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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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22 Back again with the duo que

A new moon rises, comes a new turn of a chapter in my life. 

"Yo dude!" Lili said as she walked up to me.

"Yo." I replied back.

"You ready for some duo que?"

"Yeah." I replied confidently.

For the past 2 weeks, I was basically a human punching bag for Isa, her errand boy, her footrest...

I shook my head literally trying to get rid of those thoughts.

"Anyways man, we better que up now." Lili said as she began towards the arena building.

"Yeah." I shook my head one last time before following up behind her.

I didn't pay too much attention last time to what the arena looks like. On the outside, the arena just looked like one of those regular football stadiums, but once inside, the hallway sides were crowded with people. Some chatting, some eating, some doing some shady chants...


"There's not a lot of line up during this hour." Lili commented, as we passed a giant penguin mascot as tall as a grown man and just as wide as one as well.

"You wanna elo downgrade for 20 bucks?" came a low voice.

I stopped in my step at once, and it took me a moment to realize that the one speaking was literally the giant penguin mascot...Or at least I think it is?...

"Uh..." Before I could form a proper reply, Lili grabbed me by the arm, and quickly pulled me away. And it's only after the man sized penguin was long out of sight, did Lili finally let go and spoke up:

"Whatever Tyrantboost2 offers, just walk away, if not, run." Lili said with a serious tone I never seen her use before.

"Oh ok..." I muttered in reply. "And is that a mascot or an actual person? Because it looked so real..."

"He's not either. He's a Pingu. Also one of the dark lords."

"Dark lords?"

"I will explain that in a different time. For now let's just get in line and que up..." she said as we turned around another corner, pushed open one of the doors at the side and stepped in.

Everything before up to this point in the arena were all modern design, but once pass through the doors, it was the familiar glowing glyph carved room again. Looking curiously around at the familiar place, I followed Lili to the end of the room on this circle glowing platform.

"5v5 please!" Lili voice's echoed across the vast chamber. And for a moment nothing happened, next thing I know, there was a blinding blue light. And once I open my eyes again, I found myself looking at this vast space of...White.

Then I looked to my own body, and realized my arms and legs were just floating as if it was zero gravity.

"Ah, don't mind the que background. You can change the theme if you want...But of course that will cost money." Lili said, as her figure drifted right next to me.

"Huh. Next thing you're gonna tell me is that you can spam emojicons above your head."

"Technically you can do that, but that will cost money as well."


A virtual screen popped up in front me:

[Match Found]

[Accept] [Reject]

"Oh, no line ups! Greato-daze!" She said with a weeb accent.

I shudder of pure cringe ran through my body.

"Ok, just press accept!" Lili urged on.

I pressed the accept button, and the moment the timer reached zero. The window closed, and the light around me began to fade, and before I even knew the entire world went dark once again.

This feeling...

The solid platform beneath my foot.

The glowing glyphs.

"Lili?" I called out, and after a moment of no response, I realized she wasn't here.

She must be on her own platform too...

There was a glowing blue light once again, and I closed my eyes. And by the time I open them again, I found myself back in the same arena where I got split into half, literally.

"The battle will be starting in 10 seconds." Came the standard female announcer voice again.

I looked around the arena, and sure enough Lili was there couple meters to my left, and all 5 enemies far across on the other side.


I stretched my arms.


I rotated my shoulders.


I took one last good hard look at my enemies.

"FIGHT!" The announcer roared.

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