Ascenders: Rising From Zero
19 Updating the Scroll System
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Ascenders: Rising From Zero
Author :sir_impeccable
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19 Updating the Scroll System

@@Hi, people

Greetings to. of you and I hope your keeping safe.

Just want to inform everyone reading this that I will be stopping this novel.

No, no, don't freak out.

Ascenders is one great story that will keep anyone tight seated, for more.

But you see, the book needs more exposure. I'd want for a greater audience, especially one that will give feedback to help me improve better.

So, that's why I am deleting the chapters and starting under Webnovel Spirity Awards.

I know, everyone's moving there. But won't you like an environment where the readers of Ascender are so active that you want to keep anticipating?

I certainly do, even if I am not getting paid.

So, yeah, I'm going over to the competition.

Please, join me too, and move over.


Once the chapters start deleting, simply hit your search bar and search for the new book. Don't worry, it's same name and everything but with a better and greater spice and new official cover.

So, yes, jump in as we start serious business writing.

Thank you to everyone out there who encouraged and commented and voted and reviewed. I'm grateful. And I appreciate, so much.

Let's transfer our reviews over to the new book too.

Thanks so much for staying with me.

Keep Safe.

Author, Out!



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