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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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32 Arena time



Well, technically I was still in the lobby now...

"You wanna elo down grade for 20 bucks?-"


Tyrantbeast's belly made a sound, as Lili pushed him aside.

"Ok, the que room is right there..." Lili said, as she walked ahead with me trailing behind.

"Hayo!" someone tapped me on the shoulder from behind.

I stopped in my tracks at once and turned.

"You are..."

"Iktomi desu~" Iktomi finished the rest of the sentence for me with a bright smile.

"Huh..." I found myself pausing.

"Ne, ne~" Iktomi leaned in closer. "You two are duo queuing tonight?"

"Yep." I replied with a casual grin.

"I been wondering from last time..." Iktomi tapped her chin with one finger gently. "Are you two a couple?"

"I wonder what makes you think that?" I said.

"Nani?" Lili replied.

"It's just you two really fit each other!"

"How?" I narrowed my eyes.

"Ryujin no keno no kurae!" Iktomi mimicked Lili.

"Eee, close enough." Lili shrugged.

"Sekai wa watashi no ishi ni kussuru!" Sioux covered one eye and mimicked me in a deep voice.

"Just, just end me plse..." I looked away, and shook my hand in dismissal.

"HAHAHAHA!!!" Iktomi slapped her knee. "Oh, your reaction there!..."

Iktomi let out a boisterous laugh that echoed down the hallway, but good thing is, no one seemed to pay us too much heed.

"Alright, that's enough laughs for one day..." Iktomi held onto her stomach, as if in pain.

"I will see you both in the arena, if luck allows." Iktomi said, then waved one last time before walking away, and disappearing around the corner.

"Alright, time for us to que up too now." I said with a little strained voice, as my face was still burning hot from embarrassment.

"Yeah, let's just go." Lili shrugged in reply.

And just like that, we began to make our way to the que room.

Q: Have you been mistaken for someone else's BF or GF?


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