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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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14 Beat down

"Smash the tall one first! Hanako hates all tall people!" the girl said with a puppet voice as she slightly moved the bat up and down as if it was alive.

"That's right. Hanako hates all tall people!" the girl then confirmed with her regular voice again, before training her sight onto me.

To be fair though, I was the tallest in the room, and the hooligan girl was about what? Just up to my chest?

"AHHHHHH!!!" Hanako yelled as she charged towards me with bat raised, and out of pure instinct I jumped backwards a few steps and found my back stopped against the counter.

"If only Iris is here..." Petunia said in sheltered position from behind the counter.

"Shhh...Iris-Senpee doesn't work on weekends..." Kuru silently muttered beside her.

"Mommy..." Corny's voice was close to crying.

"It's going to be alright. The manager should be here soon." Petunia said with a comforting voice as she pulled Corny into her embrace.

Are there no authorities to call?

No one to help!?

Is there nothing we could do?

I squinted my eyes in frustration.

But those people they are terrified...

And I am the only man here...

I clenched my fist.

Don't do this Gid, don't do this, you can't do this!

NO, YOU!!!-

With a small push against the counter, I stepped forward from it.


I am not backing away this time...

There are people I need to protect...

My mind trembled, as a surge of emotions charged against my logic.


"SHINE!" Hanako yelled as she swung her bat towards me at bullet speed, aiming right for my head.

With my new demonic powers I should be able to easily stop it with one hand...

I raised one arm up to my hand to block.

This should-

Before I could finish my thought, I found myself flying and my entire world spinning in all directions, and abruptly stopping as my face was kissing the cold hard pavement.


I felt another violent impact against my back.


Another one against my leg, and I swore I heard the sound of bones splitting apart.


I feel a hard flat surface pressed against my face.

"Why aren't you dead yet?" Hanako said, her voice muffled. And through my vision was blurry, I could still tell she was looming over me.

"Agrhhh..." I let out a raspy breath.

I been teleported to an isekai, thrown into an arena, burned to death by some random women, revived as a demon, and now beat up by some under aged girl...

"Ew." She commented, as she nudged my face slightly with her bloodied bat.

Curses! I can't do anything! NOTHING I CAN DO!!!

Hot burning tears of frustration began to leak from my eyes.


I grabbed her leg by the ankle.

I am not going to let you get to there!...

"Ew! Don't touch me!" She yelled, as she tried to pull away from me, but my hand held firm like a pair of solid leg cuffs. And after several more unsuccessful attempts, she raised her bat once again, and swung at my head with full force. For a moment my world blanked out, and when it was back again, I still found my hand holding firm onto her ankle.

"Just die already!" She screamed as she raised her bat again, and again, and again...


"Who are you?..." her voice giving away the slightest hint of panic.


"Whatever...Bby and I will kill you..." She said, as she pulled back her bat and got ready in a homerun pitch position. And me closing my eyes and getting to embrace death once again.





Her next words never came. Feeling curious I slowly opened my eyes again...

Hanako appears to be frozen middle of her home strike, and there behind her with hand on her shoulder was a more then familiar figure.

"2 dead meats...I wonder who to cook first."

That was the last thing I heard before my entire world blacked out. 

Q: Would you sacrifice yourself in a situation like this?


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