「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
45 「VillageLife I」
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「Dropped」An Overlord Fanfiction
Author :ZGearCecil
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45 「VillageLife I」

Jack entered Carne Village, the portal having appeared above the Citadel's highest floor. HIs feet rested on the flat spine of the roof top, he would fold his arms over his chest. A smile across his lips. Part of him wanted to admire the ring which Momon had given him, but at the same time, he didn't like the thought of how he'd look. Admiring a ring a man had given him?

The corner of his lip twitched slightly. His eyes searched the Village as the world around him had changed so much already. He could see the Golems making their rounds along the wall.

His eyes would finally come to a rest on the two children running around with the other children of the village. A small smile forming over his lips, it seemed Arche's sisters were fitting right in and even making friends. His eyes then drifted over to the women who were being lead around the village by the Guardians who took it upon themselves to mingle with the locals after meeting them.

Then his eyes rested on Ninya who was sitting at the bottom of the steps of the Citadel, writing in her diary about her exploits and the things she's done.

She had finally found her sister and that was something no one else could have given her.

She closed her eyes partially and she turned her head. She could feel someone looking at her, but she couldn't tell where from. There was no one directly behind her, and from what she could tell, anyone in sight at her level there was no one paying attention to her.

That was until she decided to look up and she saw a man standing there, a silhouette blotting out the sun. A bright smile that could fill the world with joy appeared across her lips.

Within a second, he appeared directly in front of her after using magic for teleporting. He wrapped an arm around her and placed the other on her cheek.

"I'm back for a couple weeks," He said with a light chuckle.

Ninya couldn't help but ease into his hand, similar to that of a cat nudging and nuzzling the side of her face into his hand. "Thank you for helping save my sister..."

Jack couldn't help but chuckle at this as she had thanked him more than she ever had to in the first place. He just fulfilled a promise, a promise which was her ultimate goal.

"So what are we going to do for these… Two weeks your here?" She asked curiously as she seemed a bit more energetic. Her sister was safe in the hands of someone who seemed capable of keeping her that way. Her eyes then shifted towards Arche who was filling a trough with water she was creating with tier one magic

"Perhaps we can have a gathering? Maybe we can invite my sister here..." She looked around the village, tracing her eyes over the wall. It was a safe place where the sun shines and the fields grow.

Monsters and Noblemen were the least of her worries should she come here. She could live here freely without being afraid. She'd have the support of the women here too, especially the ones whom were saved from the very same place.

"Sounds like a good idea. I'm sure she'd enjoy a change of scenery, and Nazarick is nearby… Walling in the entire Re-Estize territory sounds like a horrible undertaking though."

Ninya laughed a bit when he suddenly spoke about walling the territory. "Where did that come from?"

Shrugging at her, it was just a stray thought which seemed to come to his mind. Dragons to the North in the mountains and some Dragon Lord to the North West. He didn't really know what he could do to ensure the protection of the territory other than destroying the Slane Theocracy and the Demi-Human Exclave. Without the majority of the Black Scripture, the Theocracy was severely weakened. Even with their extra-seat it was unlikely they'd be able to put up a great defense.

Though little did he know, the Platinum Dragon Lord was keeping the Government of the Slane Theocracy suppressed. Not allowing them to deploy the extra-seat willfully on their enemies and political targets.

Shaking his head slightly as he focused back on Ninya, he smiled down at her as she was giggling in his presence. She was surely more cute now that she was out in the open.

"How about we go up to my study for now?" He'd ask curiously with his head tilted to the side.

Ninya's bright smile turned into a small smirk, her arm gently hooking around his. "You can lead the way, if you will..." She leaned into him casually, enjoying the feeling of just being by him.

The two would begin to walk up the steps. Watching each step they made together. Moving in sync, they couldn't help but expel some friendly chuckles toward one another. Especially when one of them dun goofed, only for one to support the other to make sure neither fell. Not that Jack would get all that hurt from falling. It was mainly that of Ninya's concern should either of them fall down the steps.

As they made it to the top in the next fifteen minutes, there had been no rush. They entered the courtyard and within a few seconds they vanished through the front double doors of the main complex.

Stepping into the study on the top floor of the Citadel, they walked along the long wooden table. Both of them looking through their memories of this place.

Ninya's eyes rested on the Bonsai tree and raised a brow as it felt like it was looking right back at her. At first it confused her, until she remembered there was a Dryad in the building.

Looking forward as she heard the squeaking of a wooden chair, her eyes traced the back of Jack's head as he was sitting there looking over the horizon above the wall.

Glancing over his shoulder at her, he gestured for her to come over to him.

With a picked up pace, she trotted on over to him and plopped right into his lap, parking her rear on his left thigh. Her eyes locked with his as he stared through her. For the time being, she was everything. Reaching over, he grasped her by her collar and pulled her in for a kiss. Pressing his lips against hers and forcing her mouth open with his tongue.

She was surprised, but it didn't seem to faze him at all. He pulled her closer and tightened the locking of their lips. Soon enough she found she couldn't escape his hold and nestled in. Her tongue tackling his, only for Jack to assert his dominance, taking the lead back. His hand would move down from her collar and run down her side.

He was caressing his fingers down the side of her abdomen, before resting on her hip and pulling her lower body to him. Immediately she moved to straddle over his lap, her legs tucking themselves through the hoops under the arms of his chair.

Breaking the kiss, Ninya's tongue was sticking out as a thin string of saliva filled the gap before snapping and dripping from their chins. They both licked their lips.

"Mmm… Asgard Pekoe," Jack chuckled lightly as he had tasted her. It was apparent she had drank tea before his return to the village. Her mouth was still really warm and with a unique tangy taste.

Ninya squinted slightly as she moved her tongue around her mouth. She wasn't really sure what he tasted like. It almost as if he tasted almost like mint leafs and a variety of unknown herbs.

She was starting to wonder what he had eaten recently that tasted like this.

His hands gently shifted back up along her sides, undoing her mantle. The cape and all, just fell to the ground at the foot of the chair. He'd undo her belt and drop it onto the table behind them. Removing the tan colored tunic over her head, he would go ahead and wrap his arms around her again. Burying his face into her soft baggy black shirt.

He took in the scent of the day. He could smell where she had been, the things she had been nearest. He could even smell the perfume she had bought while in the Capital on her way to the Palace.

She wrapped her own arms around his head as he poked his head up to gaze at her. He licked his lips slightly before pulling her even closer. Her lower body pressing against his abdomen as he pressed his lips against her neck, right under her jaw. The pheromones she was releasing, the excitement she was feeling. He could taste it all. Feel it all. And above all, he could hear her heart as if it was going to burst from her chest as she tried to humbly to hold back her small little sounds.

He wanted her to let those sounds out as he lightly nipped at her chin, playfully butting her head with the side of his face. He liked the feeling of their skin rubbing together. The warmth that it generated.

His hands traveled up her shirt after untucking it from her pants. He grasped at the binds which hid her budding chest. He'd pull at it with fingers, tearing it apart as he punctured it with his thumbs.

Gasping at the feeling of his hands on her breasts, she held his head tighter, seemingly trapping his face against her as she let out a gasp. She was unable to hold back as he was exploring her like he did. His hands were moving about, feeling every bit that hadn't been exposed to the eyes.

They moved behind her and traced down her spine, sending a shivering feeling throughout her system.

She shook in his arms. Trembled even. She pressed her mouth into his hair, taking in a deep breath as his fingers teased the waist band of her pants. She was squirming in anticipation.
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In truth she was the only one trapped here. Her legs were stuck under the arms of the chair, she couldn't raise them or maneuver off of him. Her only choice was to embrace him, which she didn't at all seem to mind. She liked the feeling of his touch, loved it even. It gave her a strange feeling that was hard to describe. He knew all the right places to touch, and how to touch.

At the same time, it felt as if no matter where he touched, he'd set off pleasure centers in her mind and throughout her body. She was having a hard time concentrating. Especially as his hands came back up and grasped the hem of her shirt, before lifting it over her head; forcing her to raise her arms.

Out in the open her small perky breasts were in his face. He pressed his lips against her sternum, resting his ear against her mostly visible ribs.

Glancing up at her a she smiled down at him, grasping his head in her hands. Feeling his hair, his playing with his lips.

Jack took her fingers into his mouth, lightly sucking on them and rolling his front teeth over them.

Withdrawing her fingers she looked at her digits, opening and closing them, spreading them to observe the thick saliva which coated them. She licked her lips slightly before nestling a bit more into his lap.

As his fingers dipped into her pants, his hands grasped at her rear. Making its way around to her thighs. One of his hands kept going while the other retreated to her backside. She felt his hand travel where she never thought she would let anyone touch, a place she never thought anyone would have the chance to.

She curled her lips in and closed her eyes, feeling his fingers tease the lips of her lower body.

She let out a small sound. His fingers tracing over the mound and toying with the small, sensitive, erectile part of her lady bits. The feeling was overwhelming, the touch itself was gentle and pleasing. Even if it was just poking and prodding, she was turned on just by being in his hands. She arched her back as he toyed and teased.

Still she tried to hold back her little sounds to no avail. She moaned aloud and bleated in dismay as she failed to keep herself under control.

As he stood up, she instinctively wrapped her legs around him until she found herself placed on her back on top of the table. She gasped out loud and blushed a red she had never seen her own skin turn before. She was panting, wanting more from his touches.

His hands emerged from her pants and grasped the rim, pulling it down her legs and suddenly knotting it around her ankles. She blinked several times at this action, not exactly understanding why. She looked up at him as he loomed over her. His hands, his fingers, traced along the circumference her breasts.

He'd poke her swollen nipples, causing her to squeak quietly at the feeling.

Had he tied her ankles so she wouldn't run? Ninya's eyes held this question. Why had he restrained her? She licked her lips as he leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. Biting at her lower lip. He was moving rougher?

As one of his hands ran down her side, poking beneath her until reaching her ass. His hand would like a crowbar, flip her over after pulling one side of her up.

Ninya squealed in surprise, not expecting to be turned over. She turned her head to the side and looked over at him. She was excited, but also afraid. She felt his suddenly bare chest against her back. His face was close to hers as he pecked the back of her shoulder blades.

His lips traced her spine up and down before going to her other shoulder where he would gently suck the skin of her neck.

"J-jack?" Ninya asked aloud as she felt an arm skim beneath her and cross over her chest. He lifted her from the table slightly while his lower body kept her legs pinned to the edge.

Licking his lips, he gently kissed his way up her neck before whispering in her ear, "Ninya?"

She shook excitedly hearing her name whispered into her ear. "What're you doing..?"


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