「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
42 「Valkyrie’s Downfall」
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「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
Author :ZGearCecil
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42 「Valkyrie’s Downfall」

The Princess Renner was breathing heavily, panting with a wide ass smile on her face. Held at level was a pistol equipped in her petite hands. She had gained the Gunner Class after equipping the weapon and using it with little instruction from Jack.

Jack on the other hand after recalling the Primal Water Elemental, turned to look towards Renner. Watching as her shoulders rose and fell, rose and fell. He could see the sweat and perspiration on the side of her head and along her exposed arms. He had handed her an alien weapon which would be sure to cause culture shock should it be exposed to the rest of the world. It was a weapon that when used in mass, could eliminate an entire army of foes, just like the Sniper class, as these two modern job classes hailed from YGGDRASIL's game patch Valkyrie's Downfall.

Ninya also had her eyes on the Princess. She had never seen such a weapon used to kill a person, to kill anything. It reminded her of those crude battlefield grenades that could take off the users arm before it ever leaves their hand.

She could only stare at the smoking barrel from the side.

Jack approached her and with a subtle raise of his arm, placed his fingers on the barrel to have the woman lower it to point to the ground. "You're a natural," HIs eyes were locked on the weapon he had given her. To him it was nothing but a toy, a way to break the Japanese Law against citizens handling firearms without an exclusive permit as Japan had waged a war on war itself.

"What… What is this!?" Renner finally asked as she was able to steady her breathing. Her smile still hadn't faded off her face and she was clearly too excited to let go of the grip.

"It's a mechanical device known as a Gun, a pistol to be more precise."

Renner looked over at him with her big blue eyes with this scary expression on her face like she was thinking of using it for other malicious purposes. "How effective is it on full plate mail?"

"It might ricochet a few times and get you in the eye," Not feeding the idea any hope, he said this in a very monotone voice to give her a very serious answer.

"Oh," that creepy face faded and she was now smiling faintly and looking at the item in her hands. She clicked the safety and held it out for him to take.

Stepping to the side, away from the barrel, he would grasp the weapon before stuffing it into his item box. "I can have a single shot pistol developed for you, in case of emergencies."

"Single shot…?"

"As in it is small, compact and can be hidden just about anywhere." His eyes traced her form up and down as to make his point.

Though her face quickly turned red, slightly embarrassed in what came to mind, she nodded in what he was telling her. "Small and compact," she muttered quietly as she looked over her sleeves and her dress. In a way she could have it put somewhere beneath her skirt? Or her sleeve? Renner licked her lips slightly before looking over to the barely damaged body of the woman she had killed.

Ninya on the other hand just stared at him for a few seconds before looking at the dead bodies. "So you could essentially use that to kill a Spell Caster before they can even release a spell… Or shoot a dragon in the eyes to blind them."

"Precisely," Jack said as he walked over to her and placed his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to himself.

Ninya's gaze moved to the ground as she was thinking of that whole idea. If the Kingdom used that weapon, they'd be able to wipe out their competition in a matter of months if not years.

Assassinations, war, skirmishes all of it would be so different with the use of guns. Combining guns with magic though, she almost began to pale. If bullets were imbued with grand explosive spells, the death tolls and destruction could be far more than anyone would bargain for.

"Jack..." She whisper as she leaned up towards him as he leaned his head in towards her, lending her his ear. "Make sure she can't get the 'gun' reverse engineered."

"Already thought of that, thank you, Ninya." He turned his head to peck her straight on the nose, causing her to blush almost immediately.

The Princess watched their interactions, her lips parted slightly. He kissed her nose? Weren't you supposed to kiss someone on the cheek or on the lips? The tip of her tongue poked out from behind her lips for a second before she turned to trot out of the room, full of superficial grace that didn't quite fit in with her ungraceful thoughts.

The three made their way out of the room before walking through a portal which Jack summoned forth.

"Princess!" Climb shouted as he ran up to her the moment they reappeared in the Throne Room. "Are you alright?" He was scanning her for damage, yet there was none. Not even a tear on the skirting of her dress.

"Climb, I'm fine, I'm fine." She'd giggle as she placed her hands on his face, petting one side of it.

Jack and Ninya gave them a glance as they walked by and towards Momonga who was standing in front of the couch they had been pleasantly using for watching the surveillance of the Eight Fingers and their Security Department.

"Duke Elias Raeven has been quite useful," Momonga stated as his red eyes beamed slightly. "I can't believe you handed the Princess a gun though. Of all things."

"I mean, I could've given her a rocket launcher, or a sniper rifle. I just gave her a taste, a nip, of what we could do for or to this nation should it betray us.."

Momonga couldn't help but chuckle. Even though the two of them alone could destroy each and every city with a single spell each, he was flaunting around the small arms.

"So what's the Duke up to?"

Momonga turned towards the surveillance screen and waved his hand slightly to reveal burning fields and soldiers fighting criminals. It was an entirely one sided battle, the criminals were losing without the aide of the Security Department and their enforcers.

"Renner gave him the order to destroy the plantations under the control of the Eight Fingers before you gave your permission." Momonga pointed out as he gave a glance towards the Golden Princess.

"She took the initiative. We'll let it pass for now," Jack uttered as he too gave the Princess a glance then turning to face Momonga.

Ninya frowned a bit, she admired the Princess, but why would she blatantly act without orders to do so? At least she was able to get permission after acting, and before it was noticed. Otherwise this would've been an unsanctioned operation and the Princess would be at risk. Not that she believed Jack would do anything to her or have anything done to her unless it were truly necessary.

Momonga had Demiurge go out and collect some of the raw plant material for analyzation and experimentation. It was clear he wanted to know how the drug worked as well as how to make Black Dust. However he neglected to inform Jack of this development.

"Well, In any case. It appears the current capital of our Kingdom has been purged of the Eight Fingers and their compatriots. In fifteen days, we'll be able to purge the country of its corrupt nobles and countrymen."

Ninya blinked several times as she looked over at him. He was planning on killing or removing nobles who were deemed corrupt? She then looked to Momonga who nodded, concurring with his decision.

Turning her head, she looked to Renner who was walking and talking with her Bodyguard who appeared far closer to her than before when she was restrained from doing so.

"So until then, I think we can head back to Carne Village for a while?"

"Actually," Momonga took a step forward. "I'm… Having a problem with one of my Guardians. She's depressed and believes she has failed."

"Depressed?" Jack raised a brow when he had said this.

"It's Shalltear," Momonga would've sighed as he couldn't think of what to do. Punishment didn't seem right since it was out of her control. Yet everyone looked down on her because of it.

"I guess I'll be giving a visit to Narazick then, first time for everything." He lightly hugged onto Ninya, "Would you like me to send you back to the village or would you like to stay here with your sister?"

Ninya blinked a few times when she was given this choice. It was hard for her to choose really. She had just saved her sister, but she also wanted to be around him.

"What is Narazick anyways?"
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"The Great Tomb of Nazarick. It's located Northeast of the Carne Village. It's one of the reasons he came to protect the Village."

"So he wasn't just passing by?"

Jack chuckled and shook his head slightly. "I mean, if I wasn't tending to the team, I would've showed up before him." His eyes moved to Momonga who was waiting beside an open portal. Waiting for him.

"So, would you like to go home, or head back to the mansion?"

Thinking clearly, she shrugged up at him with lowered brows. "I'll go home. My sister's been through a lot, I don't want to overwhelm her." She smiled up at him as she made up her mind. "Thank you for keeping your promise."

"I prefer to keep my word," Jack nodded to her and poked her nose before opening a portal for her to travel through.

Whipping her cloak aside, she humbly made her way into the portal and vanished into the swirling mass of energy before it vanished behind her.

Jack then turned towards Momonga and raised a brow as he was still standing there, waiting for him. "So why do you need me to help you with Shalltear? She's your guardian, isn't she?"

"I want you to punish her for me, you know, delegating tasks."

Jack squinted at the fellow skeleton before shaking his head slightly as if he was confused on the subject. "You're starting to sound like a father trying to marry off his daughter. Or a father trying to push parenting onto his son, which is even weirder."

Momonga just stared at him for a good minute in thought, then gestured towards the portal. "If she sees me, she'll feel even more guilty."

"You're not liking confrontation..." Jack stated as he grabbed hold of the Overlord's arm towing him into the portal with him on their way to the Great Tomb of Nazarick.


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