Dark Chronicles
111 Readers“ Prompt: Real Talk
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Dark Chronicles
Author :ICARUS
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111 Readers“ Prompt: Real Talk

Dear readers... especially to those who continued sending me their power stones even if I was out, thank you, and I'm sorry.

In these times, on which I'm having troubles connecting to the net (We were unable to pay the previous month's bill and so, it was cut off. Hehe. Forgive me, but I'm really poor) and that, I'm having several crises' myself, I'm now constructing the novel's PLOT and FLOWCHARTS so that I might not repeat the redundant mistakes that are really2 annoying to me... (of which I think is also really inconvenient for you).

While I'm not sure as to when we can reconnect, I will be sure to upgrade myself. It might seem cringe, but I mean it...

Get ready for I C A R U S 2.0.... and a new Dark Chronicles. Let's shake WN together! ( A big dream for a lazy loser like me HAHA)

THAT BEING SAID, I NEED YOUR HELP. Your insights are more important than anything. Let's have a 'Real Talk'

While I might be having predicaments of having internet access, I need you to comment on the problems that you find in here. Any critical criticism is ABSOLUTELY FINE. I'm a masochist at least for now...

I will resort to anyway I can, to read your comments fully deriving my plot, and flowcharts in accordance to it.

Preference... Complaints... Rants... Suggestions... PLEASE EXPRESS THEM ALL! I need it.

God bless.


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