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Chronicles of the God Devil Emperor
Author :CosmicSage
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15 Mission

Alex gave everyone a moment to gather the new knowledge they had just received from him.

In the meanwhile, he silently returned to his carriage and opened the system. Looking at the amount of DGP he had left, Alex felt pressed. Those cultivation techniques he bought for his party had cost him a whopping 160,000 DGP even though they were only the first two levels.

Now he was left with only 26,989 GDP, leading him to wrack his brain on how to obtain more points. He would need at least 140,000DGP just for his own cultivation to buy the next levels of his cultivation techniques, not to mention his disciples and Jeffreys.

*Sigh* "I really can't catch a break, can I?" Alex thought helplessly. He now looked forward to reaching the great biomes, as the powerful beasts and rebelling tribes residing there would turn into treasure chests, even if they were the weakest wooden and bronze chests.

He almost drooled at the thought.

Taking his nine disciple's talent into play, as well as Jeffery's, It wouldn't take long for them to comprehend the first level of their new techniques. He would make it a quest for them to clear the first biome once they reached the location.

Alex had read up on the biomes after obtained them as his province. He also read the notes of the past kings and heroes that tried to conquer the great biomes. According to them, the first biome was the weakest and easiest biome to conquer and control. This was also the only biome that the kingdom had a hold on.

The Forest Biome, a giant ancient forest filled with spirit beasts and tribes that were hidden deep in the woods. The tribes conducted trade with the kingdom and barely considered themselves as citizens of the kingdom, even showing indifference to the king's decree.

To Alex, this wasn't a bad thing. Once his disciples mastered their new powers, he would take them to beat these tribes into submission, killing two birds with one stone. Letting his disciples master their power quickly and getting a hold of the first biome smoothly. After all, the strongest recorded realm of these tribes was at the demigod and semi devil realm.

"Jeffrey can easily bash them," Alex secretly giggled. More importantly, by assigning this as a mission to Jeffrey and his disciple, The system told him he would receive rewards such as chest for their accomplishment without him having to do all to work to rack up on chests. In the meanwhile, he could go around hunting spirit beasts to train his new spring lightning sword technique.

As he finished this train of thought, Alex felt the carriage start to move. With a sweep of his soul, he saw Jeffrey sitting in front of his carriage with an added air of youth and vigor. Alex was glad knowing that Jeffery must have gained much from his comprehension earlier and showed clear signs of his talent and youth returning.

Sweeping his soul towards the royal carriage in the back, he saw his disciples sitting quietly in cultivation. Even now they were deep in meditation and various heavenly and natural energy were surging towards the different disciples to refine their bodies. Alex expected that the next day when they arrived at the forest biome, they would have made great progress.

Alex withdrew his soul energy after seeing his disciples working hard to strengthen themselves. He couldn't help but get excited and want to start cultivating him himself, after all, he couldn't let his disciples catch up to him.

Checking his cultivation, He was at the beginning of the second realm of all four great paths. He still needed to buy the second level of his Origin World Devil Technique, which cost 50,000 DGP. As well as the second level of the nine suns godly being technique and the smiling laughing joy soul technique, which cost a total of 90,000DGP.

Luckily, the shining great treasure body technique came with 3 of the 5 levels of the body path, requiring him to only purchase the 4th and 5th levels later on.

Looking at his options and the sore lack of points he had, Alex could only refine his second level of the body path, Flesh to Silver. Emptying his mind and entering cultivation, he started to absorb natural energy before using it to refine his flesh causing more and more patches to turn silver.

Time slowly passed.

The greater area of Alex's top half had turned to silver flesh, and he was only a little bit from reaching small completion. Once his entire top half of flesh turned silver he would reach small completion and when his entire body of flesh turned silver he would reach great completion.

Alex opened his eyes and ended his meditation with a sigh. He was so close to reaching small completion but sadly the journey was finally coming to an end, and the carriages were slowly coming to a stop.

Once his carriage finally stopped, Alex stepped outside for the first time in two days. Looking around, He saw nothing but a seemingly continuous forest. The trees stood as tall as buildings and some were so wide two or three persons be would needed to wrap around it. It was indeed at great biome, trees went as far as the sight could see.

Alex looked at his entourage and took in their progress, nodding his head in satisfaction. Jeffrey had the most noticeable change out of the group, he clearly looked way younger and more vigorous than when the journey had started.

Going from an old man in his 80s to a middle-aged man in his 50s. Alex was glad to see this, Jeffrey saw the look of approval on Alex's face and felt joy. He had proved his talent to his master and showed his worth bringing him great happiness.

"We'll set up camp here."

Alex looked at the rest of his nine disciples, clear progress could also be seen on their bodies. Dragon Sr's fighting spirit had been reigned in, no longer gushing out as it was when he had just received the Saiyan Martial Spirit. He also sported more muscles than he had before, a clear sign of growth.

Beast Jr surprising grew smaller, going form a 4 meter giant to a 3 meter giant. With his shrinkage, his bestial aura grew more powerful and bloodlust was added.

Sword Jr grew more and more slender, hiding beneath his skin taut muscles that radiated quickness and power.

Thunder Jr produced sounds of thunder and sparks of lightning with every movement she made from a slight head turn to a full step.

Ice Jr was surrounded by a wall of cold icy air, bringing chills to all that surrounded her including the very ground she walked on.

Emperor Jr radiated pride that pierced his surroundings and air, bending the environment to his very will.

Hell Jr was filled with cuts that continuously healed, some shallow and some deep, with blood that leaked before returning to his body.

Fire jr radiated hot air all around and occasionally sparks of fire could be seen jumping around her body.

Heaven Jr looked the most normal, but behind the normalcy, Alex could see an initial understanding of the natural world forming with every movement and action he took.

"These guys are scary," Alex secretly thought as he looked at his disciples. "Thank god for the master-disciple seals or else they might eat me up while I sleep."

Alex shivered at the thought and nodded his head at his disciples.

"Good. You haven't let me down."

"Ohh Yeaah!" Dragon said out loud pumping his fist. Thunder, Ice, and Fire all smiled and looked at each other. Clearly, they had gotten acquainted. Beast Jr let out a simple smile and Emperor jr smirked. Sword Jr, Hell Jr, and Heaven Jr all nodded having no other reaction. These guys were really alike.

"Great then," Alex sat down on a chair Jeffrey had brought out for him while the camp was being set up. " I have a mission for you guys."

Alex smiled as he looked at Jeffrey and the nine disciples, " Conquer the Forest Biome!"


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