Empress Niángniang
7 : Ignorant Little Thing
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Empress Niángniang
Author :Shang_Wuxin
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7 : Ignorant Little Thing

"Respectfully sending the Empress off."

Staring at the disappearing back of the Empress, Sima Yu Nian slumped her shoulders in relief. By no mean, her courage was little to none causing her to appeared rather weak and naive. Only those who was familiar with her know that she was surprisingly intelligent and witty.

"An ignorant thing that Lin Mo Yao was to act like that inside the harem. Did she think that she has a chance when neither of us don't? Che, what's a joke?" Her arrogant recoverd as soon as the Renxia Empress gone.

"I wonder how will the Duke and Duchess of Lin going to react once the news of their daughter confinement reach their ears." Wei Ting Er sipped her tea with a smile, laughing at other people's expense.

Hearing this, Sima Yu Nian's gentle face flashed with a strange light. Instead of distain like her senior consort, she actually feels sympathy for Lin Mo Yao. Her reason was very simple. The women in the inner palace are more or less a bunch of pitiful creatures who scheme against each other to gain the emperor's heart, but forgot to ask whether he's in possession of one or not.

All a sudden, a sardonic smile appeared on her face. Wasn't she also one of those pitiful women as well? How big of a hypocrite had she became after all these years? Sima Yu Nian, Sima Yu Nian, ah! You really are one hell of a stupid woman.


Back to the Kui Yuan palace, Long Ming waits patiently for his Empress return. His stomach had already growled in protest, but the desire to eat with his Yu'er was stronger.

The Hongwu Emperor couldn't help but lost himself in the old memory. Ten years had already passed since Daiyu had became his wife and now his Empress. Ten years had been a long time, but it length shorten as long as his Yu'er stay with him.

Long Ming admitted that he was not as close with his Empress at the beginning of their marriage as now. Even after the Empress gave birth, their relationship was still within the line of respect. Not until the seventh years of their marriage that things took an unexpected turn.

The recollection of that morning was still fresh in his mind. Inside the vast room stood a woman with a bearing of a phoenix and a visage of power. Her sharp eyes stared down at the kneeling consorts with an undeniable air of superior being, demanding their absolute submission to her.

It was as thought time stopped, his eyes only reflected the image of one woman. The face was still the same, but her bearing and graceful movements were unfamiliar to him. Was this woman still the same Empress he had crowned not long ago? He felt a strange sense of discomfort at the unfamiliar and guarded light that flashed through her eyes when she saw him. It was as though he was a passer by in her eyes. There was no different between him and a stranger.

"Your majesty, the servants from Linfei's palace had just reported that the consort was found unconscious after a failed attempt at suicide."

Su Kang wants to bang his head against the wall. Why did he have to be the bearer of bad new? It is official, his luck is exceptionally bad today. When he goes back, he must burn some incense to the heaven .

Long Ming was unamused by the news. He stands by his previous statement, all the women other than the Empress made him feel fed up. "In the future, there is no need to report back to zhen about that woman's business. Just let the department of household handle it."

Su Kang interprets that the king did not put any importance on this matter and with tacit understanding, retreating to one side. "Nucai will remember, emperor could rest assured."

[Nucai: This male slave]

Half a beat later, a maid with familiar face walk in. "Your majesty, her highness the Empress sent nubi to convey her message, saying that she will be back soon."

Long Ming recognized this little maid, her name was Xian Hua. One of the trusted people that served by the Empress's side. If he recall correctly, his Yu'er has two first rank maids and two attendants named after flowers. All of them had followed the Empress from her birth home into the wangfu and now they are here, in the palace as well.

[Wang Fu: Prince's Resident]

"Is she still at Cui Yuan palace with the taihou?"

"Unfortunately no. It appeared that nianagniang had coincidentally encounter with the two imperial noble consort Wei and Sima. As such, the Empress decides to chat up with them."

Long Ming was dissatisfied. Why does it seem as though he has to fight his own feipin and imperial mother, just so he could spend time with his wife? This won't do. He must act fast before his alone time with the empress was coveted by others people again.

Talking about the Empress, he suddenly remembers about their children. Both the crown prince and the second princess were born from the Empress herself. Although the Second prince and the Eldest princess were also his children. However, he couldn't find it in him to love them as much as the he did with the twin.

Double standard and biased, he knows, but what do you expect from him anyway? Speaking of which, he still haven't seen even a shadow of any of his children. Wonder where they all gone to? He hopes that none of them are up to mischief and upsetting his Empress or else today won't end well.

"Emperor, Housekeeper Lou from the Xian Wang Fu begs for an audience."

Long Ming's sword like brows furrowed in confusion. What's Lou Kai doing here instead of his master? But nonetheless, he allowed the housekeeper to come in.


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