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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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30 The ‘Beast’

"Iris one more time." Iu said coldly.

"Agrhhh..." I let out a raspy breath, as I slowly climbed to my feet again for the 27th time that day.

"Understood." Iris said, as she got into a fighting stance.


I am so done with this...

"AGRHHHH I AM FKIN DONE WITH THIS SHITTTTT!!!" I screamed, as anger flowed through my veins.

"Good. I want you to keep your anger there."

"I AM FKIN DONE WITH YOUR BS TRAINING!" I lashed out towards Iu, who was standing to one side, but before I could get half way to there, I felt the invisible weight of a thousand anvils came holding down on my back. The force was so great in fact, the ground around me started to crack.

"An underling who attacks his master is no better than a dog." Iu's eyes glowed in a shade of sinister red.

"Even dogs show loyalty to their master." Iu threw down something.

It was a dog collar.

"Put it on."


The invisible force increased.

I gritted my teeth.

I slowly reached for the collar, and put it on at once.

"Now bark."


The invisible force increased once again.

But instead of letting out a bark, I let out a roar. Not scream, or yell. As it was something much more primal behind it.

"Good. You can still hear me right?" Iu said with an emotionless expression.

Bitch I will...

The world around me began to darken.

"BREATHE IN-" Iu's voice echoed from multiple sides at the same time.



I did as Iu told, and after several attempts, my world began to clear again as I feel the invisible being lifted away from me.

"Good." Iu stared at me in a doll like manner. "I want you to take a look at yourself." Iu snapped her fingers, and a brief moment later Iris came before me with a large mirror.

My body physique generally remained the same as human, except for one thing...


"Wings are the symbol of mastery over one self as a demon. The chances of achieving half wing in such a short span of time, occurs every once a red moon. With more practice and training you will soon be able to obtain full wing." Iu commented with a straight face.

"So...I am a prodigy then?"

"I suppose so." Iu brushed aside her hair. "A worthy dog matches a worthy owner."

"Resume battle mode Iris." Iu said as she turned away.

"Understood." Iris replied.

Are you fkin with me...

Q: Do you see yourself as a prodigy in any fields?


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