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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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7 Loot box feels good

"Wow." I found myself muttering.

Turns out this other world wasn't so much more different then earth, modern day buildings, with street light lined to the sides. With a single lonely moon hanging across the dark tapestry of the sky.

"Here, follow me." Lili said as she turned and began to take the lead on the side walk. And without a word, I tagged along behind her.

"By the way," Lili said without turning around and kept walking. "What is your name?"

"My name..." I muttered to myself. "Wait..."

I felt my mind go blank.

"What was it again?..." I scratched my head furious for answers.

"Oh whatever, it's fine." Lili waved it off with one hand. "People who got initial dropped here usually don't have their memories."

"Huh..." I made a sound with my jaw kind of hanging, then all of a sudden, as if struck by lightning, a word came through:

"Gid...That's right Gid! That's my name! No wait, that's the first half of my name, I still can't remember the rest..."

"Oh forget about it, whatever. Gid is a name I can remember." Lili said as she paused all of sudden in the middle of the road, almost causing me to run into her.

"Oh yeah, it's your first time here. You still have your starter loot box."

"Loot box? As in those boxes in games that gives you a random item, but it's never anything good, as the whole thing is a total scam."

"That's right. How did you know?"

"What are you talking about? That's like pretty much any free to play game these days."

"Good point. So let's see what you get."

"Sure, but wait, how do I even open my loot box?"

"Ah, you just need your phone and tap open the loot box app and you should see it there."

"Huh..." I muttered as I fished out my pocket for my phone.

"Wait what? What is this?" My forehead ceased to a frown, as what turns out in my hand wasn't my usual phone but rather a piece of rectangular clear glass.

"It's the Y-Phone man. Everyone gets it when they land in this world." Lili said, as she produced her own Y-phone from her back pocket.

"Uhh how do I..." Before I could get the next word of my tongue, the screen lit up to life.

[Welcome to the real world jackass] The screen displayed.

"Oh, this part is annoying. You gotta do the sign up." Lili let out a sigh.

"Yeah, I know what you mean..."

The sign up was pretty much, filling in your information, with certain ones you can skip, and as for name, I simply just put in my half remembered name and they seemed to accept it. And apparently at the address part you could just choose you were homeless, which was basically what I am at that moment. And of course, at the very end, there was this long ass term and condition no normal people could even stand at looking, so I pretty much did what every single sane person would do.


"Alright the setup is now done. Now all you have to do is click on the loot box app and you should have a starter loot box there."

"Huh I see it."

"Ok, just tap on it now."

I tapped the screen once.

There was a small brief animation of the loot box opening, followed by a white blinding light at the end.

"What the..." I looked to my screen again.

"Golden fidget spinner..." I read of the tag on the display, and sure enough the appearance of the item matched its name.

"Yo dude! That's pretty good! I only got 6 plastic fidget spinners from it!" Liz said cheerfully.

"...What does it do?" I said, as I did a mental face palm so hard, it went right through my head.

"It's a fidget spinner that's all."

"It useless in fighting right?"

"Of course, it's a fidget spinner."

End me plse.

"Is there anything even good?"

"Yeah, you could get weapons or magic enchanted gears. Oh that reminds me of the newbie who managed to pull an Excalibur out of his beginner loot box!"


"Is there just any way of getting something good in this world?" I said with a dying strain.

"Of course man! That's if you are willing to take that risk." Lili said casually.

"What risk?"

"Hmm...Are you sure?" A sly smile swept across her face.

"Yes. I am sure."

Lili just stared at me for about a good long minute, and after what felt like a million years, Lili spoke up again:

"Alright! Let me show you da wae."

Q: What are your opinions on loot boxes?


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