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Against The Gods with an Anime System
Author :JRT02
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125 The Aftermath


Ea's three segments spinning alternately to each other. The middle segment spinning clockwise and the top and bottom segment spinning counter clockwise. Slowly, Ea begins to swallow and compress the winds. And with each revolution, the segments spin faster and faster and swallow and compress more wind. Until the generated wind pressure simulates spatial rends to create an artificial space-time dislocation that acts as a crushing torrent capable of pulverizing anything it comes across. Grinding at the laws of space with its power, it creates a rip in space that extends from not only the earth, but also to the sky and atmosphere.

And with a mighty swing downwards, he unleashed the torrent of power that rends apart everything in its path. The entire Heaven Secret Basin Realm, the ground beneath and the sky above, all were being ripped apart wherever the winds of destruction came, opening an abyss that kept swallowing the rest of the world. Reducing all to 'the nothingness' that was before creation. The teleportation formation that they set up all collapsed, the Sound Transmission Jades all ceased to function all together. In an act of desperation, they all fled like scared wildlife, hoping to escape the destruction all together. But in the end, no matter how far they fled, the destruction caught up to them and annihilation was all that awaited them.

Mesa, Jasmine and Ophis, still in the same spot, were looking at the aftermath of Ea's destruction with various different mindsets. Jasmine was horrified at the devastation caused by Ea, its power very reminiscent of the Crimson Crack and of the fear she felt when she looked at it. Mesa was enthralled by it instead. For him, it was like looking at a piece of art that captured his attention and didn't let go. Ophis on the other hand, looked at the abyss left behind and felt something in it resonate within her. While she and Mesa were enthralled by its sight, Jasmine quickly came to her senses and shaking Mesa and Ophis out of their daze, she handed him the Yamato, so he could slice open a portal back to where they came from.

Once back, after a long moment of silence, Jasmine was the one to finally break the silence: "That sure was something. Even though you told me what Ea could do. I still had my doubts about it. But now that I witnessed it firsthand, I just… wow! Just wow!"

Hearing Jasmine describe the power of Ea put a huge smile on Mesa's face: "I know! It's fucking amazing! Seeing truly is believing like they say! Hahahaha…!!"

While Jasmine and Mesa were busy with each other, Ophis, still in her daze, grabbed Ea out of Mesa's hand and stared at it intently. Looking at Ophis stare at Ea so intently, Jasmine and Mesa were honestly a bit weirded out. So after carefully taking Ea out of Ophis' hands and returning it into the Gate of Babylon, Mesa asked her what was wrong. And his answer was one he did not expect.

"Ophis, are you OK? You seem a bit out of it."

"The Dimensional Gap."

Hearing this, Jasmine had a 'what?' kind of look on her face. While Mesa had a 'what?!' kind of look on his face.

"What is the Dimensional Gap?" Asked Jasmine curiously, but her question was immediately overturned by Mesa's sudden shock.

"Ophis, you just said the Dimensional Gap! Where did you sense it?!"

"Back there. When you used that sword, Ea. When you destroyed that pocket dimension. That abyss felt just like the Dimensional Gap. And that sword, Ea, uses the power of the Dimensional Gap." Said Ophis much to Mesa's amazement. But before he could comment on it, Jasmine had her own little tidbit of information to share.

"I don't know what this Dimensional Gap is that you're talking about. But what I sensed in that abyss and in Ea was the power of the Crimson Crack."

"Ohh really?! Well that changes everything!" Said Mesa. But looking at Jasmine and Ophis, it was evident that they didn't know what the other was talking about, they explained to each other what the Dimensional Gap and the Crimson Crack were.

"So you saying, that this Dimensional Gap is a place of 'nothingness'. A world of void that exists in between the worlds of the living. And it is here where Ophis was born." Stated Jasmine.

"Yes, that is correct. And when I used Enuma Elish to destroy the Heaven Secret Basin Realm, I used the power of Ea to reduce that world to the 'nothingness' that existed before creation. But apparently, this 'nothingness' is the same as the 'nothingness' in which Ophis was born. And apparently, it's also the same as the 'nothingness' that exists in the world outside the Primal Chaos Dimension, through that Crimson Crack you mentioned." Said Mesa.

"Mesa, this resemblance cannot be just a coincidence. There has to be some correlation between the Crimson Crack and the Dimensional Gap." Said Jasmine.

"I agree."

['JARVIS, why do the Dimensional Gap and the Crimson Crack have so much resemblance? This cannot be mere coincidence. And what about Ophis then? And what about the Sword of Rupture?']

["That is correct sir. The world of the void in the Dimensional Gap is actually the medium of the multiverse. It is in this medium in which all of the universes reside. The Crimson Crack is in fact nothing but a gateway to the Dimensional Gap. The Infinite Dragon God, a.k.a. the Ouroboros Dragon, a.k.a. Ophis is a special type of creature that is born inside this world of nothingness and can thrive in it, together with the True Dragon, Great Red. Though, they are confined to select areas of the void by the One Above All. As you know, anyone that is thrown in here, without special protection, will be annihilated in seconds. As for the Sword of Rupture. It is a special treasure, in that it is one of the very few treasure that is able to use the power of the void as its source of power."]

['So, if this means that the Dimensional Gap is the entire multiverse and all the universes reside within it. Does this mean, that if someone can traverse this void, that they can travel across the multiverse itself?']

["That is correct sir. But it does require you to know where you want to go in the first place. If you go into the Dimensional Gap without knowing your destination, you will be lost in it forever. And since the Dimensional Gap falls outside the universe, all six Infinity Stones will cease to function while inside this void. It is only once you have entered another universe, that the Infinity Stones will function once again. Though like I said sir, you must know beforehand where you want to go, or else you will end up lost in the void and you will be annihilated eventually."]

(A.N.: *DING! *DING! *DING! *DING! *DING! *DING! *DING! And we now have our way to travel between universes! I was asked in many previous chapters if I would initiate inter universe travel, and I said that the mechanics are not yet in place. But now! That mechanic of inter universe travel has arrived! If you have read my One Piece fanfic, you will have read that Mesa comes out of this void world using Ea and with Ophis by his side. This is how he traveled to the One Piece universe and why he used Ea to open a hole into the One Piece world.)

Looking at Jasmine and Ophis, Mesa had a wide smile on his face: "You were correct Jasmine. There is a correlation between the Dimensional Gap and the Crimson Crack. But before I go into that, I need to make sure that the God's Realm are not off our tails and that they don't know about Ea."

And so, Mesa activated the Mind Stone once again. This time to implant fake story about how the Heaven Secret Basin Realm collapsed and to fulfil a promise he made to Ddraig. To put the fear of the Heavenly Dragons into the hearts and minds of all.

The cover-up story he came up with for the collapse of the Heaven Secret Basin Realm, is because its foundations had been broken, once the God's Realm practitioners had entered it forcefully. The memory of them feeling Ea's power was erased all together. And any information that was sent out of the Heaven Secret Basin Realm was also erased from their minds. So as far as they knew, they sent in their guys to investigate and the pocket dimension collapsed with them inside, killing them all.

As for his promise with Ddraig. He implanted in the minds of all those residing in the God's Realm, the legend of the Heavenly Dragons. Whether it was believed or not was not up to him. He made up a story that Ddraig and Albion, were born alongside the Creation Gods. Whereas the four Creation Gods and the four Great Devil Emperors were born from one of the shards of the Ancestral God when she committed suicide. Ddraig and Albion were born out of the incredibly dense Profound Energy that permeated the Primal Chaos Dimension at that time. The power of the Heavenly Dragons was as great as the power of the four Creation Gods and the four Great Devil Emperors. And it was in their images that the Four Creation Gods and the Four Great Devil Emperors had created their own dragon clans and realms. All Devil Dragons and Dragon Gods could trace their existence back to the Heavenly Dragons and they almost worshipped them in fact.

Because the Heavenly Dragons considered themselves above the petty squabbles between the Gods and the Devils, they refused to ally with either the Gods or the Devils. In fact, they attacked both Gods and Devils if they came to them to curry favor or ask them for help. Even when the Gods went to war with the Devils, they refused to pick a side. It was during the war that the Heavenly Dragons started their legendary battle. A fight that destroyed everything and everyone around them. Even Gods and Devils that were fighting at that moment, would be caught in the crossfire of their battle. And when the Gods and Devils demanded that they cease their battle or move it to someplace else, the Heavenly Dragons attacked them. In fact, it got so bad, that the Gods and the Devils lost more of their own to the onslaught of the Heavenly Dragons then to their battle against each other. And so, in their desperation, they had set aside their hatred towards each other and joined forced to beat the Heavenly Dragons.

After a grueling and bloody battle, they had barely managed to squeeze out victory against the Heavenly Dragons, though it was incredibly pyrrhic victory. Even after they managed to destroy their bodies, their souls were unable to be destroyed, no matter how much they tried. So in the end, they sealed away their souls in two crystals and sealed those crystals away.

But once their common enemies had been vanquished, the Gods and the Devils immediately resumed their war against each other. Already having suffered immensely during the first phase of the war, then during their fight against the Heavenly Dragons and now the second phase of the war, the Devils in their desperation, activated the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations. And with this desperate act, they sealed the fates of their own race as well as the fates of the Gods and ushered in the end of the Age of the Gods. Meanwhile, the Evil God, who had stayed out of the war, spirited away the crystals holding the souls of the Heavenly Dragons, in fear that either the Gods or the Devils would try to bring them back in some desperate move to try and stave off the end. But not even the Evil God managed to escape the calamity of the Evil Infant Wheel and his fate was sealed as well. After he died, the Age of the Gods had come to an end. And with his death, the location of the crystals holding the souls of the Heavenly Dragon was lost to history.

"And done! It's like I said Ddraig, we shall put the fear of the Heavenly Dragons into the hearts and minds of all and I just did it!" Said Mesa.

"Hahaha…! You have my sincerest gratitude partner! That is quite an amazing back story you made up there! Hahahaha...!" Said Ddraig excitedly.

"But did you had to include the White One in that backstory. I alone am more than enough to terrify even the bravest of foolish warriors!"

"Sorry Ddraig. But you and Albion are like a set. I cannot put the fear of the Heavenly Dragons in the hearts and minds of all, if they only know about one Heavenly Dragon, now can I. And besides, I am planning on bringing in the White Dragon Emperor as well!" Said Mesa seriously.

"What! You can't be serious partner! You already have me, the Red Dragon Emperor! Why would you need to bring in the White Dragon as well?!"

"Because, let's be honest Ddraig. Both of your powers are amazing. You can boost your power and transfer it, he can divide other's powers and add it to his own. Both of your powers complement each other so well, that I would be foolish not be use it!"

['JARVIS, how much does the sacred gear 'Divine Dividing' cost?']


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