Above the Nine Heavens
3 A Second Chance at Life
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Above the Nine Heavens
Author :OmnipotentGod
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3 A Second Chance at Life

A second chance at life

White Star City, Jiang Clan

It was early in the morning and outside everything was still very dark. But even so the streets were already bustling full of all kinds of people.

Merchants were trying to sell their goods on stands which were constructed at the side of the streets, while residents were buying daily necessary's. Most shops in the streets were also already open and many other people could be seen, who were traveling through the city.

While in others places it may be considered as unusual, since it was still so early in the morning, it was a very common sight in White Star City and could be seen every day.

The reason behind it was that White Star City not only was located near a big forest which inhabited many low-grade magical beasts that could be tamed or hunted, but also because it was on the main route between the Holy Empire and the Black Water Kingdom. Both the Holy Empire and the Black Water Kingdom were middle-class countries and this route was often used by merchants and travelers to travel between both territories since it was much safer than the smaller routes where often bandit attacks occurred.

The Jiang Clan was established in a large area near the city-wall on the Northern side of the city and was one of the three Great Clans of White Star City beside the Ye Clan and Zhang Clan. These clans had not only several hundred years of history, but each of them had several Foundation Establishment Realm Experts and even one or two at the early Core Formation Realm.

The entire Jiang Clan residence consisted out of several courtyards and one big Main Hall. Behind the Main Hall was a big field, where the training's ground was located, and all members of the Jiang Clan could practice their Martial Arts.

Because it was still early in the morning in the entire Jiang Clan residence everything was still quiet, and everyone was still sleeping, except some few individuals who did their daily routine like the servant or the guards who patrolled around the entire compound.

While every building in the Jiang Clan residence, except the building where the servants lived, was build tall and imposing out of hard stone, decorated with many strong and valuable materials, you could see a small sole courtyard standing quite a few meters away from the rest at the edge of the clan compound.

Even though the courtyard was better than the ones of the servants and well maintained, you could clearly see that it was smaller and built out of much inferior material compared to the rest of the courtyards.

Because it was so small, the entire courtyard consisted out of only three room, two used as sleeping areas and one to eat and cook.

Looking closer in one of the rooms, you could see a young man, who looked not older than sixteen, calmly sleeping on his bed.

While the room was sparsely decorated, with only four items of furniture, one of them a small table, another a chair, a small mirror at the wall and a small bed on which the young man slept, it was very clean with no speck of dust to be found anywhere.

But what attracted one's attention the most was the young man who slept on the bed.

He had silver hair that reached to his shoulder and framed his handsome face, His high was average, and he had a well-toned body, which showed that he did train his body very often. Altogether you could say he was someone who certainly attracts the attention of countless from the opposite sex.

Looking at him, you could see that he was still sleeping deeply, and wouldn't wake up any time soon.

While observing him for several minutes, a golden light could suddenly be seen appearing out of nowhere and enveloping him entirely in a golden shine. After the young man's body was fully encircled, the golden light started to become brighter and brighter, until one was forced to close one's eyes to not be blinded. The light stayed for several second, only to slowly dissolved afterwards, seeming to disappear inside the young man's forehead.

During the entire occurrence, the young man didn't seem to be disturbed in the slightest in his sleep and continued as if nothing had happened.

If others could see that they would surely astonished by such a heavenly phenomenon which happened out of nowhere without any indication.

The only certainty that something even happened, and everything wasn't an illusion, was the small azure colored ring in the form of a dragon who bit in its own that appeared on the index finger of the young man.

Several hours later the young man finally started to stir and slowly wake up. First, he moved his limbs, before you could see him opening his eyes, which had a silver color much like his hair, only much brighter.

Looking into his eyes, you could see that the contained wisdom and knowledge that a youth shouldn't possess, and one could only have after living for thousands of years.

His gaze seemed as if it could straight see through your soul and read you like an open book. At the same time an indescribable pressure appeared as if you were in front of a supreme ruler and had to bow to him.

If others were in the room they wouldn't be able to stand straight in front of him and could have only bowed down.

"What happened? Where am I?" Thought Jiang Cheng confused as he looked up at a familiar ceiling. After a short time, he remembered everything again, his entire life force was depleted, and he had arrived in a dark place where an ancient voice had offered him a second chance.

As he sat up and looked around, he saw why the room seemed so familiar. How could he not recognize the place where he had grown up and lived most of his youth?

"So, I have truly gained a second chance?" He thought to himself as noticed that he was again in his room of the small courtyard on the Jiang Clan compound, where he and his little sister had lived in the past, since their parents were killed on a mission of the clan, while he had been only ten and his little sister seven.

"I should be around the age of sixteen". He thought as he saw his reflection in the small mirror beside his bed.

Then a thought came into his mind, which made him very excited. "It means that little Wu and Xiao Ya are again alive!"

"Good, Hahaha, this time I Jiang Cheng will live a life without regrets" He swore to the Heavens, "In the past I Jiang Cheng strived to reach the apex, this time I shall move free and unrestrained in the Nine Heavens!"

After standing up, he noticed that his body had several injuries and broken bones. Thinking back to his youth, he knew most likely how it happened.

Because Jiang Cheng had been unable to cultivate in his youth, he had often been ridiculed and seen as trash by most inside the clan especially the young master of the Jiang Clan and the younger generation. Thus, he was also often beaten up by the young master of the Jiang Clan Jiang Chun, who made it a hobby of his to do everything to make Jiang Cheng's life harder. But even then, Jiang Cheng still had had worked hard every day to support himself and his little sister.

Despite having several injuries on his body and broken bones, he felt very good. In fact, you could say that he felt even better than in a long time. After waking up, he had immediately felt that his body was again at its peak state, full of vitality and youthful vigor.

One must know ever since Jiang Cheng had used a forbidden art and sacrificed most of his life-force to forceful breakthrough from the Martial Sovereign Realm to the Martial God Emperor Realm, which had been his only option back then since his enemies were too strong having three Martial God and even one Martial God King Ancestor, his body had slowly becoming weaker and weaker since the exertion was too much for his already beforehand weakened body to handle.

That was also the reason why he had looked like an old man before he had died, even though he had been only around hundred thousand years old, which was in terms of a cultivator rather young. If he hadn't sacrificed his life-force, with him being at the Martial Sovereign Realm he would have had been easily able to live for another hundred-thousand years without any problem.

One must know life-force is one of the most important things for a cultivator. Over the age's one's life-force will gradually deplete and the stronger it is the longer one could live. Only by breaking through a realm in the next or the use of longevity treasures, which are rare like phoenix feathers and unicorn horns, could enhance it again.

After Jiang Cheng dressed himself in an ordinary white-robe, he sat down with his legs crossed and started to inspect his body. In the past only through coincidence had he ate an extremely rare pill, which opened all his meridians in his body, which were all closed at the time. It had also been the reason why he hadn't been able to cultivate.

Now even without the pill it was no problem for him to open his meridians. He hadn't been for nothing renowned in the past as someone with vast knowledge in all kinds of professions, from Arrays, Blacksmithing, Inscription, Medicine and even Alchemy. He also noticed that his dantian sealed and thus also his entire cultivation base.

Realizing that, he used the small amount of Qi that every living being possessed, regardless if they were cultivators or not and enabled them to live, and circulated it inside his body to his meridians and opened them one after another.

After opening them all he began to unseal his dantian. Because he only had a small amount of Qi at his disposal, the opening of his meridians and unsealing of his dantian took several hours.

Several hours later, he finally finished to open all the meridians inside his body and unseal his entire dantian.

If others knew that they would certainly puke blood. It took him only several hours to open all meridians and a sealed dantian?

One must know that even a very skilled physician with heaven-defying abilities would need much longer to even open only the meridians. To unseal a dantian was compared to that even harder. Several hours, not to mention even in several years it would be very difficult to open a sealed dantian without external help.

If the dantian of a cultivator was sealed, it was like death sentence for almost anyone.

You must know that once your dantian is sealed, it requires an expert who is extremely skilled in arrays and someone who is stronger than the one who is sealed to be able to unseal it.

However, the requirement to seal a dantian in first place were also were hard to achieve. To seal someone's dantian one had to be much stronger than the target and also very skilled in arrays.

Why would someone who was so much strong lower himself to seal the dantian of someone who could be killed by him easily? Only if one had an unsolvable enmity and wished the other party a fate worse than death it was used.

The moment Jiang Cheng unsealed his dantian, he immediately started to suppress his cultivation base. The power of a Martial God Emperor is immeasurable vast and with only a flick of his finger, he could move Heaven and Earth, topple mountains and overturn seas. All laws of the world were at his command and with a wish he could call the wind and summon the rain. A Martial God Emperor is someone who became one with the Dao and in this way one with the universe.

If he released completely his cultivation base it could easily destroy the whole world. To prevent that in every world was a natural restriction in which at a certain cultivation realm one could either choose to immediately ascend to a higher world or being suppressed by the heaven will. That was also why in the Mortal World no cultivator had the power above the Saint Realm. Since he didn't want to ascend, he immediately suppressed his entire cultivation base.

But even with suppressing his cultivation base, at the moment his entire cultivation base returned, he became one with the laws of the world for a second. His beforehand already bright-silver eyes started to glow from the power they contained, and his silver hair started to flutter in a none existing wind.

His aura become much profound and unfathomable and he exuded presence of a ruler. An untouchable supreme existence.

All his injuries healed in an instant and his bones gave of several cracking sounds, as they became denser and stronger. Black fluids could be seen coming out of his skin, which were all the impurities that had settled down in his body.

Afterwards one after another ten Golden Heavenly Wheels, started to slowly manifest behind his back and float in a circle in the air.

Heavenly Wheels are the representation of the cultivation realm a cultivator has attained. Each Heavenly Wheel represents one major cultivation realm.

While the cultivation realm of a cultivator is shown by the number of Heavenly Wheels, the cultivation talent of a cultivator is measured in the color of the heavenly wheels. There are nine different color from white, red, yellow, green, blue, black, silver, purple to golden.

Because Jiang Cheng suppressed his cultivation base, the Heavenly Wheels disappeared as fast as they appeared.

Far away at another place at the same time.

On top of a mountain, you could see a magnificent mansion, which was surrounded by a beautiful garden, with all kinds of flowers and herbs growing in it.

Not only looked the place like a paradise, but the amount of natural Qi in the environment was also abundant and like hundred times more than in the Mortal World.

Looking closer you could see in the middle of the garden a small spring with clear water surrounded by several big boulders. On top of one of these boulders you could see a lonely figure sitting starring in the starry sky.

The most suitable words to describe her are that if she said she was the second most beautiful woman in the world, then nobody else would dare to say they are number one.

You could only say that she was the epitome of beauty, everything else would be an insult. She was dressed in a silky red dress, which showed off her fair and flawless snow-white colored skin on her shoulders, and hugged her perfect body, with a narrow waist with seductive curves and long snow-white legs.

She had beautiful raven-black hair, which flowed down her shoulder, reaching down to her lower thigh. But what caught one's attention the most were her mesmerizing bright sea blue eyes, which reflected the stars in the starry sky. She looked more like a goddess than a mortal.

"Jiang Cheng, I hope you are well." She whispered in a soft and charming sounding voice, while looking to the heaven as if she could see beyond the sky.


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