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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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2 Weebs plse...

Across from me in the arena was 5 people that looked like they came straight out from a Mad max movie. And on my side, where 4 more other people, of various adulthood, dressed in the kind of shitty battle gear, that typical low level rpg player would wear. Except one person stood out in particular:

She appeared to be around her teens, petite build, designer T-shirt and coat, stripped track pants and shades to top it off. And when she turned, she seemed to have the rich kid swagger around her, but not douche at the same time. And the moment she lifted her shades I felt my heart skip a beat. Her eyes were like two shinning lakes under the moon light, and it took me a moment to realize, they were staring straight back at me.

"Who do you think you are staring at kono-hentai?"


I admit, she's cute, but the weeb! The weebness just killed it!

"You." She spoke to me again. "It's your first time here right?" she asked with a sneer.

"En..." I found myself hesitantly muttering.

"Yoshi. Then stay back, and get carried." She said with a cool ring, as she drew a silver length of steel out from the sheath on her back.

"What the..." I found myself falling back a step.

"Huh? You never seen a katana?" as she did a few practice swings to the air.

"No, I seen one but..."

Oh no, the weebness is increasing...

But what does she need the katana for anyways?

It's not like she actually plan to hit people with it and try to get a E skill reset?...

"Haaa...." She drew in a deep breath, as she sliced through the air a couple more times, in a fluid motion.

"Um, what's your name?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Lili. Just call me Lili." She said.

"So, what's going to?..."

"Waga kokoro wa ryū no kokoro..." Lili cut me off with her own muttering.

Oh no...Stage 4 weeb...she's done...

"The battle will be starting in 10 seconds." Came one of those typical female announcer voice.

Battle wtf?

I looked to the people on the other side and back at to the people on my side. And pretty much, both sides were armed and from the look on their faces. Both sides looked ready to bash each other's skulls in.



It's a death battle alright...


But I am not going to die right?


"Oh yeah." Lili spoke up. "If you are wondering about dying, yeah you would die." Lili finished her sentence with a casual voice.

My eyes widened, but my mind still not able to fully register the message.

"FIGHT!" The announcer roared.

And just like that, both sides charged.

Q: What would you do in a mob fight?


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