Connecting to a virtual network from my dream
1 Chapter 1: Where the hell Am I?
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Connecting to a virtual network from my dream
Author :GroundShaker
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1 Chapter 1: Where the hell Am I?

Ar Sha is a harware test engineer specified in Navigation for luxury cars lines BMW, Audi, Honda and Trucks of MAN. He is currently in Bangalore, Inida. He is an average guy who is not good in coding. He luckily got a job after Post graduation and been trying to keep up with the work. He got less than average salary in six years of experience group still it better than having such salary than a construction worker. He is in a constant fear of loosin his job.

Ar Sha lost his father 7 years ago. His close family is his mother and introvented, non-communicative younger brother. After his father's loss he got addicted to Chineese and Japanese translated web novels. He reads all time, even in his office hours where he got warnings multiple times because of getting caught he can't help it because this is what addiction means.

After his work is end on for the day, he returned to his Paying Guest room and started reading webnovels. He started getting drowsy after 5 hours and went to deep sleep. Ar Sha is a plump guy and always irritates his room mate with his loud snores. No matter how many times his room mate says Ar Sha ignores to buy anti snore mouth piece. His room mate finally bought an anti snore mouth piece online from e-bay as it is cheap compared to high priced Amazon and Flipkart.

His room mate just pushed the mouth piece into Ar Sha's mouth when started snoring. Room mate was happy that it was working and happily went to sleep in a silent room. Now Ar Sha was in a dream or what is thought, he always gets fantasy dreams where he gets to see or be a hero.

Now in his dream he was standing in a cylindrical portal blue chamber with 2 meter in height and 1 meter in diameter. He does not know what is going on until a red light initialted scan on him. After scan is finished he heard a female robotic voice saying "$*&^%#&(&$^^)(*&^!!@#<{];:|>....|@%^!$%@# ??". He could not understand what that voice means and stays silent to get out of dream or to get up. He hears "$*&^%#&(&$^^)(*&^!!@#<{];:|>....|@%^!$%@# ??" again for 4 more times until a pop up is shown infornt of him which shows <|;:(*&> * ? He sub conciously points finger on the pop up when a green light is shot on his pupils. After 3 seconds he hears "$*&^%#&(&$^^)(*&^!!@#<{];:|>....|@%^!$%@# ??" well this time he understands it as 

"Welcome to Gliese virtual network user <15484>. Would you like to prceed with your choice of city?".

Ar Sha went blank for a moment blurting out WHERE IN THE HELL AM I?.


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