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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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23 Redeeming myself

"WHATS UPPPPPP LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! WELCOME TO ANOTHER T1 COMMENTARY!" T1's voice carried through the speaker, the crowd roared in the background.

"Today's spotlight will be focusing on weeb girl and Talonmain7, who's famous quote is 'I deserve diamond' well, good luck in silver elo!"

The crowd laughed.

"And of course we have the pussy ass Asian dude from last time, who dragged his butt on the ground like a backwards crab!"

The crowd laughed even harder.

I clenched my fist.

"Well, battle technically started, and OH LOOK WEEB GIRL DRAWS FIRST BLOOD! WITH A CLEAN DECAPITATE!" T1 did a decapitating motion with his hand.

"The rest of the two sides clash, oh look! Talonmain is moving in-HE CUTS THROAT ONE! JUMPS! DAGGER RIGHT TO THE HEAD---NINJA DAGGERS FLYING OUT! O BABY A TRIPLE!!!" T1 screamed, and I swear if I was standing in his podium, my ears would have been bleeding already.

All around me, my teammates fell to the ground, leaving just me and Lili.

"I will take care of the rest, you take care of Talonmain!" Lili yelled, before snapping to face the front again, and charging towards the other 3 enemies.

I looked to Talonmain. He was about the same height as me, wore a dark purple cloak, with most of his face hidden under the shadow of his hood. He had arm blades equipped on both hands like some assassins creed wannabe. But when he turned and pointed his chin at me, I knew this was it. We were about 100ft apart, but judging how fast he closed in the distance back there, it was easy to say that he could travel such a distance in less than a second. And despite these facts, I stood my ground and got into a battle stance.


A dagger point appeared in front of my chest, through the back and literally through my chest.

I remained as still as a statue.

"I deserve diamond..." Talonmain muttered in a deep voice behind me.

Calmly I lifted one foot and stomped on one of his feet as hard as possible.

"UGHHHH!!!" Talonmain let out an ear tearing cry. But I didn't stop there, as I turned lowered my head back for a moment and swung it backward with all my might. There was a cracking sound as the back of my head met the front of his skull, causing him to fall backwards onto the ground.

Then with a grunt, I pulled out the knife from my chest from the back.


Ok it still hurts, but immediately after I pulled it out, I could feel my muscles relaxing the flesh mending back to place again. And with the bloodied blade in hand, I turned back to Talonmain who was crawling backwards on the ground like a backwards crab.

The entire arena was quiet by then, as Talonmain continued to crawl back while wearing a mask of complete fear.

"Thanks for the free elo." I said with a sneer.

Without second thoughts I stabbed down, and already I could feel that sweet sweet elo coming right through...

Q: Do you feel guilty when killing characters in a video game?


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