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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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9 Smoked mea



"Dead meat..." The mysterious women said. "No, MAKE THAT SMOKED MEAT!!!"

As she yelled those words, her expression turned into a frown as her entire left eye lit up in blue flames, followed with another blue flame creeping up all the way from the tip of her ponytail and spreading to the entire left half of her hair.

"AHHH!!!" I scrambled back a few feet on my bum pathetically.

"Konderbach." She let out a sneer, as she held forth for left hand, and just like a lighter on a kindle, her hand was ignited in flames. And for some reason none of the fire seemed to harm her at all.

"A fool like you thinking you can come here and get away HUH!?" the flames her hand grew brighter.

"A fool like you doesn't deserve to live! IGNITE!!!" she snapped her fingers. And at once, I felt a pillar of heat and light surrounding me and instinctively I blocked my head with my arms and closed my eyes, even though I don't see how it's gonna do much good against a literal human torch...

Seconds passed.

There was no pain.

Am I dead?

I slowly reopen my eyes again, and found myself staring at the same night sky, same junkyard and the same scary fire women pointing her hand at me.

"En?" her forehead creased as she stared down at me with those grey stormy eyes of hers.

"Uh...Don't look at me! I don't how I lived through that one as well. I am like new to the world now!..." I held up my hands in defence.

She continued to stare down at me with the same look for another few seconds, before finally speaking again:

"Ignite." She snapped her hand lazily.

And just like last time there was a wave of heat and blinding light. Except this time, my entire world went white, then dark again.

Q: Have you ever experienced a near death situation, but found yourself miraculously alive?


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