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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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12 A promotion I guess

For a moment the room was still, as if time froze its self.

Then finally as if breaking the time spell, Iu reached her hand forward and picked up the fork. She then proceeds to stabbing one of the scallops, and slowly gravitated her fork towards her tiny delicate lips, and took a nimble bite out of it.

Silence took over the room, and after a good 10 seconds, or what felt like forever, Iu swallowed the rest of the whole thing, and there was an expression of happiness as if she was in heaven, or hell since she is a demon...

Then I watched as she rapidly stabs at the plate and rapidly devour the rest in a completely out of character way, and within seconds the plate was empty. And by the time she was finished, her expression was back to normal, as she drew a handkerchief out of nowhere and proceeded to wiping her lips in a delicate manner. And by the time she done that, she looked to me and spoke up:

"You. What's your name?"

"Gid. You can just call me Gid." I replied.

"Very well." Iu closed her eyes for a brief moment, before suddenly opening them again and pointed a finger at me in a dramatic pose: "Gid my servant, from today on you are promoted to being my personal chef!"

"Eh?" I scratched at those words.

"Tomorrow I will tell you about the job details. Iris show him to the servant quarters." Iu said, as she began walking out the room.

"Understood." Iris replied softy, her expression betraying no emotion. And a brief moment later, Iris exited the room as well, and without much of a choice I followed.

And after leading me through a series of hallways and corridors, Iris stopped in front of one of the door, and opened it with a simple turn of a knob.

"This is your room. I will check on you tomorrow." Iris said with the same monotone voice, and just like that she turned and left.

Dang, I wish we could have talked more...

I stared at her back until she finally disappeared around the corner.

Can't wait for tomorrow...


I stretched back lazily as I walked into my room, and took a quick scan of the place.

Closet, table, chair, another door...

I pushed open the other door.

Washroom huh...

There was a shower, sink, toilet and of course a mirror.

Spiky short black hair, brown eyes, Asian, 16-18 years? Tall lean build...

That's me huh...

I shook my head in frustration.

Guess it will be some time until I figure out my own true identity...

Q: Have you ever lost your memories before?


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