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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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6 I am not a weeb now!





I slowly crack open my eyes again.

Light flooded my vision at once, and by the time the light died down, I found myself standing in a different place.

"Where the fk am I? I found myself muttering, as I looked around.

It appears I was in some sort of large stone chamber, and all around me on the rock wall and ceiling were glowing blue glyphs in various shapes and sizes.

What the fk just...

A flash of silver...

At the moment of the thought, I began to scramble my hands over my chest in a panic.

Huh? No pain, wait what fk?

I lifted up my shirt and peeked inside and after a few moments of inspection I put it down again.

No wounds indeed...

"How long are you going to stay there?" Came a familiar voice from the front. I looked forward, and there right down at the exit of the giant glowing doorway, stood an unmistakable figure between me and it.

Without thinking twice, I began to walk forth and stop around the good 10ft mark.

For a moment neither of us spoke a word, as her stare quickly turned into a frown. And after a good 10 seconds of intense staring contest, Lili closed her eyes and seemed to be lost in deep thought. And by the time she re-emerged and opened her eyes again, she shot a finger towards me and said:

"HA! WEEB!" following her statement, Lili let out a boisterous laugh, so loud in fact that I was afraid, if she was any louder she was going to pop her lungs.


You were the one screaming random Japanese at the top of your lungs while cutting people to pieces with your katana!

"I AM NOT A WEEB!" I screamed.

"I am an otaku. I am a man who appreciates Japanese culture and anime but does not denounce his own culture at the same time." I said with my hand on my chest with my most sincere voice possible.

Lili paused for a moment, then spoke again:

"Nope, you're a weeb!" and there she go, back at laughing again.

"The world will be in my hands!" Lili did an imitation as she covered the left side of her face with her right hand, but was only able to hold it for a few seconds, before resuming her boisterous laugh again.


I did a mental face palm.

"I would like to make fun of you more for being how weeb you are, but for now let's go."

"Go where?" I asked.

"The rest of the world." Lili said, and just like that she stepped through the light gate.


Well it doesn't look like I have that much choice...

I will need a guide anyways...

I look to the light gate one last time.

The light...It seems to be drawing me in...

Then with a thinned lip and clenched fist, I stepped forward, and into the light.

Q: Do you consider yourself to be a weeb or otaku?


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