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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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19 Dismissed for the day

"Lili...Cou-uld you...Press the door...bell for me?..." I said, as I breathed rapidly trying to catch breath between words literally.

"I pressed it dude! It's not working!" Lili said and at the same time I set down the box containing the vodka onto the doorstep.

"Huh...It's probably broken. Let me try knocking." I said and the moment my hand tapped the door, the door gave way inwards at once.

"O-okay..." I muttered, as I picked up the box and continued to walk inwards with shoes on. Not that I saw Isa walk inside without them.

"Isa?...I mean sir!" I quickly corrected myself, as I stepped into the living room.

"Did you bring back the drink fresh meat?" Iris said, without turning around from her couch.

"Yep, it's right here in my hands." I answered.

"Hmph. Pass one to me right now, and leave the rest in the fridge." Isa said, as she held up one hand, signaling me to pass her one.

"Yes Is-I mean sir!" I tied my tongue, and without further hesitation, I passed Isa one of the bottles from the box before walking up to fridge and placing the rest inside.

"Sit down fresh meat. Your friend too." Isa said with commanding tone, and not wanting to cross her, we simply did as told.

"Your other friend, the one with glasses came by here again."

"You mean Kuru? Where is she now?"

"Am I talking or you are talking dead meat?" Isa shot me a look, and that proved more than effective.

"You are sir..." I lowered my head.

"Hmph." Isa let out a sneer. "She left a couple minutes ago. She told me your master has approved of you training here with me every day and fight in the arena."

All was silent except for the TV:

"An unknown creature has been terrorizing the streets of the city. 21 are dead, including bounty hunters as high ranking up as diamond. A 1 million dollar bounty is offered to whoever can take down this vicious beast. Until then the city council will be voting on whether or not to impose a curfew on its citizen, until the threat has been neutralized. This is Y-News, and this is why you should be watching."

"Hmph..." Isa sneered, as she turned off the TV with a click on a remote.

"But of course, I am not your baby sitter. You can spend your free time however you want, but from midnight to 4am you will be here sharp to train with me. Do you understand?"

"Understood sir..." I mumblely replied, as there are no other valid answers.

"Good. You are dismissed for the day."

Q: How long do you usually work out for a day?


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