Empress Niángniang
4 : The Tragic Time Traveler
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Empress Niángniang
Author :Shang_Wuxin
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4 : The Tragic Time Traveler

Chen Daiyu bids her popo a farewell, exiting the Cui Yuan palace with a satisfied stomach. She had always loved the foods that the chefs of this palace made. That's why, whenever she get a chance she will always visit her popo.

The Empress's procession moves steadily toward the moon viewing platform on the other side of the imperial garden. With a distance looks in her eyes, she approached the rim of the lotus pool and bent over.

Lan Hua wanted to call out for the Empress to be careful but was stopped by a mere glance at her mistress's face. This's a second time that she has seen her cheerful master looks so solemn. It pained her as a servant for unable to share her master's trouble.

Chen Daiyu gaze unblinkingly at the reflection on the surface of the water. The woman in the reflection was only twenty six but her features was very stunning. She has a skin akin to snow with a head full of black hair in contrast.

Whereas, her face was downright gorgeous. The woman possessed a pair of brilliant eyes resembling the vast galaxy, framed by long lashes, an elegant willow eyebrows, button nose, small pink lips and a heart shaped face.

In short, her appearance was very good. An evildoer, they would call her, a beauty that could toppled an empire. If this woman was to live in her era, she will at most become a star or a proud model on the runaway show, making money by herself.

But over here, she had to depend on her husband and his family approval. Her heart must be virtuous and her mind must be strong, letting her husband a free range inside the inner courtyard. She must not feel jealous, for she the Zhengfei, the first wife must be generous. Her virtue will be put to test if she unable to bear any children for her husband. Such a tiring thing, no wonder her pitiful predecessor died before she could even enjoy what life could possibly offer her.

[Zhengfei: Royal Prince's official wife.]

Chen Daiyu clumsily wipes the rim of her eye with the silk handkerchief. Thinking too much will only put her through sadness that she has yet experienced yet fully understand.

"Where are my children at?"

"Replying to her highness, the crown prince and the royal princess are still over at the imperial school with the royal tutors along with other princes and princess."

When she first combed through her memory. She was struck with the realization that she had time traveled back to the ancient era of China. The body that she took over shared the same namesake as her, Chen Daiyu meaning priceless black gem. A beautiful name for an alluring woman, very fitting indeed.

The woman upbringing was very good. Her father was the previous prime minister, her mother was a duke's daughther. Her grandfather and cousin brothers were all in the military service. The original soul was raised with love and protection from both her family and relatives. Her childhood was fulfilling, her life was very good.

So where had it gone wrong?

That is where her husband the eldest prince came into play. Chen Daiyu was betrothed to this man ever since she was young. Even before she married the prince, he already had a house full of concubines making the original grief for her maiden heart. But she still strived for a better life inside the prince's resident. Her attempt was proved to be fruitful when she birthed a pair of adorable twin, a boy and a girl.

Despite this, her husband still seeks comfort from other women overlooking her existence inside the prince's resident. Even until the day that she was crowned as an Empress to the entire Great Han nation, she found her lonely heart chilled by the night breeze.

The breaking point was during the seventh year of their marriage in which the king completely stopped visiting the original's chamber. He broke protocol for a mere insignificant fei from a low born background. The woman was rendered speechless, slowly losing herself in grief. That's when the Chen Daiyu of another time took over and turned the table over completely.

"Niangniang, we probably should head back to the Kui Yuan palace. The wind is getting really big, it is not good for your phoenix body to stay here for too long." Lan Hua reminded, her heart was full of worry.

Chen Daiyu was brought out of her thought by her maid's voice. "En, let..." She allows her two maids to guide her back to her own resident.

The Empress lifted her head toward the sky. It is already spring isn't it.


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