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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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11 A cooking lesson

"Here." Iu said as she lead me down the stairways of the mansion. And once we reached the bottom, Iu called out down the hallway:


A moment later a figure emerged around the corner. For moment I couldn't breathe properly, her beauty was enough to even make Venus, the Roman goddess of love envious. She appeared to be around her early twenties, face pale and smooth as silk, combined with a long creamy pink colored pony tail, and living pink diamond like eyes. And wore a classic maid outfit from lace head piece to dress shoes.

My eyes were just glued to her.

"This is Iris, she's my personal servant. And it appears that she is an android." Iu gestured towards her.

"Good evening." Iris replied with a monotone voice, along with a poker face.

"When are you going to stop staring at her?" Iu said impatiently towards me.

"Never." I replied honestly.

"Anyways, Iris I want you to show the one who thinks with his lower body here the chores of this mansion." Iu said with a commanding voice.

"Understood." Iris replied with a soft voice.

Dang, the way how she replied it with a poker face and lack of emotions in her voice...


"Alright I am gonna go for now." Lili commented from the side, as she turned, waved and walked away.

"Yoshi! Lead the way Iris!" I said with barely containable excitement.

And without saying a word, Iris turned away and began walk down the corridor, and just as I was about to follow, I noticed a room with its door open.

"Is that the kitchen?" I asked.


"Oh, I just curious who cooks here?..." I looked back and forth between Iu and Iris.

"Iris can't really cook, and I never bothered to. I usually just call in delivery."

"O..." I scratched my head.

"You can cook can't you?" Iu raised a brow.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"None of your business. Come, show me what you can do."

And just like that, the 3 of us entered the kitchen. Pots, stoves, knives, fridge were all in place and present.

"We used to have a servant who knew how to cook. But she's gone now." Iu waved her hand in dismissal. "Food is all in the fridge. All the appliances here are free to your disposal."

Without thinking twice, I went over to the fridge and opened the top half drawer.

"Ok, vegetables..."

Green peppers, red peppers, onions...

I took out 1 of each, then proceeded to the lower drawer.

Hmm...I think I will go for the scallops this time...

I took out a package of frozen scallops.

Alright, pan...

I fetched the pan and placed it on the stove.

Pour the cooking oil in...

Nearby was a newly unopened grape seed oil, which I proceed to opening and pouring some into the pan.

Max fire...

I adjusted the stove to max fire.

Alright, bowl, scallop...

I turned and opened the scallop packet with a scissor and proceeded to dumping them into this one large steel bowl.

Hot water...

I placed the bowl in the center of the sink and proceeded to let the hot water shower all over it.

Cut the vegetables...

Cut into half, cut into quarters, cut into another half...

I look to the cabinets in search for the seasoning ingredients.

Greek oil...



Salt, pepper...

Once all the seasoning ingredients have been gathered, I laid them across the desk.

Alright, the oil seems to be heated enough now...

I threw the vegetables into the pain and there was a loud hiss sound, as the food made contact with the pan.

The scallops should be unfrozen now...

I turned off the hot water, and proceeded to dumping out all the water from the bowl and threw rest of its contents into the pain.


Alright, Greek oil, ginger, rosemary, some salt, pepper, garlic slices...

I poured and threw them in one by one, and began to stir it all with a wok turner.

And after about 3 minutes of intense stirring, I poured the finished product onto a nearby plate, and placed it right before Iu.

"Here." I fetched her the chop sticks and the fork, and went back to turn off the fire, before turning back to her again.

"Try it."

Q: What's the best dish you cooked?


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