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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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28 Not like this...

The moon shone down at the center of the courtyard in a ray of silvery spot light.

"Darkness is typically where Demon's gain most of their power. But the moon is an exception." Iu said, her face seemly more pale under the moonlight.

"Iris here will be your opponent." With a snap of Iu's fingers, Iris maid clothes began to shimmer and eventually disappear altogether in tiny particles of light. Revealing a one piece white jump suit, exposing much of her bare skin. Not that I am complaining.

"Huh..." I stared at Iris, like nail in a wood.

"How long are you going to stare?" Iu said with a growing impatience.

"Never." I replied honestly.

"Underlings..." Iu closed her eyes and muttered. "Iris, battle mode. The target is Gid."

"Target confirmed. Standing by for detail execution command." Iris said with a robotic tone, I mean she is an android after all...

"Break all his bones." Iu said casually.

"Understood." Iris said with a poker face.


I got into a battle stance like Isa taught, but before I could react further. Iris disappeared before my eyes, and next thing I knew she was right in my face, followed with an impact equivalent of a truck driving right into my stomach.


My world was a diarrhea of lights and pain. Every single part of my body hurt, it hurt so much in fact I couldn't feel it anymore. And by the time my vision was able to focus again, I found my view adjusting by 90 degrees, and my back encrusted into the wall.

"A lower class demon's strength is typically 10 times of an average human adult male." Iu said with a 'know it all voice'.

I slowly peeled my body away from the wall and shook my head once again. And by the time I set my vision straight again, there Iris was, standing as still as a statue as if nothing had happened.

"Right there, Iris just applied a force of 10 tons. 1/10 of her max power." Iu said.

1/10?...So she can lift 100 tons?...

"We are going to do this again. Iris, battle stance."

I am starting to miss Isa's training...

"PLEASE NO!" I screamed as I got onto my knees and bowed before Iu.

"Hmph." Iu sneered as she looked down on me. "If you don't want to die, then use your powers."

"But...But how!?"

Iu studied me silently for a moment then moved her lips again:

"Iris, one more time."

"NOOOOOO!!!" My voice soared, but it was no use.

Q: How much weight can you lift at most?


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