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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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21 Dead mea

"Bend those arms of yours fresh meat! Even my dead grandma could do better push ups then you!" Isa yelled, as she crossed her legs leisurely.

I would do better if you bitch weren't sitting on my back!

"Agrhhh!..." I let out a raspy breath, as I bent my arms and went down for another push up.


"Agrhhh!..." I said with one last dying breath before collapsing flat onto the ground.

"101 push ups in 2 min." Isa sneered as she pushes herself up with one hand using my back as support.

"5 min break. Once you are finished we are gonna move to hand to hand combat." Isa said with an contempt as cold as ice, before closing the fitness app on her Y-phone and walking away.

"Gidu-chan!" A voice came from the end of the warehouse.

"Ha-Hanako?" I turned my voice to the figure, and noticing my fatigue, Hanako jogged up to me in a few quick steps.

"What are you doing here this late?" I asked.

"Petunia mommeh made this for you! I am just here to deliver. Hmhm." Hanako said with a cute energetic smile, as she held out a plastic bag to me.

"Is that take out?" I asked.

"Hai! She said eat this and you will have energy!" Hanako said as she imitated Petunia's angelic smile.

"Oh ok...Thanks." I said as I took the plastic bag and pulled out plastic containers.

"What's in here?..." I muttered as I open up one of the boxes. "Huh. A Turkey bacon club. Uhhh..."

"Something wrong?" Hanako asked.

"It's has honey mustard in it. I don't like any sort of sauce." I said honestly.

"Well, I will take it back..."

"No, no, no it's fine! I will just take it as it is!" I waved frantically, as I put away the sandwich and decide to save it for later.

"Huh. What soup is this?" I asked, as I opened the second container.

"Ehhh...It must be the harvest vegetable soup Kuru-Senpee made for you."

"Where is the spoon?"

"Must be inside too."

"Found it." I said, and immediately I digged into the soup.

And at first, I find myself still using the spoon like a civilized being, next second I found myself chugging the whole soup like a cave man. And by the time I finished my soup, I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.

"How's the soup?" Hanako asked.

"Needs a little more salt and pepper. But then again, my personal flavour is much more salty and spicy." I said as I fumbled into the bag for the last container.

"Is that cool lime refresher?" I carefully observed the liquid inside the bottle.

"Yeah. I made it for you." Hanako held the same energetic smile.

I eyed the liquid suspiciously.

"Does it contain poison?" I asked half seriously.

"No. Why would I waste money to kill you if I can just kill you with my bat?"

"Make sense." I shrugged as I took a sip from the drink, then a gulp, then pretty much the whole thing.

"I don't like that fish." Hanako shot a look towards Isa, who was in the far corner of the warehouse.

"You mean Isa?" I looked back and forth between the two for a sec.

"Yep." Hanako said as she lowered her head and her smile disappearing from her face. "One day, when she is sleeping, I will come and break her knee caps..."

"Break is over." Isa snapped, and there she was right beside us in a blink of an eye. "I don't like meats talking behind me..."

How can a human even travel this much distance in this short amount of time? Could she possibly also have teleportation abelites?

"To answer your thought fresh meat, I don't have teleportation abilities."

Teleportation no. Mind reading yes.

That moment I gulped so large, I felt as if I could swallow an entire pineapple down my throat.

"IF YOU GOT ANYTHING SAY IT STRAIGHT TO MY FACE!" A few fire tendrils lit up from the ends of Isa's hair. And I swear I saw a miniature firestorm lit up in Isa's eye.

"AHHH!!! I just remembered I still have to go back and do something!" Hanako said as she took off flight and just as she was about to exit the warehouse, she quickly turned around and spoke one last time:

"Remember to bring the container back for tomorrow! BYE!" And just like that, Hanako was gone.

"Fresh meat..." Isa cracked her knuckles loudly. "It's time for hand to hand combat."

Yep...Time to get my ass whooped...

Q: Would you liked to be trained by Isa? x.x


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