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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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10 So basically I am revived



Wait a second, I swear I have already used this line before...

Blinked once hard, then twice, as my world slowly came into focus again.

Where the fk am I?

I looked around the place.

It appears I was in one of those fancy rooms in a manor with my back to one of those overly soft beds...

"Good. Your awake now." Came a feminine voice from the side, and immediately I sat up and turned to the owner of the voice.

She appeared to be around 13 years old, with petite build and wore a red and black gothic dress. Her skin was as pale and smooth as marble, along with chalk white long hair and eyes that glowed like giant living rubies. Beyond appearances though, I couldn't help but feel a little intrigued by the fact she felt more doll then human. 


"Get your dirty eyes away from me, lower one." She said with a disgusted voice, with quite the dose of superiority in her tone.

"Can't a man appreciate cute things now? And wait, what do you mean by lower one?" I raised a brow.

"A few hours ago you died." She said, her voice cold and her face with not the slightest trace of human emotions.

"Wait what do you mean I died? Don't I just respawn?"

The mysterious girl let out a sigh, and just as she seemed she was about to say something, another figure came through the door.


"You." the doll like girl said. "You never explained to him the rules of this world?"

"Ah?..." Lili scratched her head nervously. "Nope, didn't have the time to." She shrugged with both hands.

The doll like girl let out a raspy breath of impatience, before turning back to me again:

"If you die outside the arena, you die for real."

"What?" I raised an eyebrow.

"That's right, you died and now I revived you as a demon."

"..." I just stared at her, speechless.





"Keep your mouth shut lower one. I don't need your drool over this place."

"Wait, so I am demon now?"

"So I died?" I asked each word carefully.

"Indeed." She answered.

"And you revived me as a demon?"

"A lower one, but indeed." She replied, her voice getting impatient.

"So...Who are you again?"

She did a gripping gesture with her hand, and immediately I felt as if a hand was gripping around my heart.

"I am Iu, and yes I am a demon. And from now on, you will address me as master." Iu words were as heavy as 10 anvils stacked together, and shortly after she finish her sentence, I felt the invisible grip around my heart loosen.

"Wait, WTF? I don't recall signing any contracts!?"

"Your death is your contract, your entire life belongs to my servitude now."

Serving a white hair demon loli? I mean, I am sure a lot of otaku's would love switching places with me, but...

"ENNN!? ENNNNNNN!!!??? ENNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!??????" my entire world shook in disbelief.

"Wait! Lili!" I turned Lili and asked: "What happened really? Did I actually die?"

"Uhhh...You were pretty much all ashes...So I collected the rest of your ashes and brought you here, and she basically revived you yeah."

"..." I pressed my hand against my forehead.

"Ok. So now I am basically under servitude of this scary Loli for the rest of my entire life?" I continued to rub my hands against my forehead in utter disbelief.

"I mean it's not so bad. You got demonic powers now, so you should be able to do better in the arenas." Lili shrugged.

"I rather be dead." I commented.

"With your demonic body now, your flesh will regenerate faster than you can cut." Iu commented with a stone masked face.

"..." I lowered my head.

"Sending you to the arena was the original idea. But since you are so useless. I can only think of one use for you..."

Q: What kind of job do you think Iu is preparing?


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