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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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13 Cafe huh...

"Stardelight?..." I read off the large green block letters displayed across the banner of the shop.

"Indeed. Now stop looking and get in." Iu snapped, as she pushed opened the door to the store.

Inside, the place was just like a regular coffee shop, comfy sofas, a counter, a barista's in uniform...

As soon as the employees saw Iu, they all looked to her and stopped the work in their hands at once.

"Today we have a new worker here." Iu scanned across her employees. "Kurumin, I want you to show Gid here how to operate the kitchen, and get him a new uniform as well. His shift starts now."

"Hai! No problem!" Kurumin bowed deeply, before straightening her back again.

"I shall leave the rest to all of you, as I will take my leave now." Iu said, her voice making it final. And with one last glance at me, Iu turned and left the store.


"Your name is Gid right?" Kurumin turned to me and asked with a thick French accent.

"Yep." I replied.

"Good. You can just call me Kuru." Kurumin with a friendly voice. "Come with me to the back, we will you grab your uniform."

Kurumin appeared to be around in her teens, petit build with a pair of cute pink glasses covering her entrancing amber eyes. She had short light caramel hair down to her neck, and wore the store's standard green apron on top of white t-shirt uniform. For the bottom she wore a mini black skirt with black and white stripped stockings and dress shoes.

"Oh-oh! Okie..." I found myself stuttering a little.

From there I followed Kuru to the back, grabbed my uniform and went to washroom to change. And once that was done, I came of the washroom and was introduced to the rest of my coworkers:

"This is Petunia, she is best grill and mommeh!" Kuru said with sparkling admiration as she gestured to Petunia.

"Awww Kuru! You're the best too!" Petunia replied with a soft comfortable voice. "Hi Gid! I hope we all get close in the near future!" Petunia finished her sentence off with an angelic smile.

Petunia appeared to be around the same age as me, and had a slender tall build. She had short blond hair down to her neck, large glistening sapphire blue eyes, and wore the regular store uniform for the top. And for the bottom she wore an interesting piano key themed skirt, combined with white knee socks that showing piano notes printed on bar lines.

"En...Thanks..." I replied, my voice slightly more hesitant then last time.

She must be a music person...

"You probably know Iris already..." Kuru took a glance at Iris and moved on, "So the only person left is..."

"Mommy?" Came a small voice from below, as I feel a small tug of force against my shirt, and I looked and stared down:

For a moment I thought it was some walking fuzz ball, then I realized it was an actual person. She was literally a kid, and was only up to about my waist. She had long pink fluffy hair that covered her entire back, sparkling precious purple eyes. She had a mix of rabbit-fox like ears jutting out from the top of her head. And aside from the green apron, she wore a yellow sweater beneath that was 3 sizes too big for her, so most of her sweater was still dragging on the ground.

"Mommy?" the little cute creature asked again.

"Corny! He's not your mommy!" Kuru pried her hand away from me. "Sorry, this is Corny, our server here."

"Ooo..." I did a slight nod.

"That's everyone now!" Petunia clapped her hand together to get everyone's attention. "Now let's show Gid the duties around here!"


Working in a coffee shop with 3 cute girls?...

What more can a guy really ask for now?

Q: Who feels like getting some stardelight? :^)


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