Finding Stardust
200 Saying Goodbye 1
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Finding Stardust
Author :Missrealitybites
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200 Saying Goodbye 1

Emma lay on her bed, staring at the high ceiling in her room and thought about what had happened tonight. From now on, her life would completely change. Not only would she live on a new planet and kingdom, but everything she knew would be left behind.

Gone were the days where she was just a regular girl on earth, trying to find her family. She was now a princess in Akkadia, who soon to be married to the crown prince. And in a few years, once King Cassius abdicated or passed away, Therius would become king, and she the queen.

It was a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. But it would be worth it because Therius had promised to free all their colonies as soon as he became the king. Emma knew her life would never be the same.

Oh.. how she missed the old days when things were really simple and she still had Haoran with her.

When her thoughts drifted to Haoran, who was now lying in the hospital somewhere, unknowingly, tears streamed down her face. She couldn't hold it back in any longer. She thought she had no more tears to shed, but apparently she was wrong.

Finally ... the moment she dreaded had arrived. The separation that she had been trying to put off because Emma still denied that Haoran could not be saved ... was finally coming.

She had to give up and let Haoran go so that her husband could rest in peace. She must not selfishly keep Haoran's shell when the person had actually gone, just because she couldn't bear to say goodbye.

Oh ... God, why was someone as kind as Haoran only given such a short amount of time? Emma cried incessantly.


Therius found Xion sitting on the balcony of his room in the east wing tower. As usual, the young man was enjoying wine while gazing at the night sky.

"Hey, how was dinner?" asked Xion, raising an eyebrow when he saw Therius walking towards him. The man narrowed his eyes when he realized Therius wore a happy expression on his face. "Looks like something good has happened ..."

Therius nodded. "You are right."

He took a glass and poured wine for him. "I just drank a little. Now, I will have a drink with you."

Xion handed him his glass too, asking to be refilled. When else can he make the crown prince, the future king of Akkadia pour wine for him, huh? 

After their glasses were filled with wine, the two men clinked their glasses and then sipped their wine.

"Emma said she is willing to marry me," said Therius, after taking one sip of the wine. His eyes were beaming with happiness. Xion raised his eyebrows and, for a moment, was rendered speechless. Therius had to wave his hand in front of his friend's face. "Hey .. what's wrong with you? Are you not going to congratulate me?"

Only then was Xion moved. He nodded and smiled mischievously. 

"Congratulations... You've finally got what you wanted. So when is the wedding?"

"I don't know yet," Therius answered honestly. "Whenever Emma wants it."

"Oh ... how strange," Xion muttered. "You said you are getting married, but you don't know when."

"It's up to Emma," said Therius, smiling. He sipped his wine, which this time tasted so sweet. "I can get married tomorrow if she asked me to."

"You sound so excited," said Xion. "Congratulations. I'm very happy for you."

Xion put his glass on the table and hugged Therius. They have been friends for more than ten years, and to him, Therius' happiness was his happiness. He could see how compatible these two people were, and he could only hope their relationship would last.

"Thank you, Xion," said Therius earnestly. "I also want to thank you for saving us all in Daneria. Without you, maybe my cousin Heron has succeeded in killing me and taking the throne."

Xion shrugged. "Uhm ... well, that, actually I'm not one hundred percent to thank for it. As it turned out, after I told you to send a messenger ship to Akkadia to ask General Moria for help, someone already contacted the General to come and chase Heron."

"I know," said Therius. He took a deep breath. "My grandmother played us all. She told Heron of my plan to bring Emma from Earth. After Heron left to intercept me in Daneria, she sent General Moria to prevent me from being killed."

"You know that?" Xion asked in amazement. "Your grandmother was the mastermind behind everything?"

"She wants me to live, but not with Emma. Her orders to Heron were actually to kidnap Emma and take her back to Akkadia. She baited Heron with the prospect of becoming the king if he could marry Emma Stardust. Heron should not have tried to kill me because it would be considered treason. But I think he became greedy and wanted to kill me anyway. So my grandmother sent The Dragonite led by General Moria to save me," Therius explained.

"How do you know all this?" Xion asked in amazement. "That your grandmother was behind it?"

"I didn't actually know my grandmother was the mastermind until recently. When I interrogated Heron in prison on The Dragonite ship, I got all the information, except who was the mastermind. Only a few hours ago, when I met my Grandma, Queen Ygrit, at dinner, I came to that conclusion. "

Xion really hated politicians and people who would do everything they can for power.

"Then ... do you think it was your grandmother who had General Stardust executed?" asked Xion curiously.

Therius nodded weakly. "My grandmother's grudge against Emma's parents is so deep and rooted. She still blames them for Uncle Darius' death."

"Hmm... In that case, I think you have to take care of Emma. If your grandmother's grudge against Emma's parents is that deep, maybe next time she will make Emma the target of her revenge," said Xion, looking very concerned.

"You're right," said Therius. "I will always protect her. I've prepared the best team of bodyguards to watch her wherever she goes."

"Good," said Xion.


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