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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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15 Uh oh uh oh uh oh...

"Ok, so shake the bottle first, now open the cap and press it down here with one finger." Petunia said with a humble smile.

"En..." I made a nervous hum as I simply did as told.

"Good job! You made those cup cakes all by yourself!" She said with an optimistic tone.

Though the reality was more like she was there for me at every single step, like a mother teaching a child.

"Hahaha! Thanks!" I scratched my head and let out a small laugh.

"Ahhh! No, thank you! You done a lot today!"

Are you the reincarnation of the holy mother Mary?

"Mommeh!" Kuru spoke up from the front. "We are out of baguette."

"Oh. I will tell the store manager about it. Kuru would you mind teaching Gid while I go make the call?"

"Np mommeh." Kuru smiled in reply, as she walked forward to me and Petunia walked away to dial the phone.

"Ok. Do you know how to make any coffee?" Kuru looked to me.

"Uhhh...Nope." I replied honestly.

"That's ok. Come here, let start with the basics." She said as she opened up one of the cabinets, and attempted to grab one of the container on her tip toe. Without thinking twice I grabbed the container for her.

"Thank you." She said as I handed the container over to her. She then opened the lid and held open the contents for me to see.

"This is light cinnamon bean. It has a light brown colour and dry surface. It's the most common type of coffee bean, It's cheap, but if roasted properly it can still maintain a decent taste."

"Now here is a paper bowl, and you usually want to fill up about half of the depth of the paper bowl." Kuru demonstrated.

"Now, this here is the grinding machine. Open the lid at the top here, and pour all of the coffee bean into it." Kuru said with a heavy French accent as she continued her demonstration.

"Make sure the lid of the machine is sealed tight. Once you secure the lid, place the paper bowl at the bottom here, and flick on this switch here." Kuru said as she flicked on the switch. There was a 30 seconds of loud rumbling and loud flickering, and during that time, rich brown powder began to exit from the bottom of the machine and right into the hands of the paper bowl.

"Ok. Before we get further, let's put away the beans. And remember in the future when it comes to storing coffee beans, make sure they are kept in a dark air tight container. Avoid heat, avoid sunlight and avoid moisture. Those are all bad for your beans." Kuru instructed and just as she seemed she was about to say more, a loud crash came from window, as broken shards of glass littered everywhere across the floor.

And before I could make a sound, a figured leaped through the now jagged window. She appeared to be in her tweenage, petit build. She had twin long dark brown pony tails, dark coffee brown eyes and wore a big happy go smile on her face. She wore a yellow sweater, and short short jeans. She was cute yes, but the only thing that separated her from a teenage idol, was the fact she was holding a wooden bat imbedded with nails.

"My bby!" She said with a playful voice and it took me a moment to realise she was literally talking to her bat.

"So who are we smashing today?"

Q: How would you react to a violent hooligan?


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