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Connecting to a virtual network from my dream
Author :GroundShaker
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2 Chapter 2: QA with RV

Ar Sha was not a guy who is scared of unknown. He read so many light novels for this.

RV(Robotic voice): User "15484" you are in Gliese Virtual Network, an user interface used universally by the planet of Gliese.

Ar Sha: What do you mean I am not in my dream? How AM I here? Am I dead or transmigrated?

RV: Answer 1- Technically you are in your dream; Answer 2- Your unique id chip 15484 belongs to Gliese Virtual network. This chip is always connected to Gliese virtual network. When a suitable host is found which in case you, your neurons are accessed by 15484 and linked to Gliese virtual network through a Long range very low nano frequency Virtual network; Answer 3- You are not dead or transmigrated, your mass in sleep and consciousness is in Gliese virtual network.

Ar Sha: What are you? What are you going to do with me? Can I go back?

RV: Answer 1- I am virtual AI assigned to cater needs of new users. Answer 2- I can provide you with options of which city you can go; Answer 3- Yes you can go back, all you need to do is to request 15484 to end transmission to Gliese virtual network.

Ar Sha: So that means I can request the chip to start transmitting inside this network?

RV: Exactly.

Ar Sha: Then how am I in here when I didn't request for transmission?

RV: When nuerons are activated first time, you are connected automatically for the firt time. It won't be like this again.
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Ar Sha: What is the purpose of me being here? What exactly is this Gliese Virtual network?


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