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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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4 Humiliating myself 101

"OOO!!! SPIN TO WIN! You can also feel the rage from Eric of being stuck in bronze!" T1 screamed.

About 30ft away, a middle aged, crazy barbarian man wielding a blade his own height, and chopping people into half as if they were chicken dinner. Aside from the fact he was bare chested, and wore very little clothing, it was evident his right arm his sword arm was a lot thicker than his left arm.

"MUMYOU SANDAN-ZUKI!!!" Lili screamed as she charged forward in Eric's direction in three quick succession steps.

Too fast!...

With a swing of a hand and a flash of silver, Eric's head was on the ground, with his body still intact and standing.

"Sono teido ka..." Lili said as she sheathed her katana.

There're all dead...

Does it mean it's all over?...

I feel back on my ass and found my pants feeling a little wet.


I turned the source of the sound, and I swear my own eyes almost dropped out of its sockets.

Eric who was now headless, had its body still moving as if nothing had happened. And it was walking towards my way...


My first instinct was to back off, but due to obvious reasons out of fear, my legs just weren't responding, so all I could do was shuffle backwards in an awkward position, with my hands pushing backwards and bum dragging on the ground.

"LOOK AT THAT PUSSAYYYYY!!! DUM DRAGGING ON THE GROUND, YOU KNOW WHAT HE REMINDS ME OF? A REVERSE SCUTTLE CRAB!!!" T1 let out a boisterous laugh and so did the rest of the audience.

Of course, that moment I didn't care getting humiliated by thousands of people, afterall my priority was to live...

My back hit a wall.

And so did my hope.

Eric, or what remained of him was now towering above me, blade raised and ready to make me headless just like him.


No, no, no...


Out of natural instincts I raised both hands above me to block, though I knew it was going to be a futile attempt.

There was no dramatic speeches, no flash backs of memory, just me shutting my eyes tight and embracing the inevitable.

Then the blade came down.

Q: In a life threatening situation, would you rather die or be humiliated?


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