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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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26 Yang op.gg

The sun was beginning to get up again, as I took my first step outside the arena.


What the hell happened back there?...

My memories of the previous match was a complete blur. And the overwhelming exhaustion my body was feeling was just...hell.

I caught a glimpse of a fugue on my side, and it turned out to be none other then Lili, who had her back leaned against the wall, facing down with head phones plugged in. When I called out her name, she didn't respond, and left with no other choice, I gently tapped her on her shoulder. She shot a glance in my direction, before quickly unplugging her head phones.

"What are you listening to?" I asked.

"Oh. Just some Linkin park." She said as she put away her head phone.

"Oh I see. Personally not into that type of music."

"Yeah, that's fine." Lili shrugged.

"Wait, so how do I check my rank now, now that the placements is over I think?..."

"Oh, just go on the app, yang , and search up your name with your profile picture."

"Oh ok." I opened up my phone and tapped the app, then entered my name.

"Oh I see my photo. But I don't recall ever taking one..."

"Must be Yang. He hacks through everyone's phones."

"Just," I said frustratingly "Who is this yang guy!?"

"Ehhh, it's too hard to explain. Just search it up online yourself."

"Yeah I will do that." I replied, as I tapped on the name with my photo beside it.

"Gid. 9wins 1losses. Gold 3000 points..." I read my info.

"Nice man! I am at 2727! Almost back to Gold too!" Lili congratulated.

"Thanks." I said, then noticed something was off. "Wait, we lost the last round?"

"Yeah..." Lili shrugged. "Here, press this button and you download the replay."

With a cautious brow I pressed the download replay button. A moment later, a new video screen appeared on my phone.

The video started off with a questionable camera focus on Iktomi's chest.

"AWW HELL YEAH!" Lili commented excitedly. A moment later the camera angle shifted to a high angle covering the entire arena.

We watched the part where the giant cat just demolished all of us, including the enemy. Leaving just me and Iktomi.

My eyes widened.

Is that really me?...

A towering hulk of black mass, with the face of some sort of deformed beast. My clothes were pretty much ripped, except for my trousers which I am glad. And for about a minute or so, I was screaming and appeared to be beating myself up. But once that was done, I got on all 4 fours and charged at Iktomi. Then the camera angle to a side angle as watched Ikotmi throw out a trio of fidget spinners, and the second it made contact with my flesh, it exploded.

"Dafuq?" I found myself with a confused expression.

"Exploding fidget spinners! How did I not think about that!?" Lili said with an inspired look in her eye.


But pretty much, pieces of my body lay all over the place after the explosion. And a few seconds after that, the video ended.

"Well, that that..." I said as I stretched out my body upwards. "I ma head back home now."

"Ok. Cya." Lili said as she stifled a yawn to. "Gonna go sleep as well too. Man, I need my sleep too."

Ugh...Time to go rest...

Q: Should you be in bed right now?


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