door?! She could just run forward right? She knew the general location, all she had to do was feel the wall right!?

She was beginning to think irrationally as she took a single step forward, she was at the edge of the shadows. Her tongue poked out and moistened her lips, teasing the pipe she held at the right corner angle of her lips. "I'm going to do it..."

The Executive Council Member stood up, "Return to the Table. We'll wait until Zero returns. He'll take care of..." He shifted his head to the side as one of the grey robed members of the council vanished from his peripheral vision.

"My--" The other grey robed individual attempted to call out, but when everyone turned their heads to look at them, they were gone.

Cocco turned to look towards Hilma and froze. Her pipe was on the ground, as were her heeled shoes. The pipe itself was still burning, smoking, as it laid there absently.

The sound of muffled screams underwater could be heard swirling up above them. And within the next few minutes just silence as the bodies moved about in the dark.

"What the hell is this shit?" Cocco went to stand up, pressing a hand down on the table. "We have to get out of--"

Smashing into the table from above, blood and bodily fluids exploded in all directions, as Hilma's corpse shattered the center of the Nonagon shaped table they were using for the meeting.

All of the remaining members of the Eight Fingers just stared at the dead body. It was covered in bruises, it had thousands of miniature puncture marks made from blunt force as if it was caused by a magic high pressured water spell.

Swallowing hard, the men looked up towards the ceiling again.

"What the hell is that..."

"I don't know, but we can't just stay here!"

"What the hell do we do then!?"

"We're not going to survive!"

"Do you have a teleportation spell on you?!"

The Executive Council member shook his head when he had been asked this question. His hand remained gripping at the necklace he had around his neck. So he was going to be killed by an aspect of his worship? Death by drowning? His eyes moved towards the corpse again before looking up towards the ceiling.

That didn't seem quite right. Someone was using, controlling the water. And why did they use water in the first place? Or could this be something else?

Taking out a scroll from his robes, he tossed it into the air and it lit up into a light bright enough to see the rest of the room with.

The people who were already afraid for their lives froze as they quite literally found themselves in the center of a dome, surrounded by water. And it wasn't just any kind of water. It wasn't necessarily being controlled by anyone.

Moving about above them was a Primal Water Elemental. It was a level Eighty-Seven monster capable of manipulating water. They could see the bodies shifting and turning, only to drop from above and splatter on the floor on either side of the table. How it had gotten inside, he didn't know. Yet he could definitely understand its intent was to kill everyone in the room should they try to leave, or otherwise be standing. At least that is what he believed until a tendril of high pressure water left the ceiling above, revealing a massive humanoid shaped current within the water.

The tendril came rushing towards Cocco who stood up and attempted to run away, only for the water to violently drill through his back and exit through the front of his chest. His ribs burst open and his internal organs sprayed out along the floor like a pinata.

The Smuggling Chief slowly raised from the table and stepped back. His chair screeching as it was pushed across the ground by the movement.

The head of the monster turned its attention towards him.

"Shit..." In a split second a thin blade of water passed through the lower area of his neck. A mist of blood following afterward before his head rolled right off his shoulders cleanly.

"WHO ARE YOU!?" The Leader of the Eight Fingers screamed out as he threw his gilded dark wood velveted purple chair to the side.

Count Iselk frowned as he remained seated as he turned to look towards the door. It was too far away for him to reach and he was absolutely sure he wouldn't make it even if he tried. So should he patiently wait for death, or charge straight into it willy nilly?

Lubelina was the third in command of the group and was just staring at the Leader. If he were to die, she would be in command. Yet, that would be entirely short lived.

The androgynous beauty didn't want to die just yet. As she leaned back in her chair and stared up at the water as it wordlessly continued to move about above them. She continued to blow bubbles from her saliva casually. While it was nice to watch people suffering, all she saw here was death and it was… Quite annoying and boring.

"There are three of you remaining," a voice suddenly spoke up clear as day. It was an unknown's voice, none of them seemed to recognize it.

"And none of you are getting out alive, isn't that right, King Jack?" Now that was a familiar voice, the cute and tame voice of that of the princess. Yet there was a strange sense of joy in their torment and last minutes of life.

'Isn't this overkill?" Ninya asked as she scratched the side of her head.

Their three figures could be seen standing within the doorway of the exit. The light had returned.

"Overkill is worth it sometimes, especially should it mutilate and disfigure the bodies. No one will ever know who they were, but they will know what they've done. As your army burns their fields, eliminates their contractors and removes them from the history of the Kingdom… They will leave nothing behind for any potential successor.. Not even a legacy."

"You Bitch!" The Leader slammed his fist on the table.

"Now that's not very nice," Jack uttered as he snapped his fingers. A single large tendril of spiraling water pierced the man in the back and lifted him gasping from the ground.

"My Princess, wait!" The Count moved to the edge of the shadows, bowing down on his hands and knees. His forehead pressed deeply into the ground. "If I didn't stay amongst these fools, they would've found a replacement. I was being the greater of the tw--" Like a guillotine, the water decapitated him mid-sentence as he was trying to plea for his life. It was abrupt, without care.
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Ninya winced seeing this and rubbed her own neck while looking to Jack who had closed his eyes for a short time before opening them again.

His eyes rested on the Androgynous woman dressed in men's clothing. She was looking straight through the water at him. The killing intent was clear from her, but it was far too weak to potentially reach him. She was useless even though she reeked of many deaths.

"You're not going to stand?"

"What's the point?"

"Most people wish to die on their feet."

"I've been dead for a long time," Lubelina laughed aloud, shamelessly. "You're just out of my reach to kill. Far… Far too out of my reach." She gestured with both hands at the water which surrounded her. She knew she was out matched. She couldn't charge him and she definitely couldn't fight someone who could summon such ab east in the first place. It was quite clear that this was supposed to be a massacre and not a battle. Even though she had a magically enchanted rapier, there was no way she would hold much of a candle next to this man. A man who was called King by the Princess.

"Tell me, what happened to the Crowned Prince, the old Man and his son?"

"The Crowned Prince is dead, the Old Man abdicated the Throne… And the second Prince ran away," Jack recited as he looked around the room. Then towards the woman once more as she rested her feet up on the table.

Lubelina has for a long time, been broken. The only thing that made her look alive compared to other humans was that kind smile that was always on her face. And the fetish of making or watching people suffer which turned her on so.

"Wait are you wai--"


Lubelina blinked a few times from the sound of what reminded her of a blackpowder explosive. She glanced down towards her abdomen area which was beginning to swell with red liquid staining her shirt from the inside. Pain began to ping throughout her body, starting like pins and needles before becoming sharp and volatile.

Slowly she glanced back over towards those who were in the doorway, separated from her by water.

Standing in the doorway with a smoking object pointed directly at her was none other than the Princess. Dressed in a light blue dress which matched her eyes and gave contrast to her golden hair.

"Eh?" The Third in Command blinked a few times in shock with what just happened. "What is tha--"


Through the back of her throat and the back of her head, a bullet flew. The woman dressed as a man dropped to the ground, dead as a doornail as Jack began to recall the Primal Water Elemental.

The Eight Fingers had been eliminated...


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